Outdoor Family Activities For This Spring/Summer


It’s spring, which means the sun is shining, and the weather is heating up! It’s the perfect time to put on your sandals and get your whole family outdoors for some fun activities. If you’re having a hard time thinking of what to do, fear not, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. – […]

Preschool At Home Ideas

Mother and Daughter Reading Together

My son is about to turn three so we have started thinking about whether or not preschool is right for him or not. Besides looking into different schools, I’ve really been trying to incorporate some preschool activities into our daily life. Preschool at home is easy and can be fun! Even the mess is a […]

Tips On Keeping Your Busy Life In Order


Chances are you live a pretty busy life- I think we all do! Whether you’re a busy stay at home mom who is constantly balancing the cooking and cleaning or a working mom who juggles her job plus all of the household duties, we could all do with a few tips to help us juggle […]

Presents For New Babies


Who doesn’t love to shop for a newborn?! There’s nothing more special than a new birth, and bringing the baby and its parents a thoughtful, cute, and useful gift! Sometimes, it can be difficult though, especially if you’ve never had a baby yourself or if it’s been a long time. But fear not, I’ve rounded […]

Valentine’s Day Presents For The Man Who Has Everything


Most men are hard to shop for, and my husband is one of them- he already has everything! That means that when his important days come up like birthdays, I’m usually stumped for ideas. So I’ve been doing some online browsing for a good Valentine’s Day gift, and wanted to share some ideas for those […]

Decorating Tips For Renters

Photo Source: Salvage Love

Sometimes renting your home means that you are very limited on what you can paint, hang, and remodel. Lots of owners don’t allow you do make any changes and you aren’t going to want to pour a lot of money into changing a space that you’re only in temporarily. We have rented plenty of spaces […]

Fun Things To Do With The Whole Family In Pasadena

Magical Playground

My family and I moved to Pasadena 5 months ago and we love our new city so much. I was born and raised in Los Angeles so I was always familiar with this city and visited it many times, but had never lived here until now. What I love most about Pasadena is that we […]

Fun Things To Do To Make Birthdays Extra Special

Photo Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love birthdays?! Shopping for presents, planning parties, designing a birthday cake, and making the birthday person feel extra special on their big day are the perfect way to go all out and show that person just how important they are to you. Today I thought it would be fun to share some fun […]

15 Fun Kids Playroom Ideas From Pinterest


We just recently moved and our new house is bigger than anything else we’ve ever had before. We are used to small space living and don’t quite know what to do with all the extra space we now have.  We have a playroom for my son in this new house and I have been trolling […]

30 Creative Uses For Peanut Butter


Did you know that peanut butter has about 100 uses? I sure didn’t. Surprisingly, a ton of the uses aren’t even food related! I have to say, I think the best use for peanut butter is to be paired with chocolate and eaten by me. But here are 30 other creative uses I’ve found for […]