How Not To Use An Infant Car Seat (VIDEO)

Infant Car Seat Misuse

  Unfortunately, I have encountered the misuse of infant car seats with parents (even friends and family!) many times. When I kindly  let them know that how they are using their infant car seat is not safe for their baby, they usually just blow me off and do it anyway. I’ve wanted to do this […]

How to Save Money on Popular Children’s Clothing Brands


Children’s clothes can be expensive, especially when kids grow out of them so quickly. Here are some tips for saving money on five popular children’s clothing brands. Happy shopping! babyGap/Gap Kids: Use GapCash. You can earn and redeem GapCash during specific periods throughout the year. For every $50 you spend, you’ll receive $25 worth of […]

Tips On Keeping Your Busy Life In Order


Chances are you live a pretty busy life- I think we all do! Whether you’re a busy stay at home mom who is constantly balancing the cooking and cleaning or a working mom who juggles her job plus all of the household duties, we could all do with a few tips to help us juggle […]

Don’t Worry, I’m Not Strangling My Toddler, I’m Just…..

Toddler throwing a tantrum

Before you have kids, and you hear a child SCREAMING at the top of their lungs, you sometimes wonder what the parent is doing to them, right? Maybe they’re hurting them? I mean, that kid is seriously screaming, there must be physical pain involved? And your heart aches for the child. And then you have […]

Tips For Selling on Craigslist


From my recent poll it seems like most people are either lovers or haters of Craigslist. There aren’t many in-betweeners. I fall in the lover category. Probably because I’ve generally had good experiences both buying and selling on Craigslist. Granted, I haven’t gone about my Craigslist activity lightly – here’s a few tips for selling […]

Throw A House Party—and Get Free Stuff!


Do you love to entertain friends and family? If so, you can receive free stuff to host a party in your home. Social media marketing company House Party allows you to have a party and receive free products from top brands to share with your guests. Many of these products are brand new or not […]

Breastfeeding and Fertility- Four Periods In Four Years?


When I first started breastfeeding, I really had no idea what my goals were. In all honesty, I was probably winging it. I didn’t know anything about teething, growth spurts or cosleeping. At two weeks old, we attended our first La Leche League meeting, and it was here that we learned about many different aspects […]

10 Things to Look For In A Preschool


If you’ve started the preschool search for your child, you know how daunting and confusing the task can be. To help you get started, here are 10 things to look for as you start touring preschools. 1) A balanced curriculum: A good preschool has a well-planned curriculum that promotes social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive […]

Kid-Friendly Movie-Theater Chains


It can be difficult to catch a movie when you have children. Luckily, many movie theaters across the country offer special screenings to which parents can bring babies or toddlers. Check with your local theater to see if it offers kid-friendly movie screenings. To get you started, here is a list of five movie theater […]

Babywearing International- Here To Help!


Wearing your baby in a carrier can be scary when you’re new to it- will the baby fall out? Are they in pain? Will it hurt my back? No matter whether it’s your first or fourth child, if you’ve never worn a baby before, you might want more help than just looking on the internet. […]