Building a House with Pinterest: Home Office Edition

Home Office Ideas

Today is week 5 of our Building a House with Pinterest series. You may have noticed that we skipped last Wednesday for our weekly building a home update posts. Sorry about that. With returning from Disneyland and Easter preparations last week, we decided to hold off on posting our next update. No worries because this […]

Whole30 Review


After we published our Whole30 Recipes post last week, we had several questions asking what exactly Whole30 is.  For me, everywhere I turned I was hearing about Whole30. My best friend was doing it, my neighbor just completed it, EVERYONE on Instagram was posting photos of their Whole30 meals, what the heck was this thing […]

No More Mother’s Day Cards

mother's day journal

Three years ago my husband (with the prompting of his very wise mother-in-law) started a fabulous tradition. It’s frugal and priceless – the best kind of traditions – and gives him some major husband points! This is my Mother’s Day Journal. Every year on Mother’s Day my husband sits down with our two kids and […]

How The Internet Ruins Moms

Photo source: Geek Sugar

The internet: what started off as a blessing with its ability to easily share photos with friends and family, and video call relatives abroad, has slowly become this place where moms openly fight, judge, brag, and condemn. And it’s exhausting us with constant articles on what we should be doing with our kids, how we […]

Backyard Toys For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 9.43.28 PM

Next month a little dream of mine is coming true … a backyard fence! With an almost two and four year old, they don’t take kindly to being cooped up inside all day so spring and our fence is coming in the nick of time. As gardening supplies have been popping up in the stores, […]

Get Fit (And Maybe Rich!) By Starting a Spring Walking Challenge

Walking Challenge

Are you as ready for spring as I am?  Are you tired of being inside all winter and just want to get outside?  Me too!  I like to make weather-related excuses for my lack of exercise.  It’s too cold.  It’s too wet.  It’s too windy.  It might rain. I really enjoy walking and cycling but […]

How-to Guide: Searching for Newborn Photographers

Tracy Gabbard

  About the author: Mother of two, Tracy Gabbard is the Tampa Bay Area’s premier professional photographer for newborns, children and families. She has a natural light studio in Clearwater, FL and loves to create sessions for newborns, children and families that are fun and interactive. She has been featured on photography blogs such as, […]

Preparing for Kindergarten with Brain Quest Alphabet Cards (VIDEO)

Brain Quest

It is true, my baby is headed to kindergarten in the fall. *sniff sniff* This is a big deal and through all the tears that I’m shedding in preparation for this big day, I’m trying to get him ready. Do I want him to be ready to leave mama and go off to the big […]

Tantrums and Dramas at the Sandbox


About the author: When asked her job title, “Zookeeper” is what immediately comes to mind to Laura El Alam, homeschooling mother of four. The daily drama of raising two toddlers and two teens keeps Laura perpetually on her toes . . . and frequently on her last nerve. In her nonexistent free time, she is […]

10 Great Easter/Spring Outfit Ideas


Spring is here, and children’s clothing stores are brimming with outfits for Easter and other spring occasions. For inspiration, here are 10 adorable options. FOR GIRLS: Easter Baby: Get your infant ready for the Easter bunny in this pretty Ralph Lauren floral cotton sateen dress and matching bloomers in baby blue or hot pink. (, sizes […]