TWELVElittle Companion Diaper Backpack Review

TWELVElittle Companion Diaper Backpack

With a newly potty trained toddler and twin infants, I don’t mess around when it comes to my diaper bag. I received a large, traditional diaper bag at my baby shower for the twins, and while it held everything I needed, the single strap became cumbersome when loading the kids in and out of the […]

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review + Giveaway!


BOB makes one of the most popular jogging strollers in North America. They have been dominating the parent running space for years. The robust jogging tires, the roomy seat, the ginormous canopy and the easy, quick fold have sporty parents swooning for a BOB the second they are expecting. While they are one of the […]

Super Healthy, Protein-Packed Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies

My husband and I just ain’t got time for breakfast. He’s a grab-a-coffee-and-chug-it-on-the-way-to-work kinda guy. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three under 3, so nobody cares if I eat anything before nap time because they want their breakfast NOW. When I discovered the idea of breakfast cookies I was so super excited. Pinterest really comes […]

Stela 9 Luna Weekender Review


The Stela 9 shop is full of a huge variety of amazing items for moms. They carry footwear, every type of bag you could want, to cosmetic cases and belts! I’m kind of a bag hoarder so of course their bags are my favorite items! The weekenders retail for $282, and there is a wide […]

Tieks: The Best Mom Flats

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 2.36.37 AM

I’ll start this post off with saying “I’m sorry.” I’m sorry for what I’m about to introduce to you too. Really, I am! But I know if you take the plunge you’ll email me down the road and emphatically type, THANK YOU, over and over and over again. Now. Tieks. The ballet flat, reinvented. Click […]

Mom Shirts That Say It All

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 2.08.56 AM

  Wake up and smell the coffee, mama friends! Well, first you’ll have to start the coffee, because in all likelihood you forgot to set the timer again. Am I right? Or is that just me? Then, sip that coffee and take your pick of a tee make especially for you. One that speaks your […]

10 Signs You Are Living With a 3 or 4 Year Old


We talk about the sleepless nights of the baby stage, the madness of the toddler years, and the terrifying terrible twos, but we really don’t talk about the roller coaster ride of emotions that are the preschool years. What’s it like living with a kid who can now express themselves well? Here are ten signs […]

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom (Not Baby!)


  Around 2004, when I got married, I rode the wave of endless bridal showers. Quiche, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, non-stick pans, silverware, lingerie. Delicious food and fabulous friends all celebrating the bride-to-be. Gotta love a bridal shower. A few years later came the baby shower tsunami. Quiche, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, onesies, Diaper Genies, nursing bras. […]

Kleynimals Review- The Perfect Teether For Your Baby!


As a parent, you know one of the things all babies are drawn to are our keys. House keys, car keys, baby doesn’t care, as long as they shine and jingle, they go where everything else goes when they’re exploring- the mouth. Yum!     Enter Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe, and Leo the […]

Dear Teenage Boys…


Dear Teenage Boys, I am almost positive that you aren’t a loyal reader of my blog, but if you happen to stumble across this article, I just have something to ask you. If a 7 year old boy (or insert any age younger than yourself!) comes up to you and your group of friends at […]