Chinese Chicken Salad

chinese chicken salad 600w

Am I the only mom who is tired of eating PB&J and mac ‘n cheese alongside the kids at lunchtime? Oh, good! I figured I wasn’t alone! Instead of prepping a second “mom” lunch every day of the week when I’m short on time (which is usually why I end up with a bowl of […]

5 Time-Saving Kitchen Items


When you’re a busy mom, it’s always a challenge to find the time to make healthy meals for your family. As the work-at-home mom of twins, it sure is a constant struggle for me! Luckily, I’ve stocked my kitchen with several gadgets and appliances that make meal prep easier and quicker for me. Here are […]

Summer Mocktails


It is the dead of summer. The thermometer is reading triple digits and the humidity is 95%. The closest thing to a breeze you can find is sitting next to a snoring spouse. All of this sounds fairly unpleasant, right? Now add to the mix a small human in your uterus, cankles, and the inability […]

Three Berry Crisp

Berry Crisp

This weekend was Memorial Day which meant we headed out of town to hang with family. You know what that means – BAKING! Since I arrived at my dad’s house with delicious homemade cookies in hand, I wanted to make something different while I was there. I wanted to make something light, summery and possibly […]

Recipe: Peanut Butter Brownies With Pretzels And Sea Salt


I’m doing my good deed of the year by sharing this downright heavenly recipe with you all today. This may just be the best thing I’ve ever made. When my husband tried them, I swear to you his eyes rolled back in his head and he almost fainted. They are THAT good. I made these […]

Recipe: Vegetarian Pasta Salad


Today I’m sharing a delicious, fresh recipe for vegetarian pasta salad. The weather is starting to warm up here in southern California and I love this recipe for outdoor picnics, pool days, and warmer weather. It’s so refreshing and delicious, and it’s healthy, too! This recipe can easily be modified for vegans by skipping the […]

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think everyone has had a chocolate chip cookie at some point. Some of us have had more than others. We all have our favorite recipe whether it is from the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag or from their great-grandmother’s recipe box. My favorite recipe is from trial and error. Since I was […]

Popsicle Recipes


As a child, the only popsicles I ever ate were either Otter Pops or Jello Pudding Pops. While both of those are AMAZING in their own right (oh, Bill Cosby what I wouldn’t give for one of those vanilla/chocolate swirl treats right now) the notion that you could actually make your own never crossed my […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispie Pinwheels

Rice Krispie

As a cook or a baker, many times things work out perfectly. The cake rises just enough. The frosting is the perfect consistency. The brownies were oh-so-gooey. Annnndddd… then there are other times. You have the best intention of creating a masterpiece and it sounds amazing in your head. Until you realize the finished product […]

10 Great Rice Krispie Recipes

Rice Krispie Treats Recipes

What kid doesn’t like Rice Krispie Treats? I’m sure there are a few but the majority probably loves them. I know I do and I’m a big kid at heast. My mom used to make the traditional Rice Krispie Treats when I was little and I now whip them up for my kids. Sometimes it’s […]