Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Enjoy

Avocado on white

We all love to snack, right? And that goes for children, too! Instead of handing your kids cookies, candies, and ice cream, try handing them one of these 15 healthy snacks the next time they’re feeling snacky! 1. Cheese. Cheese has lots of protein which keeps energy levels high until dinnertime. Pair it with salt […]

Birthday Party Tips


My son’s birthday party is right around the corner so I’ve got all things party on my mind. While I love browsing Pinterest often, I just don’t have the time, patience, or money for most of the projects on there. I’ve been trying to rack my brain with creative (and cheap) ideas for my son’s […]

Easter Desserts


I have a terrible sweet tooth which gets me into a lot of trouble, but come on, holidays mean desserts! And Easter is no different. So today I’ve rounded up some delicious and creative Easter desserts for you all to make, eat, and love! Sugar Cookies From Occasional Cookies. These Easter egg sugar cookies are […]

My Favorite Pampered Chef Products

can opener

Have you ever attended a Pampered Chef party? If not, you’re missing out! They’re simple and fun and there is no doubt in my mind that Pampered Chef has the greatest kitchen tools around! Pampered Chef parties are usually hosted in your home. A consultant comes and makes a meal with ingredients you provide and […]

Good Morning Bear Toast

bear toast

Ready to add a new favorite to your breakfast line up? Look no further than a hearty slice of good morning bear toast! It’s perfect for mamas, dads and kiddos. Truly, bear toast is the cutest little snack around and packed with protein and other wholesome ingredients to start the day off right. Our favorite […]

How to Get Kids to Eat Spinach (with a smile!) VIDEO

Green Smoothie

  Welcome to How-To Monday! Now, it is no secret that I’ve been on a healthy kick for the past 6 weeks. Here’s the funny thing about families though – when mom is on a “kick”, everyone in the house participates. Why? Because mom makes the meals in my house which means I have free […]

Supermom -vs- Good Enough Mom


  About the Author: Dana is a stay-at-home mom with dreams of becoming a writer. Her ideal afternoon is spent curled up with her laptop, writing fan fiction, blogging at With A Baby In Tow, or working on the next great young adult novel. She is also an adventure junkie who loves backpacking, travel, and […]

8 Fun Cake Pop Recipes

Photo Source: Crafty Cookies

Whoever invented cake pops was obviously in the mood for cake but didn’t want to feel guilty when they went back for seconds and thirds Despite them being so tiny, they’re delicious and so cute! So we’ve rounded up some fun recipes for you to try, or simply to drool over. Raspberry Stuffed Cake Pops […]

Fabulous DIY Birthday Cakes


Let’s just cut to the chase- the best part about birthdays is the cake! I just celebrated my birthday and my husband had our favorite bakery make me a lemon cake that was shaped to look like the character from the Lemonhead candies. We like to get creative and make our cakes fun, but since […]

Smoothie Packs


I’m the kind of cook who has grand aspirations and fails about half the time. Especially when it comes to a healthy and filling breakfast. Those cookies from the previous night are just so tempting some times, but definitely not an appropriate breakfast! I’ve learned my lesson with this recently while trying to explain to […]