DIY Golden Easter Egg

Golden Egg

This Easter morning I would love to come downstairs and find the Easter Bunny left a nice, soothing, color palate of Easter goodies in our house. I left him a note last year that, while the kids appreciated 50,000 pieces of brightly colored plastic strewn all about the house, it was a bit jarring for […]

Building a House with Pinterest – Playroom Edition

Craft Room

Welcome to week 3 of our Building a House with Pinterest series! Last week was all about the family room and the week before was the kitchen. This week we are focusing on the playroom. Yes, my new house will have a dedicated playroom/bonus room and I’m super excited about it. We had a playroom […]

Let’s Party … Frozen Style!

oalf bag

Did you pre-order Frozen in anticipation of today’s release? Or, did you trek to the store first thing and host a little Frozen party as your kids sing at the top of their lungs? However you acquire it – I suspect we’ll see sky high sales this week for Disney’s super popular film, Frozen. The movie […]

Save the Pants, Make Shorts!

Pants to Shorts

  Tammy is a self-proclaimed “Professional Mom” with tips and tricks to share that she’s learned along the way with her crew of seven kids ranging in age from 12 months to 17 years. Before adopting her first child, she was a nanny, and has also served her time climbing the corporate ladder as a […]

Etsy Artwork For a Little Boy’s Room

be little

Oh, little boys! I adore them so. Especially mine But, I’m sure you say the same thing about yours. They are full of snuggles and belly laughs, run a million miles a minute and make their mamas gasp more than once each day. In those early impressionable years, we, as parents, are blessed with setting […]

Easy Make Your Own Crayons Craft


If you’re anything like me, the thought of artsy stuff and preschool crafts make you shudder. Sometimes I want to tell my 3 year old “I taught math to high school kids- I don’t know anything about drawing a horse!” But I do it anyway, because she loves it. Even if it does look like […]

DIY Story Stones

story stones

“Mama, tell me a story!” I hear this phrase often … when we’re driving, washing hair and sitting at a restaurant waiting for our food. Stories are apparently the “cool thing” and although I credit myself with a decent imagination, sometimes, I run out of ideas. My daughter will pitch in with character requests and […]

Etsy Artwork For a Little Girl’s Room

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 11.17.47 PM

A little girl’s room is a place to imagine — to explore — to dream big dreams. Often, it’s where she dresses up and chats with dolls, reads books and of course, where she falls asleep. Whether your sweet girl is still in your womb or prancing about, decorating her room is one of those […]

14 No Candy Valentines


Do you dread holidays that revolve around candy? You and me both, mama. And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, teachers aren’t big fans of the candy overload either. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a little treat. After all, it’s important for little ones to learn about making wise choices with sweets. […]

Preschool Craft | A Winter Walrus


This month we kicked off homeschool preschool with my 3 year old. Mostly we’re doing some directed practice of basic skills like writing, cutting and gluing with a sprinkling of field trips and fun activities. It’s been quite fun so far, more than I imagined. And just yesterday, my daughter announced to the checker at […]