Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 4

12 Days of Christmas

Congrats to our winner –

Megan L. – Entry #1843

On the 4th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…


That’s right, we aren’t only about baby things at Baby Gizmo! We are about kid-friendly travel and food too! That’s why we just HAD to include a stay in the Bahamas in our 12 Days of Christmas! Yep, you heard that right – THE BAHAMAS!! What parent couldn’t use a vacation, right?!?

Comfort Suites Paradise Island, Bahamas

Remember when we took a quick trip to the Bahamas back in October to check out how to visit Atlantis on a budget? Remember when we stayed at the fabulous Comfort Suites next door? Well, we couldn’t be the only ones to experience this great place! Today, someone is winning a 4-Day, 3-Night Stay for 2 adults and 2 children at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island. This stay includes FREE breakfast each morning, FREE WiFi and wrist bands for the family to take advantage of the Atlantis resort amenities next door! That’s right, your family gets to use the Atlantis waterpark, sign-up for the Atlantis Kids Program (extra fee), enjoy the restaurants, gamble at the casino, and much more by being a guest of Comfort Suites.

Comfort Suites Bahamas

Here are a few photos of where you would go if you win!

Comfort Suites

To get an up close and personal look at this great prize through the eyes of a 6 year old, you HAVE to watch our video review of the Comfort Suites below…


You can even read our review and check out more photos HERE. Or you can visit their website for more information –

Fine Print: This prize is valid for travel April 15th to December 15th, 2014. Space is subject to availability. Not available on Holiday weekends. Taxes, service charges, gratuities and meal (besides breakfast!) not included. AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED. If the winner cannot visit the resort during these times, the certificate is transferable.

How to Enter


What’s up for grabs:

4-Day, 3-Night Stay for 2 adults and 2 children at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island, Bahamas. (Airfare NOT included)



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* This Day #4 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST and ends at 12:01am EST onThursday, December 5, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

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About Hollie Schultz

Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in Chicago. She loves the city but hates the cold!


  1. Emily LaFlamme says:

    Would love this!!

  2. Gina Hurley says:

    Omg, omg, omg, omg. I want, I want, I want. So awesome.

  3. Another great give away!

  4. Carrie ManyHeads says:

    Bahamas? Yes please

  5. raizel g says:

    desperately needed!!


    Eeeeeeek! I vacation to the Bahamas would be a dream! Good luck everyone!

  7. Felicia says:

    What? Bahamas?! That’d be amazing!

  8. liz suchyta says:

    The waterpark!!

  9. Take me away!!!

  10. Adrianne B says:

    My favorite feature is the “Lazy” river!

  11. Gita Prasad says:

    This vaca is a need after this holiday season

  12. Miriam says:

    Would love to win this! I could use some warm weather and a vacation.

  13. Kailee Stillwell says:

    I love the hotel! I like that it’s close to alantis and walking distance to the beautiful beach :)

  14. Rebekah says:

    Pick me!!!

  15. Laurie Leonard says:

    What’s not to like. I love it all!

  16. Carrie M says:

    Free breakfast…wristbands to the water park! Sounds awesome!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Love the free breakfast and wifi and of course the fact the suite has a mini fridge and pull out couch :)

  18. Aleshia Ludwig says:

    I Love The Pools & Lazy River. Best way To Relax!

  19. Gina Hiskes says:

    That’s amazing! I’ve never stayed at a Comfort Suites before, those rooms are huge. Free breakfast before spending the day at Atlantis, perfect! I did get a laugh out of your son saying “aminals” like my 4 year old. My kids would have so much fun here!

  20. This is awesome!

  21. Lori Gaston says:

    Wristbands for 4 for each day…that’s pretty awesome!!!

  22. Chani M says:

    The cave aquarium!!!! We loooooove aquariums!

  23. Amanda Andersen says:

    Sounds like an amazing family getaway!!!!!!!

  24. Angela Elmer says:

    My favorite parts….The beautiful white beaches and the water slides my kids would be all over this!

  25. Kelley Larsen says:

    We have never been able to take a beach vacation or go out of the country together. This would be amazing to win…

  26. Lin Miller says:

    Best day of giveaways yet!!!

  27. Kelly Grell says:

    I so NEED this vacation!

  28. Amanda Bagley says:

    As a SAHM of 6 all 8 and under I NEED A VACATION! And I love Fall but Winter is not my friend, I need warmth!

  29. Kelly Grell says:

    My favorite feature is the location right next to Atlantis!

  30. Lisa Gonzalez says:

    I love that the suites were big and had lots of bright natural light. Amazing prize!!

  31. Amanda Bagley says:

    I love free breakfast, my hubs is frugal and won’t stay anywhere without the feature :)

  32. Lindsey L says:

    Wow, so many things, the aquarium sounds awesome!

  33. kim scott says:

    Omg I would love this!!!!!!

  34. I like that you get to use Atlantis water parks.

  35. Amanda Ayala says:

    Lazy river! Need to be lazy right about now hah

  36. karolina r says:

    Yup. I need this.

  37. caroline k says:

    The pools!

  38. Holly Neville says:

    amazing giveaway!!!… This site is seriously the best!

  39. Awesome give away!!

  40. Jennifer says:

    I want to go to there!

  41. Natalie Ramirez says:

    It’s hard to think of anything better than it being next door to Atlantis!

  42. Chrissy Buday says:

    The waterpark wristbands!

  43. This is awesome!!!!!!!!

  44. Stephanie V. says:

    wrist bands for Atlantis and free breakfast and wifi!!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  45. I love everything !!! but especially the water!

  46. AshleyMcconnaughey says:


  47. Dottie Stone says:

    A vacation would be heavenly! :)

  48. Beth Rees says:

    My favorite thing is the lazy river

  49. I looooooooove your blog and videos!!!! <3

  50. Thid would be truly amazing

  51. Kara Wubbens says:

    Wrist bands each day to still do the fun activities. And the free breakfast

  52. Amanda R. says:

    Would love a vacation!!!

  53. thiele g. says:

    Love the water parks and the cave aquarium! Great give-a-way!!

  54. Ashley says:

    Wristbands for Atlantis!

  55. Kristen Collins says:

    The aquarium is my favorite!

  56. Jessica Fletcher says:

    Love how you can use all the amenities at Atlantis!!! I would love to win this one!!! OMG!!!

  57. Erika Fultz says:

    Definitely the water park!!

  58. Becki Pike says:

    Free Breakfast!!! :) And a LAZY river! Yes Please!!

  59. Bethany says:

    Love the sunshine and the beautiful view!

  60. Tasha Wilkerson says:

    I love the lazy river! Also the pullout beds are a must with two toddlers it helps to get them asleep if they are seperated!

  61. Taressa Alicie says:

    Pool? Lazy river? Beautiful sun and sand? What’s not to love!!

  62. Laura Miller says:

    I love that its all suite!!!

  63. Christy Lundy says:

    Mind. Blown.

  64. Alex Soto says:

    Much needed!!!

  65. Wha?? Swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with sharks?! My son would LOVE that!

  66. Jacqueline says:

    Well, the best thing about it is just the location, a vacation in the Bahamas is awesome! It’s also great that it’s kid-friendly.

  67. Aqdas Ahmed Haider says:

    Love how close it is to the waterpark Atlantis

  68. Gabriela T says:

    Wow!! This is THE GIVEAWAY!!! We could use some vacations right now!!!

  69. Kelley H. says:

    It is beautiful!

  70. S. Levine says:

    First of all, your son is adorable! When is he getting his own YouTube channel? :) Love that the Comfort Suites gives you the best of both worlds- you’re not staying at the crowded atlantis, you get a great room and all of the advantages of atlantis.

  71. susie king says:

    My favorite feature of the Comfort Suites Paradise Island is that 4 wrist bands come with each room.

  72. Julie U says:

    wristbands to the water park, nearby beach…paradise!

  73. It’s great that they give you the wristbands for Atlantis.

  74. Jess F says:

    This would be amazing! My youngest just turned two, I think he would love the water!

  75. This would be heavenly. My fiancé and I haven’t ever been on a vacation together! This would be perfect! I love the lazy river and the beautiful crystal clear beaches!

  76. Rebeca Kanagy says:

    I love that they give you 4 wristbands each day you are a guest! I would love to check out that Dolphin Encounter and my daughter would love the water park!

  77. Jennifer says:

    Yes please!!!

  78. simone t. says:

    My son is five, so loved your sons review. So cute! My fav feature is the dolphin encounter. Thanks!

  79. Annette French says:

    I so could use a vacation

  80. The aquarium and wristbands for Atlantis!

  81. Alex H says:

    I. Would. Die.

    That lazy river looks heavenly! If I won this would be mine and my fiances honeymoon!

  82. Annie D says:

    The free wrist bands and breakfast both sound awesome. But it would be amazing to see my son swim with dolphins!!

  83. Jennifer says:

    My favorite feature is that you get four wristbands to use all the amenities at Atlantis without having to pay to stay there!

  84. Sindy Murray says:

    The little boy is so cute! I like the huge waterpark, my kids will love the slides and the cooking room!

  85. The waterpark!

  86. Valeria B says:

    I love how the wrist bands are included.

  87. Love the lazy river.

  88. Christine Cohen says:

    I loved the kids center, my three year old would love the princess room :)

  89. Briana says:

    This is an amazing giveaway! I can not believe they included the wristbands!!!

  90. Jane Salzman Uszner says:

    This would be an amazing, amazing trip!

  91. Kamila P says:

    My favorite so far!!!I need vacation:-)

  92. Oksana Brichka says:

    We totally need a vacation prob not the most out of all the mamas n dads but We soo do!

  93. Louella Laureola says:

    4 wristbands to enjoy the Atlantis Resort by staying at Comfort Suites! That’s awesome!

  94. Caroline L. says:

    Free wifi is a major plus and access to Atlantis! yay

  95. Wristbands for Atlantis without Atlantis prices??? What more could you want??? Thanks so much for hosting!

  96. Jennifer K. C. says:

    I think it is so cool that you can use the wrist bands to use the amenities at Atlantis. And I love your outfit and necklace… how cute!

  97. Megan Arce says:

    Holy cow- your kid is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute in that video!!! Such a pro! I want to do it ALL!!! Especially the dolphins. My fave thing about Comfort Suites is the free breakfast- that is so important when traveling with the kiddos!

  98. Brandi Livengood says:

    This vacation would be an awesome celebration for finalizing my daughter’s adoption!

  99. dolphins and white sand beach are cool:)

  100. Pamela Diener says:

    Pleeeeease let me win!!

  101. Danielle T says:

    The lazy river would be a hit :)

  102. patty wang says:

    Love the weather, the room seems like a good size, family friendly amenities, and best yet, free breakfast daily.

  103. Jolene Anderson says:

    Wow what an awesome giveaway!! Would be so AWESOME to win, especially since I live in cold country, ak!!

  104. I love the lazy river…dolphins, sunshine, happy children…I love it all.

  105. Christine Lanza says:

    I really need a vacation!

  106. Elizabeth Crabtree says:

    I like the proximity to the beach. And my son would love the aquarium!

  107. jewell says:

    I love that is near enough to Atlantis to use the facilities but not a behemoth hotel like Atlantis. Much easier to.navigate with small children.

  108. Mel lee says:

    Lazy river looks. So relaxing. I would love to go there withmy son

  109. Michelle says:

    This place looks beautiful!!!

  110. Maria Castillo says:

    My favorite is the water park and cooking class.

  111. Erica S says:

    Lazy river AND near a beach! And not at home near my washing machine.

  112. The water slides. Awesome

  113. Jadie M says:

    This would be amazing!!

  114. Ahhhh my husband gets home from a deployment in a few weeks and we could go on a baby moon!!!!

  115. Heather Moore says:

    Ummmmmm that it’s in THE BAHAMAS!!!

  116. Danielle T says:

    I posted already about the ‘lazy’ river but realized you asked about comfort suites…I love how wristbands for atlantis are included in the room rate!

  117. Looks awesome!

  118. Stephanie Wilson says:

    The lazy river is amazing!!!!

  119. Christine Lanza says:

    I didn’t read the directions before- Whoops.
    Favorite feature is the free wifi!!

  120. Liz peacock says:

    Love the extra space in comfort suites, lazy river and wristbands included!!! Amazing

  121. amy pugmire says:

    The free breakfast and waterpark!

  122. Regina Weed says:

    the water park next door and free breakfast! of course the LOCATION!!!

  123. The dolphins, the pools, ALL OF IT!

  124. Maria P. says:

    I love the Location! <3

  125. costana hornbaker says:

    our family loves lazy rivers

  126. Jessica Beaumont says:

    Never been to the Bahamas !!

  127. allie says:

    Love being able to use the Atlantis property! =]

  128. Beth V. says:

    This would be awesome to win!

  129. diana mathews says:

    wow to win this would be a dream come true..

  130. Appreciate the free breakfast and of course the lazy river.

  131. I want!

  132. I want! Love the cave aquarium

  133. I like this on facebook :)

  134. This would be amazing! The man and I just got married on Halloween and would love to do this as a honeymoon!

  135. Angela Rhodes Ingles says:

    I love that it’s cheaper than staying at Atlantis and have access to Dolphin Cay and all the other features of Atlantis plus Wi-Fi and breakfast is included.

  136. Chelsea LaMarche says:

    I love that you get access to the Atlantis!

  137. Ewa Laskey says:

    I need a vacation and this would be perfect.

  138. Nancy Martin says:

    I’d love to do the dolphin encounter! The slides sound fun, too.

  139. Christina Cunningham says:

    Yes, Please

  140. Sally H. says:

    Everything looks very relaxing. l like the close access to the pool.

  141. corrie says:

    Wow! Sounds fun!

  142. Jocelyn k says:

    The breakfast – it will make mornings there so relaxing

  143. Stephanie MacDonald says:

    Definitely the waterpark!!!!!!

  144. Kimberly says:

    I like the free breakfast and the free wristbands.

  145. Megan Bass says:

    This would be awesome!

  146. I like the free breakfast at the comfort suites. Not having to worry about money/food for at least the first meal of the day is a big plus for me.

  147. kristle says:

    This would be amazing for my family! :]

  148. Kristi Philpot says:

    Would love to win!!

  149. Ashley y says:

    I would LOVE a vacation to the bahamas!! Love everything about this giveaway…. the lazy river looks amazing.

  150. Alyson Costner says:

    Love a lazy river!

  151. nanette Sanchez says:

    First family vacation for my husband, stepdaughter and daughter? ? Who wouldn’t love this amazing offer? This would be perfect for the trip we have been wanting to plan next year!

  152. Rebecca Jackson says:

    Such an awesome giveaway!!!! I think my husband would be most excited about this!!!!

  153. Neta Sivan-Shani says:

    Only one thing? I guess the best is the walking distance to everything, especially the beach, and the quiet!!!!

  154. Elise Velazquez Newton says:

    I love that the hotel gives wristbands every day so you can enjoy the Atlantis!

  155. Marianne says:

    Love that the suites have tile and not nasty carpets.

  156. Regina Vasquez-Link says:

    I think my favorite thing about this place is the free wristbands to Atlantis.

  157. Anna Dykman says:

    Lazy river!

  158. Karen S says:

    Free wristbands to Atlantis!

  159. Crystal A. M. says:

    free wristbands!

  160. Kerri W. says:

    The lazy river sounds perfect right about now!

  161. Lissa Paddock says:

    My favorite feature? It’s affordable on a family budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus LOTS of stuff for our 4 year old twins to do while mamma and daddy are able to relax a little!

  162. Lauren says:

    Access to Atlantis is my fave feature!

  163. Carlee says:

    I love the pools. We would love a vacation!

  164. Sophia says:

    Wow!! This is the best prize so far!! Good luck to all parents!!

  165. Kelley says:

    The access to the Atlantis water amenities.

  166. Terisa says:

    Merry Christmas!!! This looks amazing

  167. Elyssa says:

    Holy slides and “lazy” river! Ready for vacation!

  168. Tiffany Crayle says:

    Would love this! Best time ever. :)

  169. sara propst says:

    would be fun!

  170. Holly Eck says:

    This trip looks fun ! The water park would be great for kids , lazy river for me :)

  171. Kristen Lepore says:

    I love that rooms are big enough for a family and has a living area and a microwave and fridge! The fact that you can goto the Atlantis for free is fabulous! Fingers crossed!

  172. Sandra R. says:

    Sooo excited, hope we win :-)

  173. Susie H says:

    Love the free breakfast and the waterpark. The big rooms is a bonus too.

  174. Amanda G says:

    Wow! What an awesome prize!!

  175. Christine Jestice says:

    Would love this!!!!!!!!

  176. Angela Eggert-Mcveigh says:

    Now this is how i’d like to relax!!

  177. Beth held says:

    What a great holiday treat for me! Looks beautiful! Fingers crossed….

  178. Dasha says:

    The pool! The kids would love it!

  179. Monica Cuenca says:

    Would love to win

  180. Maggie W says:

    What a wonderful surprise a vacation would be!

  181. Dana R says:

    Good Lord…..pick one thing to comment on?!?! It all looked awesome!!

  182. Maggie W says:

    My favorite part would be taking my family to a new place! Doesn’t hurt that it’d be at the beach (and with free breakfast!–our favorite meal, by the way ;) )

  183. Jami Mitchell Albright says:

    Love the location of the hotel and the huge rooms!

  184. Maggie Williams says:

    My favorite part would be taking my family to a new place! Doesn’t hurt that it’d be at the beach (and with free breakfast!–our favorite meal, by the way ;) )

    (sorry for double posting–my full last name didn’t make it on the first time!)

  185. Rebecca m says:

    Wow would this be perfect!

  186. Zita Hesterman says:

    Would LOVE to win! We never went on a real honeymoon, this would be awesome. And my 2 year old would love it too!

  187. Joleen says:

    Boy does this sound lovely about now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. Heather says:

    The thought of traveling with my 2 kids (2.5 years and 16 months) is daunting. However, I’m sure we could make it work for the Bahamas!

  189. Christine says:

    Great giveaway!

  190. Heather says:

    I already commented, but failed to read the fine print :) We love the spacious rooms! Would for sure make it easier to stay with a family of 4 and all of the stuff that little kiddos require!

  191. Samantha S says:

    Favorite? The warm weather, sunshine, and beaches?! :) Free breakfast is a great perk and the lazy river looks awesome.

  192. christina alexander says:

    Would love this vacation!!!!!!

  193. Emily says:

    Who couldn’t use this?

  194. Amanda says:

    Love the fact that the hotel allows you to use the amenities and live it up at the Atlantis without the hefty price tag!

  195. Emily says:

    The lazy river is the best feature.

  196. Alison Minor says:

    Bahamas, mamas!

  197. Megan Taylor says:

    Great prize!

  198. Kay C. says:

    Thank you.

  199. Jen B says:

    Favorite feature is being able to use amenities next door!

  200. Vivian S. says:

    Using the amenities at the Atlantis without paying the exorbitant price tag.

  201. christy i says:

    I love that it comes with tickets to Atlanits!

  202. fraidy says:

    lazy river looks amazing

  203. deana lamm says:

    i love the water park wristbands and so need this vacation

  204. Katelyn N says:

    Ummm…can you say white sandy beaches! yes please, I’d be parking my butt there!!!

  205. Amanda Buccieri says:

    The lazy river sounds amazing! We need a fun vacation :)

  206. Lauren V says:

    I love that it is so big, and that it has so many amenities!

  207. Veronica says:

    I can’t decide if I love breakfast included or the dolphin experience better!!! gotta be the dolphins!!

  208. Cheryl S says:

    Who doens’t love the Bahamas?

  209. Lindsey H says:

    Seeing as it is snowing and 5 degrees where I am right now, a trip to the Bahamas sounds amazing! I love that the hotel is so kid-friendly, with the minifridge in the room and a free breakfast.

  210. Loving the free breakfast and the wristbands to access all those cool things at Atlantis. Btw your son is adorable!!

  211. Pools and lazy rivers

  212. Heather says:

    Would love This

  213. Rachel says:

    access to Atlantis is great!

  214. lleona c says:

    Family fun in the sun!

  215. Leslie Moore says:

    Free breakfast AND it is in the BAHAMAS!

  216. Kristin says:

    Looks beautiful!

  217. Christine C. says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Atlantis!!

  218. Stacey Rosenthal says:

    I believe I believe I believe!! Send this family to the Bahamas!!!

  219. Sarah Herman says:

    As I look outside the the dark gray, cold winter sky, the Bahamas are sounding AMAZING!

  220. Steffanie Rostrata says:

    We haven’t taken a real vacation with the kids since #1 was born!

  221. Carrie says:

    Oh my gosh, the Bahamas! Amazing…awesome hotel!

  222. Stacey Rosenthal says:

    I meant to add that my favorite part is definitely the lazy river and free breakfasts!

  223. Rachel R says:

    My favorite feature is that you have access to Atlantis when staying at Comfort Suites Paradise Island.

  224. Lindsay says:

    So close to the beach! That lazy river looks great!

  225. Ron Ablang says:

    I don’t know what the best feature is.

  226. Stefanie Mayer says:

    I love that you can go to Atlantis even though you’re not staying there!

  227. The beach and warm weather yummy !

  228. Kelli Vorish says:

    The lazy river!!

  229. Carla Flaig says:

    This would be fantastic! What great features!

  230. Marianela Aponte says:

    I love that you can do so much with a family budget and that children have so much to do.

  231. Andrea says:

    The pool!

  232. Janelle says:

    I love the access to the Atlantis!

  233. Melody Francis says:

    The thing I love the most is it’s the BAHAMAS!! The aquarium and the lazy river look fun!

  234. Would be nice!

  235. Dacey Wilson says:

    I love all the water features! Access to the Atlantis, fabulous.

  236. Jill Boysen says:

    the lazy river with my 3 year old son would be perfect

  237. Elizabeth P. says:

    favorite part would be the wrist band and free breakfast. This would be amazing!

  238. BethanyKeeler says:

    We haven’t had a vacation since our honeymoon! This would be so great!

  239. julie says:

    I love that you get wristbands to use the amenities at atlantis. and free breakfast and wifi

  240. Suzanne says:

    Use of the waterpark

  241. Rae Juusola says:

    Wow it is really hard to just pick one thing to be a favorite! A family vacation is something we have never done and with so much fun to have with the kids they would never get bored. Although I have to say that I think my oldest would probably love the dolphins the most!

  242. Danae Turner says:

    Pool and the water park my kids are little water babies and would love that place!

  243. Kristin says:

    The water park; lazy river…ahhhh….

  244. Jenn k says:

    Would love a vacation! A break away from life would be wonderful.

  245. Autumn says:

    The beautiful views.

  246. Yocheved says:

    This looks so heavenly… My kids would go nuts for the waterpark and aquarium!

  247. Kara Kieran says:

    Lazy river!

  248. Amber says:

    Love the free breakfast and that you get the wrist bands to Atlantis. Also love the size of the room and that it is kid friendly

  249. Maria Furman says:

    Our family would love this. Right now we’re not looking at a vacation till maybe 2016! This would be awesome to get us together!

  250. Robin Wengrow says:


  251. Stephanie Remelius says:

    What a dream vacation!!! We would love this!!!!

  252. Mark A Specjal says:

    Some fun in the sun. We are not expecting many vacations after the little one is born so this would be fun.

  253. Marisa Daniel says:

    We need a vacation!

  254. Katie says:

    I love all the water

  255. Jonathan Baker says:

    The lazy river looks amazing; my toddler loves those!

  256. Amberly Hash says:

    I love the free breakfast and walking distance to the beach! Free WiFi is nice, but its vacacy, who needs WiFi!

  257. Shari Mosser says:

    The wristbands and the free breakfast sounds awesome (my husband would love the wifi). However, it is darn cold and snowy in my home state today and the sun/warm is probably the most appealing thing right now :D

  258. Michelle Beach says:

    The Bahamas sound amazing right now!

  259. Karen McAdams says:

    The location has got to be one of the best things. And wristbands and the fact that breakfast is included… Ib love not having to think about breakfast immediately when you wake up.

  260. serena says:

    all rooms are suites

  261. Deb W says:

    I agree with the last entry – obviously the SUN is the most appealing item offered — BUT if we are talking about something that Paradise Island could offer other than the sun, I love the pools – and the idea of forgetting the stress at home for a few days :)

  262. Jessica Pulliam says:

    The location, how beautiful!!!

  263. Jessica A says:

    Oooooh, either the dolphins or the lazy river. But I can never pass up a beach or pool day.

  264. Leigh Alexander says:

    Free breakfast and wristbands!

  265. joanna garcia says:

    that it incl breakfast and when u stay there 4 people have acces to atlantis amenities!!

  266. Jennifer R. says:

    What’s not to love! But really, it is so nice that the rooms are suites which make it perfect for a family. I also love all of the amenities that come with the room such as breakfast and entry into Atlantis!

  267. Keri R says:

    Free Breakfast! Love the suite as well.

  268. Stephanie Jacobson says:

    Love the suite & the ammenities that come with it.

  269. Jackie Vidra says:

    The Bahamas sounds AAAAAAAmazing right now!!

  270. jody m says:

    Airfare not included. How much is airfare??

  271. Beth Plachetka says:

    would love this!!!!

  272. Mary-Paige Provost says:

    Sounds like an amazing vacation!

  273. Kimberly Puccini says:

    OMG I am a stay at home Mother and my husband amd I work opposite shifts so we are able to be the ones who take sole care of our 3.5 year old and 2 year old kids. A vacation would be an EXCELLENT way for us to reconnnect after doing this for the past almost 4 years now!!!

  274. Esther says:

    nice poool

  275. Britten says:

    Would love to go there!

  276. Megan L says:

    I hav enever been to the bahamas and this hotel sounds like it has great features like the ability to visit Atlantis’ waterpark and free wi-fi!

  277. Kristin Frye says:

    Who ever wins this is a very lucky person! How awesome! :D

  278. Kellie says:

    Love the Aquaventure!

  279. Aleia Chambers says:

    We would love the wristbands for the waterpark and the cave aquarium the most. PLUS beautiful beaches and free breakfast in the BAHAMAS?! YES PLEASE!!!

  280. Jessica says:

    Need this so bad :(

  281. Erin Vest says:

    Other than the wristbands!!!, the wifi would be super useful to my husband whose work never stops, even when we’re away!

  282. Darlene O says:

    I’ve been a follower since 2010, this would be a fantastic loyalty reward :)

  283. Elizabeth H says:

    A vacation? Yes please!!

  284. Maia R says:

    Fab getaway! Love the wristbands and love that I wouldn’t have to worry about breakfast.

  285. Robin Miller says:

    I like that the comfort inn and suites is right next door and you get wrist bands to use all the amennities at Atlantis- that is super awesome!

  286. Renee M says:

    I love that you can use the Atlantis waterparks!

  287. Charlene Lucas says:

    I can’t pick one but I can say that having free breakfast, free internet access and four free daily wrist-bands to Atlantis would make Comfort Suite Inns a great place to stay in the Bahamas!

  288. Kim R. says:

    A vacation in a warm location sounds wonderful!

  289. beck o says:

    My kids love brkfst so thats a huge plus!!! And the waterpark looks great!

  290. Kari K says:

    I love the verity of the water park.

  291. Stephanie N says:

    Wow! What a amazing giveaway! I would love to go! I’m going to have to pass on it though :( we will be busy next year with our new baby!

  292. I would love to use the water park. My daughter would love that too.

  293. Kristina Lee says:

    The wristbands to Atlantis are great! After getting a house built and moving we could use a vacation !

  294. Sandy Olvera says:

    I need a vacation.

  295. Sarah L says:

    My favorite feature is the access to Atlantis

  296. Melissa Marinho says:

    My favorite features of the Comfort Suites Paradise Island is pretty much EVERYTHING! But the breakfast, amenities and Lazy River stand out to me. What am AMAZING giveaway!!!

  297. Lindsey says:

    The budget price yet being able to use the waterslides/facilities at Atlantis.

  298. Freya says:

    Love the waterpark!

  299. Bridget Lessentien says:

    The water slides!! I’ve seen them all over tv, movies, etc. and want to ride them myself!

  300. Madianna says:

    My favorite part is that you can have access to the Atlantis water park! It looks amazing.

  301. sounds dreamy!

  302. Eileen Deliz says:

    FREE Breakfast, sharing the water amenities.

  303. Jocelyn Chilson says:

    I love that you can take advantage of the Atlantis resort next store. The free breakfasts are a nice bonus!

  304. Sarah Trout says:

    LOve the waterslides and wristbands!

  305. One word: VACATION!!!

  306. Jessica says:

    My girls would freak for the aquarium! Great giveaway :)

  307. Melondy B says:

    My favorite feature of Comfort Suites is that the guest have access to Atlantis for no additional cost. That is a super cool deal.

  308. Love that all of the rooms are suites

  309. gina christenberry says:

    ohhh how a vacation would be perfect for this stay-at-home momma!

  310. diana says:


  311. abby koushan says:

    I need a vacation!!!

  312. libby says:

    free breakfast and access to Atlantis!

  313. Christy S says:

    We could use a nice vacation like this!

  314. Natasha Li says:

    Would like this!!!

  315. Ellen Moore says:

    Pick me! Pick me! That would be awesome, I could use some sun!

  316. Pavla says:

    My fav thing would be the water slides. Not for me, but for the little ones!

  317. Debbie Brand says:

    This is my dream vacation!

  318. Megan LaGree says:

    We haven’t been able to take a family vacation since 2010! This would be so awesome!

  319. Felisa Allison says:

    I like that you have access to Atlantis for free :)

  320. Debbie Brand says:

    My favorite amenity is the access to Atlantis Resort.

  321. Ariana Oja says:

    Ahh vacation!!

  322. Andrea Glazier says:


  323. Jessica Epps says:

    Free breakfast and wristbands included are wonderful!

  324. Kristin Heggen says:

    Free Breakfast And Use The Amenities Of Atlantis? Who Can Argue With That?

  325. Shelly F says:

    Always wanted to go to the Bahamas!

  326. Carly says:

    Would love to take one last vacation as a family of 3 before baby #2 arrives next year!

  327. waterpark is awesome for sure

  328. Tracy Rose says:

    Wow! That’s an awesome prize!!

  329. stephanie nelson says:

    Whole thing looks amazing! The rooms look roomy enough alright and to have a mini fridge available is awesome! Saving you money while being right next door to Atlantis is great!

  330. ryan conklin says:

    I love the aquarium

  331. Carrie says:

    I would love a vacation like this.

  332. Holly Doble says:

    The location and atlantis wristbands

  333. Mandy F. says:

    Free breakfast in the hotel but that you are able to use all the amenities at the Atlantis!

  334. Bethany Beddingfield says:

    Hubs and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and would love to win this and take the kids!!

  335. Krista says:

    LOVE the Bahamas!

  336. Thora says:

    Amazing!! This family can so use this

  337. Stephanie m. says:

    The lazy river and being next to Atlantis is awesome!

  338. linda jacobs says:

    Wow! I love the fact that the room gives you wristbands to use at Atlantis. My daughter would love the water park and the kids zone. And I would love the dolphins!

  339. Alison says:


  340. Two words- lazy river.

  341. Alison says:

    (Pushed enter too soon.) My favorite part is the access to Atlantis!

  342. Nicole Jacobson says:

    We would love to win this!!!

  343. the waterpark! looks amazing

  344. jocelyn S. says:

    I very much need a vacay!@@

  345. Jose Medina says:

    Access to Atlantis at no charge is a great bonus!

  346. Kristin Jones says:

    close to the beach!

  347. Valerie Howard says:

    Looks like a dream vacation!! I could really use it.

  348. Nicole Jacobson says:

    I forgot to include what my favorite thing about Comfort Suites and that’s the free breakfast, that’s always a nice treat when hotels have that!

  349. Alison says:

    My husband and I never took a honeymoon. This would be a great trip!

  350. Meredith says:

    Lazy river would be great for floating with the family.

  351. Alison says:

    I hit enter too fast :) My favorite part is that you can visit Atlantis which has always been a dream of mine. I know my husband would love the casino, I’d love the tunnel with fish!

  352. This is amazing, I love the free breakfast and access to atlantis!

  353. How great that you can use all of the amenities at Atlantis!

  354. Lorena says:

    Love the lazy river!

  355. Kristi Sidor Golik says:

    Free wristbands to the water park

  356. Looks lik fun!!

  357. meetha reddy says:

    I would love a vacation been going through a lot lately. Fingers crossed!!!

  358. Maricela says:


  359. Roberta says:

    The lazy river is my favorite! So relaxing!!

  360. Hope Adriano says:

    Would love to take the family to the Bahamas!

  361. Alycia says:

    My favorite feature is the waterpark! My son would have a blast! :)

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  362. Megan S. says:

    My favorite features are all the things that come along with the Atlantis waterpark. It is so awesome!

  363. Stephanie says:

    A vacation sounds wonderful! I love that it’s near the beach!

  364. Phung H. says:

    Atlantis amenities for the Comfort Suite price.

  365. Larisa Smyrnow says:

    Vacations are always welcomed in our family!

  366. Count me in!

  367. Victoria Kangas says:

    Would be lovely!!

  368. Tasha Burritt says:

    the water park sounds so fun!

  369. Bridget Hagspihl says:

    My husband and I took out first beach vacation together this year (only took 17 yrs), and we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. We did the trip solo, but kept saying over and over how much Sweet Baby D would have enjoyed it. This would be a great place to take him on his first plane flight.

  370. Becky McMahon says:

    I love that you can use Atlantis’ amenities.

  371. would be a great honeymoon before our first baby arrives!

  372. Love the family friendly and close to Atlantis!

  373. Sterling Elizabeth says:

    I am 20 weeks pregnant mad would love to win a vacation before the baby comes! Would make the perfect “baby moon” :) thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  374. Rachael L says:

    I love that they give you access to Atlantis. I’ve seen it from a boat and would love to see in person!!

  375. Jessica O says:

    That waterpark looks amazing!!!

  376. Lilia Kharabora says:

    Free wifi – important and also not having to pay for breakfast, Excellent review, good to know for future vacation! :)

  377. Becky Sheehan says:

    I am a sucker for a lazy river. It is. Gorgeous!

  378. allison says:

    that all the accommodations are so family friendly

  379. Rachel M says:

    The water park looks incredible!!

  380. Elena Giron says:

    Vacation with kids so I would not feel guilty.

  381. The white sand beach looks pretty good to me!

  382. Alison S says:

    Free breakfast!

  383. Jill D says:

    Want this so bad.

  384. Wow! I love the room. It looks so spacious and the pool is awesome!!!!

  385. the water park.

  386. Desperately need a getaway after baby!

  387. Amanda M says:

    Family oriented and dolphins.

  388. Nicole A says:

    Its hard to pick just 1 thing but I LOVE that wifi is included and the free breakfast

  389. Melissa P. says:

    I love that all the rooms are suites and very spacious.

  390. israel y says:

    favorite feature is the water park!

  391. Kristin says:

    I love that it is close to the beach, and the Lazy River sounds neat.

  392. Melissa H says:

    Great video!

  393. Shirisha Prodduturi says:


  394. looks amazing, shark slide has my name on it.

  395. This looks likes much fun! It’s great that it is so kid friendly.

  396. Remington Richey says:

    What is there not to like?! I love how close everything is to Atlantis and how you get bracelets for staying there!

  397. Callie Kalinyuk says:

    Can we say babymoon! This would be a awesome gift for our family.

  398. Gloria H says:

    Breakfast & wristbands included.. awesome !! My kids would LOVE this!

  399. Favorite feature is the free wifi!

  400. Margaret Villella says:

    My favorite feature is the wristbands for Atlantis and the mini fridge in the suite.

  401. Nikki S says:

    Free food! Always a plus when you’re on a budget!

  402. Kelly Sherman says:

    The water park would be amazing!!

  403. Jeff Mercer says:

    That is an amazing place! Loved the Dolphin Encounter!! The best part of the video was the tour guide though!! He is a doll!! ;)

  404. nicole v-p says:

    I love the waterpark, free breakfast and the wristbands. I would love to take my kids here.

  405. sarah c says:

    the lazy river!!!!!! we’d be taking our new baby on its first vacation if we won!!!! we’d be in the lazy river all day long! :)

  406. Amanda Hanson says:

    What an amazing opportunity this would be. We have had a pretty rough year and this would be a great opportunity to get away for a short while.

  407. Syndia Gonzalez says:

    I love that you have access to Atlantis with low room rates. Being a family of six, it is very hard to take vacations as we have to get two rooms to fit us all.

  408. Brooke Ragan says:

    I like that the rooms are suites! Enough room for the family AND the mini fridge to keep baby food and bottles in.

  409. celina says:

    How family friendly it is

  410. Elizabeth Hagin says:

    I would love to spend some time on the lazy river

  411. celina says:

    Love how family friendly it is

  412. Erica Pallutch says:

    The lazy river!! I would LOVE to be lazy in it with my family :)

  413. Adrienne G. says:

    I love all the water areas for lots of kiddy fun!

  414. Irene Willis says:

    My family would love this! My daughter constantly talks about wanting to go to the beach!

  415. I would love this

  416. I would love this and need this

  417. Laura Eckard says:

    I think the best part of the whole vacation package is that you get to stay at the Comfort Suites which is beautiful to begin with but you also get four passes to Atlantis DAILY! Its the best of both worlds, you don’t have to spend outrageous prices for Atlantis but still get to enjoy the amazing waterpark. Plus you get free breakfast! Woohoo!

  418. Kristi McEwen says:

    Perfect time to escape Alaska’s winter!!

  419. Marisa Hoffman says:

    Could use a trip to the bahamas. with a 22 month old and one on the way. this looks magnificent

  420. Lisa Johnson says:

    Wow! the suites are nice. I love the wristbands! The budget for rooms is a big deal for families! thanks for sharing!

  421. kristy balser says:

    that waterpark!!

  422. Jaccie F says:

    Wow this looks amazing

  423. Amanda says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win!!!!

  424. Susie Cortez says:

    Definitely a dream vacation!

  425. Shut the front door! Best giveaway I’ve seen yet!

  426. esti w says:

    the location is the best part!



  428. LyndaT says:

    What a great vacation for the family! Would love to take my family away from the snow a bit :)

  429. Lauren says:

    We’ve been wanting to try Atlantis!

  430. sandra says:

    i like the atlantis kids program

  431. Amy Lumley says:

    I love the amenities of the hotel to travel with a family. The extra pullout is great!

  432. Jacqueline says:

    My two littles would seriously FLIP OUT over the water park for the smaller guests. It looks amazing. MY favorite part would surely be the kid care though. Shhhh don’t tell them. ;)

  433. ilanit says:

    lazy river!!!!!

  434. Crystal M. says:

    Love the fact that they give you the wrist bands to use at atlantis, my family has never been on vacation yet and I have an 8 and a 2 year old!! Looks like there is something for everyone!!

  435. Carrie Patton says:

    Like most moms, I could definitely use a vacation!

  436. Katy Hawalka says:

    The Atlantis passes!!

  437. Sarah Hayes says:

    i like the fact that they have free wifi

  438. Sibel Gedikli Menezes says:

    Omg!!! My family could really use this trip!!! Hope I win!!!

  439. Kelly Peters says:

    Maybe I would have enough time to have this baby and get in some sort of shape for a swimsuit:)

  440. Jailene Forstie says:

    I love how you can interact with the animals!

  441. stefanie says:

    There is something that everyone will enjoy!

  442. Stephanie Ann says:

    I love getting the wristbands so you can enjoy all of the activities they have to offer together! We’d definitely enjoy the Atlantis waterpark the most!

  443. Jennifer L. says:

    2 words – Atlantis wristbands!

  444. Trish Ouei says:

    I like the refrigerator in the room and free breakfast!

  445. Benjamin Spaulding says:

    Do I have to pick just one? The Atlantis tie-in is awesome! Can I rub a dolphins tummy too?

  446. Lauren Hilbert says:

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE the fact that you can use all of the amenities at Atlantis. I mean, how awesome is that?! YEAH!

  447. Rachel H. says:

    I love those white sand beaches, and the free wifi at the hotel. The mini fridge is a plus!!

  448. Aimee m says:

    This would be a pretty amazing thing to win!

  449. Aimee m says:

    Love the free breakfast!

  450. KarenT says:

    free breakfast and wristbands perfect!!!

  451. Becky R. says:

    Would love the white beaches and the dolphin encounters and the lazy river…All of it! And the beautiful rooms!

  452. Morgan says:

    This trip would be an amazing way to get out of the cold!

  453. Sandy 'Allure' CHiang says:

    I love that they give you a wristband to have access to the atlantic waterpark!!! and how the rooms are all suits =)

  454. kimberly parrett says:

    My fav. part of the hotel is that they offer free breakfast and you get enjoy all of the ammenties of Atlantis. we would love to pet the dolphins and go to the waterparks!!!!

  455. Erin B. says:

    I love the fact that you can stay here, and have access to Atlantis! -my favorite feature!

  456. I thumbs up that video, because it was that AWESOME! I would love to go to the Bahamas, I also have a family of 4 so this would be PERFECT. I loved all the amenities @the Comfort Suites, I always look for places with free breakfast especially free wi-fi that is a plus! I would love to go snorkeling with my 6 yo. daughter, my son is obsessed with aquariums and fish so the dig would be amazing! The kids love water but we can never afford a trip nor Waterpark like this, so this would be a blessing to win! Your Big Boy did great Hollie!

  457. Lalita Malone says:

    The Atlantis Wristbands WOOOHOOOO!

  458. Kelly S. says:

    I like that the beach is so close, the aquarium looks amazing, and I would love to swim with dolphins!

  459. Corey Chadbourne says:

    I could so use this trip!!!

  460. Chana S says:

    Um…what is not to like?!?!?!?

  461. nicole heinen says:

    this is the sickest contest i have seen you guys are amazing much loveeeee

  462. Randi Racan says:

    I wanna get away!!!

  463. Claribel Michel says:

    Would love to take my boys, the older two are so into their sport they need a vacation plus my little man! The water parks look amazing! Great giveaway!

  464. Katie Burgen says:

    My family has never been on an island getaway so this would be AMAZING!

  465. Jac Que Lyn says:

    The free breakfast, wristbands & large rooms.

  466. Brandy says:

    Awesome, would love to go there!

  467. MaryAnn says:

    I love the pool. My kids love to swim.

  468. The lazy river!

  469. Amy Clendenin says:

    That you get the wristbands to go do stuff at the Atlantis resort next door!

  470. Denise says:

    Warmth! Sunshine! Yay!

  471. Nicole W. says:

    Love the free breakfast – meals at Atlantis can add up quickly!

  472. Beth Dolliver says:

    I loved the lazy river and the size of the rooms!

  473. Sonya Morris says:

    White sandy beaches and a lazy river, yes please!

  474. Brandy says:

    The aquarium!

  475. Kelsi Berrios says:

    I love that you get free wristbands to Atlantis!

  476. Melissa Neubauer says:

    Access to Atlantis would be amazing!

  477. Dipti Patel says:

    The waterpark is hands down my most favorite thing! We haven’t traveled anywhere with our 9 month daughter yet, so this would be so great – for all of us!! Thanks for this great opportunity!!! :)

  478. Jasalyn S. says:

    My favorite feature is the location! Who wouldn’t enjoy a getaway to the Bahamas??

  479. Brita J says:

    This would be awesome!!

  480. That pool is so enticing! I love the color of the water and how kid friendly!

  481. That lazy river is awesome!

  482. Lisa a says:

    So excited I could pee my pants!

  483. Candice says:

    Sounds like a blast, would love to win!

  484. Katie says:

    I love how close it is to Atlantis and that you get wristbands to go there!

  485. Lora nM says:

    Love the lazy river!

  486. Meghan says:


  487. Heather says:

    I agree the waterpark that makes it 1000% better when bringing the kiddos.

  488. Carolyn says:

    I love free breakfast! It’s awesome that you get wrist bands to the waterpark. My children love lazy rivers!

  489. J. Nunez says:

    Looks like an amazing time!! Never been outside the US, so would love this!!

  490. Monica says:

    Would LOVE the access to Atlantis!

  491. Robin says:

    THE POOL!!!

  492. Jenn S says:

    water park!

  493. Candice says:

    The lazy river is my favorite part of the video

  494. Chandra Comstock says:

    Really need a vacation

  495. Shelley Robinson says:

    Um, everything?! I’d love to take my daughter to the pools and slides.

  496. Kimberly L says:

    My favorite features are of course the Atlantis wristbands but also that you get breakfast and wifi included! This is nice so you can have breakfast and then head to the waterpark.

  497. warm weather please!

  498. Jennifer says:

    Love the water park!

  499. The dolphin encounter is my favorite! And the free breakfast!

  500. Cindy DeLeon says:

    Love the Bahamas!!! HOPE I WIN!!! :)

  501. adina says:

    love the access to atlantis

  502. Doris DC says:

    The hotel suite looks great, perfect for our family vacation ;-)

  503. Carrie Mattson says:

    Would love to see the ocean!

  504. Helen D'Esposito says:

    We went to the Bahamas for a day as part of our honeymoon. Would love to go back and get the chance to see Atlantis! Great giveaway!

  505. Shannon Orton says:

    Free Breakfast because it gets costly taking the entire family out three times a day to eat.

  506. Carly Brown says:

    Fave feature is the aquarium

  507. Jenni says:

    I love the access to the water park!

  508. Tiffany Couillard says:

    My favorite feature is that you can use all the amenities at Atlantis without the extra costs of actually staying at Atlantis :)

  509. Samantha says:

    This would be awesome

  510. Camille H. says:

    It all looks amazing

  511. Robin says:

    I’ve always wanted to spend time at Atlantis!

  512. nina giger says:

    Lazy river…count me in!!

  513. Melissa says:

    A) What wouldn’t I love about a free room on vacation?
    B) Atlantis access & wristbands
    C) That it’s free… and I need a vacation!

  514. Jill B. says:

    My favorite thing is the waterpark! I’ve always wanted to go to Atlantic since they built it!

  515. alisia says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. My husband is military, kids are always busy with sports and we never get away to just vacation. So in need of this :-)

  516. ingemar hulthage says:

    My favorite feature is the free breakfast!

  517. What an amazing giveaway!!!

  518. Christine A. says:

    Your kid is adorable. Feeding the stingrays and swiming with the sharks sounds so cool. Vaca in the Bahamas on a family budget, yes please. We want to have the best time too.

  519. Elena C. says:

    I like the free breakfast and wifi.

  520. michelle riebeek says:

    Water park, kids center

  521. Whitley R says:

    This would be awesome!!

  522. Lena Naef says:

    What an amazing vacation this would be for our family! I love that it comes with free breakfast and how close it is to Atlantis!!!!

  523. Love that each room is a suite, it comes with free breakfast and passes to Atlantis!

  524. Heather says:

    Would LOVE to vacation in the Bahamas!! We rarely take vacations!

  525. Isabelle N says:

    The free wrist bands for Atlantis !!!! Love this!!

  526. Beth Anne says:

    The dolphin encounter looks so fun! I can only imagine my oldest’s face getting to do that! Not to mention that the entire location is just gorgeous.

  527. Meredith says:

    I want to go to the Bahamas!

  528. April says:

    All the amenities of Atlantis at a discounted price – what more could you ask for?

  529. Mariella S says:

    My boys would be fascinated by the aquariums! This is a DREAM vacation. You guys are awesome!

  530. Rama A says:

    i love the hotel and the fact that it is so close to the beach …like walking to the beach ! i need

  531. The current was awesome! Let’s go!

  532. So fun! Your son did a great job.

  533. Andrea says:

    Love the swimming pool and proximity to the beach!

  534. Cindy B says:

    I love the fact that each room there is a suite and also the waterpark and the beach and so on and so on!!!

  535. Dana Ferguson says:

    Lazy river/pools

  536. Teri Stewart says:

    I love that you get the wristbands to visit the amazing spectacle next door! How awesome!

  537. this sounds like a great vacation!

  538. Stefane R. says:

    Amazing giveaway!! Thank you!! Love the lazy river feature!!!

  539. atlantis wristbands!! WOOOT

  540. pool/lazy river and free food :)

  541. Heather T says:

    Everything…it is beautiful!!!!!!!

  542. Amber Bustamante says:

    I would love to win this for my kids!!!

  543. Cassie Terhune says:

    Fun fun fun!!!!!

  544. Carrie Phelps says:

    I love that you get wrist bands for the water park, free breakfast, free coffee, the pool, the wifi!!

  545. Stacey D. says:

    Definitely like wristbands for Atlantis!!

  546. Melissa says:

    I could totally use some warm weather right now!

  547. Nadine Garcia says:

    The waterpark and the use of Atlantis facility!!

  548. The included wristbands would be great!

  549. Kristin Hurt says:

    Having stayed at the Atlantis hotel, I would love the opportunity to take my family to the Comfort Suites instead! The Atlantis can feel overwhelming and overcrowded, but staying at the Comfort Suites would allow us to enjoy the wonderful amenities of Atlantis but have the retreat of the Suites! Fingers crossed ;)

  550. Tycee Behrmann says:

    My favorite feature is that you get the wristbands for the water park at Atlantis!!!! We LOVE to swim! Hope we win!

  551. Amanda Shih says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  552. Amanda Jones says:

    OMG, this would be an amazing trip for the family. Fingers crossed.

  553. Lisa Butler says:

    That would be an incredible trip! It would probably be the only way we will ever be able to take a family vacation outside of the country. It would be a wonderful experience for the entire family.

  554. Shakeeta W says:

    My absolute favorite feature is that you get the free wristbands while staying at the hotel!

  555. Melissa says:

    Favorite feature: Atlantis waterpark! My kids would LOVE it!

  556. Catheryne says:

    I love the slides! Very awesome!

  557. winne says:

    i NEED and Want this for myself =)

  558. Nicolette Capuano says:

    My favorite feature is definitely the lazy river, pure relaxation!

  559. Taisha says:

    The waterpark looks amazing, but so does everything else! Would be so grateful to win!

  560. Hanna A says:


  561. sara r says:

    Love the amenities, location right by water and atlantis, free breakfast is alwsys a bonus

  562. I would this for our family.. and we as parents really need a vacation!!

  563. Christina F. says:

    i love that each room is a suite. one of the hardest things about traveling with a toddler is meshing her bedtime and ours when we’re sharing one standard hotel room. having a somewhat separate place for her to sleep would be great!

  564. Would LOVE to win this!!!!

  565. Aimee says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love love love it!!!

  566. Marta Glabb says:

    My favorite feature of the Comfort Suites is the fact that you get 4 wrist bands to Atlantis! Oh and the free breakfast and wifi!

  567. Robin says:

    Fantastic giveaway!

  568. Mary Happymommy says:

    My favorite feature is access to Atlantis. My husband and I were at Atlantis 13 years ago and loved it. It would be great to go back!

  569. love the fact that you can have access to the Atlantis! :-)

  570. Lisa H says:

    Location and features are amazing!

  571. Sarah says:

    I love the water slides for the kids!

  572. Maryann Cochran says:

    This is an AWESOME Giveaway. I LOVE everything about it! Would LOVE to win this one!
    You are the best! Thanks!

  573. Nicole says:

    I am in serious need of a vacation. This would be so nice!!

  574. I would love that you get wristbands to the water park…fun! And breakfast would be great too!

  575. Carla Shannon says:

    Waterpark and the Bahamas… yes, please!

  576. Gina F says:

    Love that they are suites. Can’t believe they give wrist bands to Atlantis. Thanks!

  577. Darcy says:

    The beach!

  578. Tori D'Alessio says:

    My favorite part of the hotel is the passes to atlantis, my daughter would LOVE to go swimming with dolphins!!

  579. Lindi Haight says:

    I love that you can do everything at atlantis but get the budget friendly stuff like free breakfast and wifi!

  580. Heather P. says:

    Of course it’s all wonderful, but my absolute FAVE feature would be the LAZY river! Can you imagine??? Being on a floatie with nothing to do, but just lay there?!?!?!?! Sounds like a dream from a past life b.c. (before children).

  581. Rebecca says:

    While I would LOVE the sandy beaches, I think my kids would have SO much fun with the dolphins! We could so use a beach vacation! :)

  582. Love that every room is a suite and you get 4 wristbands per room! Plus the free breakfast is pretty awesome too :) What an amazing giveaway!

  583. aliza says:

    definately atlantis passes!

  584. Would LOVE this!

  585. Maurya says:

    I love that you get 4 free wrist bands. Even though we would pay the extra for the children’s area, it is still a great value!

  586. This would be a great surprise getaway to give my husband

  587. I like that there are “budget” accomodations and you can use the Atlantis facilities!

  588. Stacey R says:

    OMG! A Vacation!!! Amazing!!! My Favorite feature is EVERYTHING! No really, probably the lazy river/water park!!! If I get to go away I just want to float!!! Did I mention that you should pick me?! LOL

  589. Ashley says:

    A vacation in any shape or form would be amazing!!!!!

  590. Lisa J says:

    My family would LOVE this vacation spot :)

  591. Lisa J says:

    Oops! Hit post before I added what I liked best… love all the kids activities and most of all the weather as I am freezing today!

  592. Julia Carpenter says:

    Oh how lovely a little getaway would be….

  593. Atlantis?!? Awesome!!!

  594. Heather Slater says:

    Love the waterpark access!

  595. Vanessa Taylor says:

    Looks fun!

  596. Kate B. says:

    The Lazy River!

  597. Brooke M says:

    I love that you can stay somewhere cheaper but still get all the benefits of Atlantis

  598. Beth S. says:

    Oh – this would be WONDERFUL! Love the amenities and how family friendly it is!

  599. Patty says:

    I love that every room is a suite. I hate feeling crammed in hotel rooms.

  600. Deb D. says:

    I love that Comfort Suites gives you wristbands for the attractions but really I’m happy that it’s a suite which makes it easier for families that travel with young babies.

  601. Alexia Zuniga says:

    We would loveee to go there! It would be soo amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  602. Andrea Champion says:

    The lazy river looks great!

  603. Gina H. says:

    I love the Dolphin encounter!

  604. I had NO IDEA! My husband and I stayed at Atlantis with his company, and while we would love to take our kids, there was no way we could afford to stay there with everyone. But if we could stay at the Comfort Suites, that would totally make it doable. THANK YOU!!

  605. The wristbands to Atlantis.

  606. Definitely up for a vacation!

  607. Allison Davis says:

    Bahamas, yes please!

  608. Crystal Robinson says:

    free breakfast and wristbands to Atlantis

  609. Zach gonzales says:

    Who doesn’t love a free breakfast? I can also see myself on that lazy river, relaxing all day.

  610. Allison Davis says:

    I love that you get the benefits of the Atlantis but budget friendly.

  611. Andrea says:

    Oh wow! What a fabulous giveaway! Looks like an awesome vaca for myself, hubby & 3 kiddos! We have always wanted to take the littles to the Bahamas! Baby Gizmo giveaways ROCK!

  612. soumiya k says:

    Trying to figure out baby’s first trip… this would be fabulous for all of us!

  613. Tracy d. says:

    My son loved the video. I loved the kid center and the sting ray/shark snorkelling.

  614. Carolina Rogers says:

    Love all the amenities that you can use at Atlantis!

  615. Christina C says:

    Atlantis wristbands! My kids would love this!!

  616. nancy adams says:

    I love the suite rooms. Hope i win!!!

  617. Sarah R says:

    Swimming with dolphins.
    My boys love animals and would be over the moon to be this close to them.

  618. Elizabeth Lamborghini says:


  619. Alison Hoskinson says:

    Access to Atlantis!!!

  620. I want to visit the dolphins! fun:)

  621. tzippy schreiber says:

    seriously, who cant use a vacation?!?!

  622. Roxanne W. says:

    Love the water park wristbands and the closeness of Atlantis. Can’t beat a free breakfast also!

  623. EMILY GURECKIS says:

    Much needed! fingers crossed for a family vacay!!!

  624. Elizabeth Lamborghini says:

    Sorry… I got a little excited! My boys would love to see all the marine life – they love the water and to swim with dolphins, sting rays and sharks would be a huge treat!!
    P.S. – Hollie, your son is adorable! I love how he is taking after Mom with the videos!

  625. Maayan L. says:

    Looks like a blast!!

  626. Brittany Larochelle says:

    I love that you can bring kids!!!

  627. Would love to spend some time in the Lazy River.

  628. Tamra Clifford says:

    What a great giveaway

  629. Shannon says:

    Too hard to pick ONE thing!!! But I love the access to Atlantis….not to mention the sand, beach, pools, ahhhhhh…… I would LOVE to win this!!!!!!!

  630. cheryl says:

    Please pick me!!!!

  631. Jennifer Deli says:

    This would be a dream! My husband and I never had a honeymoon! I have been dreaming of having fun in the sand with him and the kids!

  632. Annalise L. says:

    Love the free wifi and wristbands to access Atlantis!

  633. Who doesn’t want to go to the Bahamas?!! Yes please!

  634. Lisa Harrison says:

    What’s not to love!?!? Great giveaway Baby Gizmo.

  635. Alexia Abby says:

    Think my favorite features are the free breakfast (the most important and expensive meal of the day) and I know the entire family would really enjoy the relaxing lazy river! yay!

  636. Jennifer Deli says:

    oh and would love to swim with the dolphins and pet their belly’s!

  637. kristina moya says:

    I would love to lie on the beach….that would be my favorite part.

  638. Christina van hoven says:

    Merry Christmas!

  639. Vanessa says:

    My faverotire is the waterpark! My daughter would have a blast!

  640. Harriett Daniel says:

    I love the wristbands to Atlantis! What a great feature!

  641. The Lazy River! Party time!

  642. Karen B says:

    We can really use a vacation now to relax, have fun and enjoy each other and our little munchkin

  643. Christiano Cochrane says:

    My daughter and I are going to love the Dolphin Encounter!!

  644. Mary Ahl Kinsey says:

    Lazy river!!!

  645. Marie N says:

    Umm… my favorite feature is the access to the Atlantis resort! ;)

  646. Rachel says:

    Free breakfast!!

  647. Dianna Martinez says:

    love the lazy river

  648. Kristi P says:

    Love that it includes free breakfast!

  649. Margaret Mayhugh says:

    I have never been to the Bahamas! !i hope i win

  650. Mandi Hm says:

    Love that you get access to Atlantis! But free breakfast is a close second best feature.

  651. Marissa C. says:

    Mmm….warm weather! Yes Please!

  652. Julie Wood says:

    The waterpark

  653. Julie Vukovcan says:

    Amazing prize!!! This place is on my bucket list!

  654. Erin Blankenship says:

    ooohhh yeah :)

  655. Liz M. says:

    Being able to use the Atlantis amenities with your wrist band!

  656. Irina Tkachuk says:

    Who wouldnt want to go on Bahamas?! how exciting to see the winner

  657. Elizabeth P. says:

    My kiddos would love that waterpark!!

  658. I love it all! The location, the pools, the amenities, and more!

  659. Kristin says:

    The idea of a beautiful resort in a warm place sounds delightful. I love that you can bring the kiddos.

  660. Stacy W says:

    It’s great that the Comfort Suites gives you passes to get into Atlantis, what a deal!!

  661. Bernadette N says:

    I like how you can use amenities at Atlantis while staying at Comfort Suites. The breakfast room looked pretty big, too! And your son was adorable in the video!

  662. Bridget S says:

    I’d love to win this! With baby #2 on the way, hubby and I could use a vacation!!

  663. Ashley says:

    My husband and I were married on the beach at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Would love to go back

  664. Erica says:

    My favorite feature of Comfort Inn and Suites is the complementary breakfast and free wifi. My favorite feature of Atlantis is the dolphin and sting ray experiences.

  665. Amanda G says:

    Atlantis looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it out!

  666. Karen Moser says:

    Wow! So many amazing amenities. Love the lazy river though. Took my now 16mth old to a water park just before her 1st birthday and she had a blast. Can’t imagine what she’d do now.

  667. Kevin E says:

    I like that there is free breakfast and that you can use all of the amenities at Atlantis

  668. The feature I love the most is the location!!!! I love the Bahamas!!!

  669. Chelsie M. says:

    The pools!

  670. Cheryl V says:

    I love that get wristbands to the Atlantis!

  671. Jenafer Troost says:

    I LOVE that the stay includes passes to Atlantis!!!

  672. Allison Respet says:


  673. Lucia says:

    Free wristbands, free breakfast, pool, lazy river, etc!!!! What’s not to love!! :-)

  674. lisa lo says:

    White sand beaches, Dolphins. You can see the cruise ships docked over on the Nassau side. Your son is adorable.

  675. Cristina F says:

    My family needs this!

  676. Jennifer W. says:

    My daughter would love to see the dolphins. Mom would love a stroll along the beach.

  677. Julia Gardner says:

    What a great prize!!!

  678. Chava says:

    Love the aquarium and the water play area for the kiddos

  679. Krystal Reeves says:

    This is so exciting, never been to the Bahamas!

  680. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I LOVE the dolphin cove! I’ve always wanted to do something like that!

  681. Michelle says:

    So in need of a vacation!

  682. Heidi says:

    We have never been on a family trip like this!

  683. Melissa says:

    He is so cute! My favorite thing about comfort suites is the wrist bands! Great idea

  684. alexis janiszewski says:

    I love you can use everything right next door!!! But keep it at an affordable price.

  685. Yay for the giveaway.
    It sucks that the blog comment is all the way down the bottom. So we have to scroll all the way down to leave comments then scroll all threat back up to check that we did leave a comment. Veery inefficient.

  686. Sarah w says:

    The location looks great!

  687. Brenda Davis says:

    I like the fact that the wristbands for the park area included in your stay. I just wish they didn’t limit the amount of people to a room…I have three kids. LOL.

  688. Appreciate the bracelets!

  689. Jeanine says:

    My fav is the wristbands – what a steal of a place!

  690. Jaclyn Armstrong says:

    Access to Atlantis! I’ve always wanted to go.

  691. jessica moseley says:


  692. Stacie R says:

    The waterpark for the little ones and the Dig would probably be the most exciting for my son! I would love to go because my father is from the Bahamas, and I have not been in probably 15 years! I have heard wonderful things about Atlantis!

  693. Allison says:

    Would love to take our son there. My husband and I got married there 8 years ago.

  694. I think the water slides are awesome!

  695. Bonnie Cantrell says:

    The access to Atlantis is great! Would LOVE to get to interact with the dolphins!

  696. Jaclyn S says:

    OMG LOVE THIS GIVEWAY AND THE POOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD LOVE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  697. Barbara Machaiek says:

    Wow! This is a great! My kids would love all the sea creatures at the Atlantis

  698. Anne A. says:

    Gotta love free breakfast and the bracelets to Atlantis is a plus!

  699. I love the water park!

  700. Angela D says:

    The best feature is that they give wristbands to enjoy the Atlantis with your stay!

  701. Erika Vaughn says:

    What an amazing vacation that we could use when my husband returns from his deployment next month!

  702. Alesha weber Brandt says:

    We would love to win!

  703. Shylene says:

    the cave aquarium!

  704. Stephanie Jarrett says:

    What’s not to love?? The lazy river is to die for though :)

  705. The great Cave Aquarium would be fantastic for our family! Thank you for this very generous giveaway!
    Amie Olson

  706. The warm beach would be our very favorite part! Great location! Thanks!

    Ross Olson

  707. Natalie S says:

    Love the free breakfast and wifi! Awesome that it is walking distance to beach!

  708. Ashley Kohler says:

    What a great giveaway!!

  709. Naomi says:

    Could really use this!

  710. that’s a good one

  711. Margaret says:

    I would LOVE this! I could use a vacation so badly and I know I’m not going to be able to afford one for a few years.

  712. Erin T says:

    Love the pull out couch and that there is a fridge in every room! Options of a king or two queens is great and they look like such nice rooms with ample space!

  713. can’t beat the location

  714. What an awesome getaway!! The pools look fantastic and would be my favorite hangout!

  715. My favorite part was the dolphin encounter. I would love to swim with dolphins! I do wish this was for a family of 5 but I suppose my youngest could stay with Grandma if I were to win.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  716. Randi W says:

    I love that you can stay there and save money but still use all of the amenities of Atlantis! Awesome! (:

  717. Serena Adkins says:

    I love how the bed pulls out to the couch how all the rooms are suites, Atlantis is next door, the mini fridge to keep things cold and that the breakfast is included. Thank you for the chance.

  718. Ashley K says:

    My favorite feature would be the friendly budget!! Or a tie with the amazing amenities that come with the room ( ie wristbands)!!

  719. Debbie Terry says:

    All the rooms are suties and free wi-fi and breakfast – sounds g

  720. Melissa Alvarado says:

    The lazy river sounds so fun!

  721. Darcy says:

    Much needed vacation! : )

  722. Christine Kim says:

    Need a getaway where it’s nice and warm

  723. Jessica says:

    Warm weather and the water park…my kids love water parks!

  724. The waterparks looks awesome!!

  725. The waterpark looks awesome!!

  726. Michael Lambert says:

    The lazy river sounds really cool!

  727. shannon says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  728. idy m says:

    love the big rooms. good for kids.
    no facebook entry. thanks!

  729. Dawn Sollitto says:

    I love the free WIFi and wristbands for Atlantis!

  730. We would love a family vacation! We have never been on one.

  731. Jackie Marion says:

    WOW!!!!! Most amazing giveaway EVER! Our family could so use this vacation. We haven’t been on a vacation in 10 yrs!

  732. Elise says:

    I like the size of the rooms and they are so nice while still being affordable?

  733. Definitely the pools and the lazy river! Would LOVE a vacation!

  734. Carolyn says:

    Could really use a getaway!

  735. Katie Best says:

    Would love to win!!! Haven’t visited the Bahamas yet… ;)

  736. Stephanie L. says:

    Love the lazy river – reminds me of my honeymoon

  737. Lisa L says:

    I’m hoping to win this for my brother who is deployed. He has a wife and toddler and they would love a vacation!

  738. Mariza says:

    free breakfast! That adds up per day for a family!

  739. Brooke Beck says:

    Big rooms are exactly what our 2 boys need! Especially since there is so much to do right next door! The best of both worlds!

  740. kaite vaughn says:

    Never had a honeymoon….never too late!

  741. Sarah S says:

    The water park! Lazy river! Water slides! Breakfast! Everything!?!

  742. Victoria Kangas says:

    Sunshine!! And to spend quality time with the family. Room looks awesome!

  743. Summer B says:

    Love that the rooms are a suite! The 4 included wristband, breakfast and wifi are wonderful!

  744. Kristen Bottinelli says:

    Ohh what’s not to love! The pretty rooms, waterpark, beach!!

  745. amber says:

    awesome prize and would love to win!

  746. Oh god how lucky would it be to win this! I love how wristbands are included! Great feature at an affordable price! Gives you extra spending cash for fun souvenirs to bring back for Hollie ;) haha I’m so funny!

  747. Ilana says:

    Access to Atlantis parks included with the room.

  748. love the access to Atlantis with out the Atlantis price!!!!!

  749. Kelly c says:

    I love that you get wristbands to Atlantis. And suites are great!

  750. Caroline Kania says:

    Dolphin Encounter!!!!

  751. Brianna Eskelsen says:

    I would love to win!

  752. Shanna Hernandez says:

    Wow. Nothing like a beautiful island getaway away from the cold.

  753. Caroline Kania says:

    Free Breakfast !!

  754. sarah smith says:

    Wow, my husband and I never had a honeymoon. one we could take the kids on woth us would be amazing!

  755. Sara Hallas says:

    A vacation? I could use one!!!!

  756. Kathryn S says:

    Seriously- everything about it would be just awesome!

  757. Sarah says:

    I love that there is free breakfast and wifi!

  758. Sarah says:

    Love the free breakfast and wifi!

  759. Tiffany H. says:

    I LOVE that you can still go to Atlantis! The waterpark looks great, the dolphin encounter looks fun, and I love that at the Comfort Suites, they’re suites and perfect for families!

  760. mindy says:

    the vacation, the access to atlantis, the free….everything!

  761. Anne D says:

    Loved the review from the perspective of a 6 year old, too cute! All the rooms being suites is a huge bonus when traveling with small kids. Would love to win this for a much needed family vacation!

  762. Sara Hallas says:

    Water area for the littles! Have been to water parks before and there was only one thing my kiddos could use, this would be great!

  763. Julie A. says:

    It’s nice that you can use Atlantis when staying at comfort suites!

  764. Kaa Youa Xiong says:

    I would love to win this so that our family could enjoy our first real vacation!

  765. Atlantis waterpark included…sounds amazing!!!

  766. Brittani Goodson says:

    I love that the rooms are suites and so much less expensive than the Atlantis. We would LOVE to win a much needed family vacation!

  767. edie campbell says:

    Woo-hoo! NEED this!!!!!

  768. Jen K says:

    This would be a much needed vacation!!

  769. Matt Robinson says:

    The thought of warmer weather and sun shine brought a smile to my face… even if we don’t when this amazing trip.

  770. Cassandra All says:

    This would be fun!

  771. Mindy Klugmann says:

    Everything sounds amazing!! My son would love the pools, lazy, not so lazy river, and the amazing aquariums and marine life!!!! Dying to win this!!

  772. Amanda Santiago says:

    Free Access to everything atlantis had to offer plus free breakfast! My kids want to swim with the dolphins so bad.

  773. meghann says:

    all the fun water features!

  774. Isa Butler says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would absolutely go crazy if I won. (not literally) It looks awesome and I have never been outside of the US and would LOVE a family vacatio. (I mean, who wouldn’t, right) ;-) crossing my fingers……..

  775. This would be an awesome celebration of for our youngest child’s first birthday!

  776. Gosh this would be such a blessing for my marriage!! A 3 year old and 20 month old twins has certainly wiped us out!

  777. Michelle says:

    I would love the pools and the lazy river. It especially sounds wonderful as I look outside and see all our snow.

  778. catrina west says:

    Please please let me win.

  779. clarissa says:

    i like the water park….my children would love that

  780. those rooms look amaaaazing!

  781. Erin Leckey says:

    Being allowed to use the activities at Atlantis!

  782. Mindy Klugmann says:

    I think I answered incorrectly the first time! I would love the wrist bands to get into the atlantis and obviously FREE breakfast!

  783. Carrie H says:

    You have got to be kidding?!!!!! Just when I thought the giveaways couldn’t get any better!!!!

  784. Fabienne says:

    My husband and I would love to have a vacation. We haven’t had one since the birth of our son and he turned 1 last month.

  785. Jose Medina says:

    Free wifi is always nice
    Access to Atlantis even better

  786. Sarah Showalter says:

    I love that you get to take advantage of the Atlantis amenities next door.

  787. Fabienne says:

    We love water. I would love to do the water park at Atlantis. That would be a dream come true. Thank you Baby Gizmo

  788. Stephanie S says:

    The passes to Atlantis! oh course!

  789. Saba Cossor says:

    Access to atlantis for comfort suites pricing!!! WOOHOO!

  790. sarah weatherford says:

    babymoon :)

  791. max powers/branko bakic says:

    I need a vacation right about now!!!!

  792. Hanna Katz says:

    Yes, please!!

  793. evelyn b says:

    Yes we really need a great vacation !

  794. Ashley F says:

    The Lazy River!!!! Would love to be “lazy” in the Lazy River right now!!!

  795. Thabal says:

    The aquarium and pool looks lovely! Thanks for the giveaway.

  796. Andrea Atkinson says:

    I love the cave aquarium!

  797. Would be so nice.

  798. My family would love the waterpark! This would be so awesome!

  799. Yvonne Chan says:

    Love the lazy river and the water park!

  800. Kelly Choma says:

    OMG! You get up to 4 free passes when you stay there? I love it!! I would have never thought of staying near the resort to save $$!

  801. Yelena L says:

    This would be so much fun with my twins!!

  802. tasha burritt says:

    I’m so excited!

  803. Megan LoGreco says:

    I think I am the winner, but I never received a notification. Should I have received an e-mail? Thanks!

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