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Meet the American Girl 2013 Girl of the Year – Saige Copeland

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Sometimes my daughter thinks my job is pretty cool. As she gets older, the times where she still considers me the coolest person around is getting fewer and fewer.  Fortunately for me, the day Saige arrived at our house was one of those times. That’s right – Best. Mom. Ever. – type of situation. We had the opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the new American Girl 2013 Girl of the Year before she was even officially announced to the world! Yeah, that makes me super cool in an 8 year old’s eyes!

Saige Copeland is the 2013 Girl of the Year and we think she is pretty awesome. To get an up close and personal look at Saige, make sure to watch our Baby Gizmo video above!

Saige is a spirited and imaginative young girl who loves painting and horseback riding at her grandma’s ranch in Albuquerque, New Mexico — the hot-air balloon capital of the world. Saige’s collection is available for one year; the character comes to life with a beautiful 18-inch Saige doll featuring long auburn hair and an array of outfits and accessories, including a hot-air balloon and a posable horse.

On January 1, 2013, the Saige collection will be available through American Girl’s catalogue, at, and at all American Girl retail locations.

Where she lives

Albuquerque, New Mexico, the hot air ballooning capital of the world

Favorite activities

Being at her grandma Mimi’s ranch, painting in the studio or riding Picasso the horse

What changes her life

Entering the fourth-grade school year with no art classes

What she discovers

You can use your imagination to create artwork and inspire change

Saige Copeland American Girl

Saige Copeland American Girl

Here is her hair taken down out of the twist. Beautiful.

Saige Copeland American Girl

 Saige Copeland American Girl

Saige Copeland American Girl
Saige Copeland American Girl

Saige Copeland American Girl

Saige Copeland American Girl

Saige Copeland American Girl

 *Thanks to American Girl for sending us the Saige Doll for our article and video. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.


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  1. I love Saige! It’s so cool that your daughter got her early. She is beautiful with her hair down. :)

  2. She is gorgeous!!! would you recamend her?

  3. Barbara says:

    My daughter was so excited to get this information! We have been waiting for a month to meet Saige and you have done a great job introducing her. Congrats on being a cool mom!

  4. how did u get that I want that from Santa the other doll I want is Mckenna (even though she is retired the have her on eBay and amazon) from my Grandma I want Kanani also from Santa I want
    Mckenna’s loft bed, Saige’s art easle, and Kanani’s shave ice stand.

  5. I love Saige! She has the cutest clothes and looks so gorgeous with her hair down. I would reccomend her 2 everyone. I think all the little girls would enjoy her personality even though she’s a doll, a very pretty doll with swag and class. Everyone should try the contest in the new magazine for american girl and you have 2 color a big hot air balloon to win her and 10 different items that are worth $260.00. It is so worth the wait, haven’t done it yet but I will soon be doin gthat 2 get the doll, really want her. I love her, can’t wait to get the doll. Also can’t wait 2 do the contest and then I’ll wait and see if I win with my amazing hot air balloon idea. Yeah yeah yeah!

  6. I just adore and love Saige, I love it and I love her! <3

  7. :) :/ :D :p

  8. Saige says:

    I love saige to and thanks for all the comments about me JK I love saige becasue she is me!!

  9. <3

    HI :D

  11. Annabelle says:

    Saige where do you live I live you. I wish you were my best friend same to Tessa Dylan and Gabi .
    Can I ask you something? Are you real or just a doll.
    When I was watching your movie I cried when Mimi had The accidentally trip.
    Where do you live
    I really wished you Tessa Dylan Gabi and my other first friend name Emily and I are the best friends forever
    Please replay to me I really want to know you

  12. Hi my name is jaw dun and I think you are a very talented girl.we have a lot in common such as loving art and horseback riding.i really enjoyed your movie and it really expressed you.Just asking but do you have to be in akting to be an American girl because I’m in skating and I almost got a part in your movie but I was to busi and many next time your in something we might so it together.

    From:fifth grade student jaedyn

  13. I have Saige and I got her for Christmas and she is not at the American Girl Doll Store and you should get her before she retired there and she is on amazon.

  14. Saige is my favorite american girl doll

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