Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 22 – Cybex Ruby

Congratulations to our Day 22 winner –

Entry #939 – Jennifer D.

Hooray!  It’s day 22!

Same deal today – so that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 22

Today we are celebrating the Cybex Ruby Stroller. Ruby is the littlest sister of the Cybex line of strollers. While it is the most basic of Cybex’s offerings, it is the lightest and stick packs a punch. This lightweight stroller with a great umbrella fold has some great features such as the gigantic canopy, one-hand/one-foot fold, and super tall, roomy seat.

To find out more, watch our in-depth video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) One lucky person will win the Cybex Ruby Stroller.

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About Hollie Schultz

Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in Chicago. She loves the city but hates the cold!


  1. The feature(s) that peeked my interest about the Ruby are the adjustable height seat-back; I think that is a great feature. Another great thing is being able to take the fabric part of the stroller off to wash it! And finally is the canopy zipper-out extender for when that’s required! It seems to be a great light weight necessity for Grandma (me, to-be) to have!

  2. I love how lightweight this stroller is

  3. demanda says:

    I like the huge canopy!

  4. Arden Walston says:

    Sliding canopy?! Amazing!!

  5. p wang says:

    Light weight with one-hand one-foot fold is always good!

  6. I Love the canopy!!

  7. Pinterest: kristawilder

  8. Heidi M says:

    I like the canopy and the removeable and washable fabric.

  9. Maria Dumas says:

    I love that the canopy is adjustable, the large canopy, and the easy fold.

  10. Maria Dumas says:

    Pinterest: Maria Dumas
    YouTube: mlddcd

  11. Love how light weight it is.

  12. karina says:

    I like that I can adjust the canopy for my taller child. I also like that the fabric is removal so I can wash it.

  13. ashley says:

    Awesome canopy!

  14. Chani M says:

    I’m obsessed with the super canopy!!!!

  15. Janice Padilla says:

    I love the roomy seat, and huge canopy, along with being able to do it all with one hand/one foot folding.

  16. Tonya King says:

    Cybex Ruby Stroller has a great height and weight capacity.

  17. Love it for my tall kids!

  18. Rachel Marzocchi Rudolph says:

    I love how lightweight it is and the awesome canopy!!

  19. deidre says:

    i like the lightweight characteristic of this stroller, pinterest: piqued

  20. Caroline K says:

    I like the adjustable height of the canopy

  21. Caroline K says:

    pinterest: carokk

  22. Tonya King says:
  23. love the seat

  24. Love the easy fold and big canopy.

  25. Bethany says:

    I “like” you on facebook.

    my favorite thing about the stroller is the large canopy!! + the easy basket underneath.

  26. Betty Hammer says:

    I lIke the cybex ruby stroller because you can make the top cover extend further for more coverage. The top can also be pulled upward to provIde more height for a taller chIld. The fact that it is lightweight is a plus.

  27. Ernest King says:

    Cybex Ruby Stroller has a great carrying strap and think the light weight is awesome!
    youtube: demonlord8420
    following on pinterest: demonlord
    blogged at:

  28. Bethany says:

    following you on pinterest ~ 1supermomma

  29. aarti p says:

    great canopy is a must for us in sunny Arizona!

  30. Great canopy for a lightweight stroller!

    Pinterest: erinliane01

  31. Claire says:

    Thanks for all the great reviews Holly!
    You gotta love an umbrella stroller that has such a massive (and adjustable) canopy. I’d take this one over my crappy one any day.

  32. I love me a lightweight stroller!


  34. Savannah says:

    I love the adjustable canopy! It would be perfect for my extra tall girl! I also love the high handles!

  35. Cindy B says:

    That it has great options (even slight recline and shoulder strap) for an umbrella stroller. A basket is not common place in umbrellas so glad for that, too. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  36. Rochelle Little says:

    I love that the fabric is removable and washable and that it’s lightweight.

  37. Jill H says:

    I love that its so light weight and has machine washable fabric!

  38. Brooke Berger says:

    I love the one hand fold

    Pinterest: georgiaberger

  39. Aliza Leifer says:

    love the adjustable canopy and that easy fold!

  40. Tracy D. says:

    I like that it’s light weight & has a carry sling.

  41. Tracy D. says:

    youtube- trawhysee; pinterest- Tracy

  42. Larissa Morgan says:

    I love the versatility of the canopy, how it extends out and also adjusts up and down according to my child’s height

  43. Melissa R. says:

    Love that it’s an umbrella stroller with a huge canopy.

  44. Christy Emanuel says:

    love how light and convenient it is!

  45. Esther Jacob says:

    Love the shoulder carrying strap and the large canopy!

  46. Janet W. says:

    I love how you can remove the fabric and it’s washable!

  47. Janet W. says:

    youtube = janetnwatson
    pinterest – janetwatson

  48. Christina Brundick says:

    washable is always a plus!

  49. Lauren VanSteenvoort says:

    love that its lightweight and the canopy is awesome too!

  50. Jessica Barnhart says:

    I love the huge canopy that slides up and down and that there is a recline

  51. Megan S says:

    I love the removable seat for easy washing as well as the mesh sides.

  52. Megan S says:

    Pineterest name is Megan Saiko

  53. aliza says:

    great large canopy!

  54. Amber Hayes says:

    I LOVE the Huge Sliding Canopy!

  55. Holly Martin says:

    Love this lightweight stroller with easy fold and shoulder strap!

  56. Laurie says:

    I love how the canopy extends

  57. Sam Omar says:

    It looks very light and yet still is loaded with features. My car doesn’t have much trunk space so this a definite Plus!!

  58. Jennifer L. says:

    I like that you can have the option to use an infant carrier with the cybex. I also like how the canopy allows for taller kids.
    pinterest indecisivegirl

  59. Rebecca S says:

    Mesh sides!

    Rebecca Sheehan – Pinterest

  60. Laura Miller says:

    I love that the canopy adjusts up and down for those taller children.

  61. Lauren F says:

    Huge canopy in an umbrella stroller? Love it!

  62. Laura Miller says:

    Pinterest user name: Laura Miller

  63. Rachel R says:

    I like the adjustable straps and the expandable canopy.

  64. Lena Naef says:

    I love the adjustable canopy!

  65. Michelle E. says:

    the canopy!!

  66. Serena Stone says:

    I love how it is lightweight, autolocks and has a carrying strap!

  67. Susie H says:

    Love the lightweight with a basket. Just what I need for this summer!

  68. Serena Stone says:

    pinterest username serenavstone

  69. Kristin M says:

    Love that it is lightweight with a nice canopy!

    pinterest: kmcc412

  70. sandra says:

    i like the 55 lb weight capacity

  71. Signe Newman says:

    I like the lockable front wheels, unique for an umbrella. I follow you on pinterest as MidwestMarvel.

  72. Sarah R. says:

    I need a nice big canopy.

    Pinterest and YouTube: sarobinsonvc

  73. Chana says:

    My favorite is the moving canopy…what a brilliant idea!

  74. Kara P. says:

    Love the canopy!

    Follow on pinterest- pixiegoose

  75. Julie Gonzalez says:

    I likely! :)

  76. Shanna Stoll says:

    Awesome extended canopy!

  77. Chantelle says:

    What a great lightweight stroller!!!

  78. Jeanine says:

    I really like the Ruby’s 22″ seatback and the 32″ expandable canopy NICE

  79. Bryan says:

    Looks like a great lightweight stroller for quick trips.

  80. Alisha says:

    I love the shoulder strap to carry the stroller!

  81. Aileen E. says:

    Love the adjustable canopy!

  82. Aileen E. says:

    pinterest user: ptflip

  83. Colleen Maurina says:

    I really like that the fabric of the stroller is removalable and washable since stroller can get so dirty!

  84. Heidi says:

    Youtube: hmicolucci
    PInterest: heiders78
    Twitter: HeidiMicolucci

  85. JODI BRADSHAW says:

    i like that the canopy raises

  86. emily t says:

    love that it is lightweight

  87. Tonya Beal says:

    I love that it’s lightweight and the size of the canopy!

  88. Lindsay Sorensen says:

    I love how light it is

  89. Carly says:

    I love how lightweight it is!

  90. Megan says:

    The canopy is fantastic!

  91. Carly says:

    Following on Pinterest – cdbrown19

  92. Tonya Beal says:

    Following you on Pinterest
    pinterest username Tonya Rizer Beal

  93. Molly L says:

    Love the adjustable canopy!!

  94. I love this stroller!

  95. Molly L says:

    Pinterest = Molly Carroll Lawton

  96. Jennifer Abramshe says:

    I love the handle height. Very hard to find a lightweight stroller with higher handles. I also really like the extendable adjustable canopy.

  97. Brandy Rhoden says:

    Love the extending canopy and that the fabric is washable!

  98. Jeanette Beck says:

    I love the 55lb weight capacity! I have larger children and they wouldn’t have a problem fitting:)

  99. Ashley says:

    I love the roomy seat and the high weight capacity. :-) OH and the mesh on the sides.

  100. Shelly Jones says:

    I like the canopy, something my current umbrella stroller doesn’t have!

  101. flip flop friendly! :)

  102. Logan Carl-Snyder says:

    Love the canopy! Logan Carl-Snyder on utube and pinterest!

  103. Stephanie S. says:

    Oh I really like the adjustable canopy, makes so much sense.

  104. Tiffany S says:

    Adjustable canopy height and adjustable crotch strap.

  105. Stephanie S. says:

    I already follow you on Pinterest

  106. Stephanie S. says:

    oops! My Pinterest username is stephsavarese

  107. amy pugmire says:

    I love the huge canopy and how lightweight it is.

  108. Molly Imming-Balangero says:

    I love that the fabric is removable and washable.

  109. chanie says:

    so nice its lightweight

  110. chanie says:

    so nice its lightweight

  111. Shanna says:

    I love the color!

  112. Elizabeth P. says:

    I love the canopy on this stroller! I really like how it can move up and down and also unzips to make it bigger.

  113. Menucha S says:

    The fabric is removable and washable what isn’t there to like?? :D

  114. Elizabeth P. says:

    pinterest: ejsp522

  115. Chelsea says:

    I love that the canopy slides up and down to accommodate taller children!

  116. Chelsea says:

    follow on pinterest! – Chelsea LaMarche

  117. Dana J says:

    The huge canopy and the carrying strap are awesome features on a lightweight umbrella stroller. Would LOVE to win!

  118. Dana J says:

    pinterest: djacobs610

  119. Adrienne G. says:

    You cannot beat the one hand/one foot folding!

  120. Jodi Brown says:

    Love the canopy! Great coverage!

  121. Karen Andersen says:

    I LOVE the tall canopy and seat, I have tall boys!! This would work great.

  122. Karen Andersen says:

    Following you on Pinterest, name Karen Andersen

  123. Megan says:

    The canopy is AWESOME!

  124. Love that the fabric is removable/washable!

  125. I follow on Pinterest as anastasia borisyuk

  126. Stephanie Jarrett says:

    Love the shoulder strap! And the high weight capacity.

  127. Rochelle Luaders says:

    I like the canopy size which is great for an umbrella stroller.

  128. Stephanie Jarrett says:

    Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  129. Jodi Brown says:

    Pinterest Name – jodibrown13

  130. tom sides says:

    i love the canopy and the fact its lightweight

  131. Shandelle W. says:

    I love how lightweight it is. Everyone needs a lightweight stroller!!

  132. Chris Asmus says:

    The canopy is so much better than the cheap umbrellas!

  133. Chris Asmus says:

    Pinterest: Marci Lundberg-Asmus

  134. Miranda Welle says:

    Large seat with a 55# weight limit! And the sliding canopy!

  135. Suzanne says:

    I love the canopy!

    youtube: suzchsh
    pinterest: suzchsh

  136. Karla says:

    Love that it is light weight and removable washable fabric..
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs
    youtube karjac13

  137. Crystal says:

    Great lightweight stroller!

  138. Christina Parker says:

    I like the tall canopy, I have a boy and he’s in the 80% for his height so far I also love that you can remove and wash the seat cover.

  139. Christina Parker says:

    I like baby gizmo on facebook

  140. Keri R says:

    The Canopy

  141. Christina Parker says:

    I like this blog post

  142. Lauren Sherrick says:

    Laurenskoski1 YouTube! We tavel a ton and could use this!!

  143. Christina Parker says:

    You tube username – Chrisp8007

  144. Mike Parker says:

    I like the tall canopy and big seat

  145. Mike Parker says:

    I like baby gizmo on FB!

  146. Tessa Warnke says:

    I love the fact that it has a canopy that many umbrella strollers do not have.
    pinterest- lillidan

  147. Karen W says:

    I like the canopy!
    Pintrest – karen wuollet

  148. Jessica C. says:

    I love how light weight it is! Definitely a plus!

  149. Paula Oetting Waltman says:

    Love that the Cybex goes to 4ys and 40 lbs!!!!

  150. Jessica C. says:

    I already follow you on pinterest! – Jesscorliss

  151. Kendra says:

    I like the large canopy it has for an umbrella stroller:)

  152. i love the mesh panels on the side and the adjustable canopy!

    pinterest: fwiwkis
    youtube: dcampbell1585

  153. Danielle H. says:

    I love the canopy!

  154. Becki Malandrino says:

    Adjustable canopy is awesome!

    youtube beckimallo
    pinterest beckimallo
    facebook becki malandrino

  155. Kelly L says:

    I love how you can remove the fabric for washing. That would be so helpful!

  156. Kelly L says:

    Follow on Pinterest. User name is Kelly Lorandos

  157. Jenni Jones says:

    I love the 5-point harness, the tall seat, the adjustable crotch strap, 55 pound weight limit, the super canopy and the ‘flip-flop friendly’ wheels.

  158. Katie says:

    Everyone needs a lightweight stroller! Very cute :)

  159. msilba says:

    my favorite feature is the 55lb. weight max, much more than most lightweight strollers!

  160. Mfmcw says:

    I like the 32″ height. Good for growth!

  161. Darcy says:

    I love that the basket can at least fit a small diaper bag because most umbrella strollers can’t fit anything!

  162. Mfmcw says:

    Pintrest: Maureen McWilliams

  163. Jenni Jones says:

    I already subscribe on YouTube: jennijones428

  164. Summer B says:

    I love that the canopy can slide up to grow with your child, and I also like how it has the zipper to have a 3 panel for the canopy to give more coverage.

  165. chris conanan says:

    i love the basket .

  166. Betty Baez says:

    love that the canopy slides up how great is that!

  167. Summer B says:

    youtube – mamasummer
    pinterest – Summer Broome
    facebook – Summer Simnacher Broome

  168. Betty Baez says:

    follow on pinterest angelgenius27

  169. beth held says:

    love that tall kids fit so well

  170. I love the lightweight, canopy and taller seat!

  171. Kimberlie T says:

    My favorite feature is the expandable canopy! Genius!

  172. Tabitha Brown says:

    I love lightweight strollers that have a nice size basket and you can remove it to throw it in the wash for easy cleaning!

    youtube: supermommy0609

    piterest: tabmommy

  173. Sophia L says:

    Heard many good things about this.
    Hope we win this

  174. like the color and that its lightweight. pinterest tbird888

  175. Stephanie Gerardot says:

    I love the canopy!

  176. Stephanie Gerardot says:

    pinterest is sgerardot

  177. JLin Mei says:

    easy to fold

  178. I love that its machine washable!!! Ahhhh thats awesome!!

  179. Andrea says:

    I like the breathable mesh panels on the side and extendable canopy.

  180. allison says:

    i like the big canopy

  181. I follow you on pinterest! Love Katydid

  182. Mailikapu says:

    I really love how big it is. Both my children are really big and thick. Any regular umbrella stroller is a little bit of a tight fit for them. This one looks like they will be nice and comfortable with room to move around. I also love the replaceable wheels and handles. The canopy is great too. I had to buy a sun shade for our stroller to get extra shade. One of our strollers has a canopy that can be pulled down in front of the baby but it is so small. I like the fact that it is tall also. My husband is pretty tall and he always complains that the strollers we have are too short for him. I would totally love to win this :))

  183. ANDREA says:

    i like the teal color in the video

  184. I like the height adjustable canopy!

  185. Aleia Chambers says:

    I love the adjustable canopy as well as the mesh material.
    Pinterest: Aleia Chambers

  186. Robin Crosby says:

    Always looking for a good lightweight stroller for traveling. Plus I love the big canopy.

  187. Ashley F. says:

    I like the airiness to the stroller with the breathable seat and canopy. I also like that has a travel strap and extra extension for the canopy.

  188. jennifer lynch says:

    I like the adjustable canopy!

  189. jennifer lynch says:

    pinterest is jalyn23

  190. Hanan A. says:

    I love the canopy and the basket underneath. Also it’s a pretty cool looking stroller.

  191. Mary Grangroth says:

    I love that there is a small storage basket underneath and the 5 point harness.

  192. Leah z says:

    LOVE the canopy!!

  193. Brooke T says:

    I like the Adjustable canopy

  194. I love that the canopy will move up to hold a tall child. I’ve never seen that before! LOVE that feature!

  195. Kimberly says:

    I think that the light weight design, large canopy, and mesh sides make this a great stroller for very hot days. I also love the color. :)

  196. Christina H says:

    I really like the adjustable canopy! Pinterest: christi82

  197. zhanna says:

    I like that it has mesh sides, great for summer.

  198. zhanna says:

    youtube zlp89

  199. Kristin Fain says:

    I like the removable washable fabric and the mesh for breathability.

  200. Erin S. says:

    I love that this stroller is lightweight and that it can grow with my son

  201. Kayli D says:

    I love the mesh sides on the seat and the travel strap

  202. Molly Bussler says:

    It’s lightweight, airy and a beautiful color! Youtube – mollydo2 and Pinterest – Molly

  203. Jolene Johnson says:

    I love that canopy! Amazing. And the 5 point harness is great!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  204. the weight capacity is great and sliding canopy!

  205. Tzippy Rapp says:

    I really like the mesh on the seat and on the canopy. I love that the canopy opens even bigger and that the fabric is machine washable (stroller I have now isnt and thats a bit of a pain)

  206. Rebecca K says:

    love the 32 inch seat back! would fit my 30 inch 10 month old well!

    pintrest name: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath

  207. The adjustable crotch strap is perfect for older kids! and the attached carry strap is very helpful!

  208. Heather Bowler says:

    This is a great umbrella stroller! My favorite feature is that even my 3 year old will fit in this stroller and the canopy will clear her head.

  209. Heather Bowler says:

    I follow you on Pinterest too. My user name is Heather Schoenhofen Bowler.

  210. I love that it fits larger babies!

  211. JessicaG says:

    I love that the ruby is lightweight and the mesh on the sides/ canopy will provide good airflow during the hot summer months.

  212. Yichen says:

    I love the canopy and that it’s able to turn into a travel system.

  213. jennifer lynch says:
  214. Shannon V says:

    I like the airiness of it… the breathability is perfect for S.FL

  215. Lynn S says:

    I like how it is lightweight and great for travel.

    Pinterest: LS1030

    Posted on my blog:

  216. I love how its light, has a carry strap, and the big canopy!

  217. Brett S says:

    I like how it is lightweight and and easy to fold/carry.

    Pinterest: bsvensontwo

    Posted on my blog:

  218. Brianna Byman says:

    Love this stroller! Would love to win the newest!

  219. Brianna Byman says:

    Pinterest it Brianna byman

  220. Eugenia Nieto says:

    I like how easy it is to fold

  221. debby weiss says:

    i like how it’s easy to fold/carry for travel.

  222. Nicole says:

    Love love love it!!

  223. Karie G. says:

    I its a cute light weight stroller. I love the colors that it comes in and the big canopy.

  224. Brianna says:

    I like the mesh sides and the easy fold!

  225. Brianna says:

    Pinterest is Brianna Ariotti

  226. priscilla guina says:

    we can really use this stroller!! so cute and lovin the huge canopy!! :)

  227. Kellie O says:

    I love how lightweight it is!

  228. I love that the sun shade slides up the frame for really tall kids!

    Pinterest- MarksRenneberg

  229. Johndorf85 says:

    I love how lightweight it is

  230. Karen M says:

    the mesh: hot humid days and a sweaty toddler to boot? I like that it can be minimized with the mesh fabric.

  231. Karen M says:

    pinterest mcad007

  232. Love the easy fold and tall seat back!

  233. Rizza H. says:

    My husband is 6’6″ so if baby is tall like him, the tall seat back is totally awesome!

  234. debby weiss says:

    pinterest name: debusf

  235. I love the mesh, perfect for summer.


  236. jamie villari says:

    It’s lightweight and the umbrella canopy adjusts!

  237. Nechamy Rabin says:

    I love it all!!

  238. Jennifer Kreisler says:

    Removable and washable fabric! great!

  239. Allende says:

    light and easy to fold..ideal for day to day use

  240. Risset S says:

    Nice light stroller for a light mamma

  241. Jennifer Kreisler says:


  242. Eva Mack says:

    easy to transport…fold

  243. I like this umbrella stroller alot! it is light weight, has an easy to carry strap and the canopy can be extended! very cool would love to win this!

  244. Estee Aronow says:

    Love the huge canopy and the carry strap.

    youtube: Esteeac

    pinterest: estee aronow

  245. The mesh fabric is great for summer. Our current non mesh umbrella stroller leaves my toddler sweaty and hot.

  246. Youtube- infamis602

    pinterest- aaa602

    Amanda Daye

  247. Wei Qi Luo says:

    I love the lightweight

  248. Wei Qi Luo says:

    Pinterest: Wei Luo

  249. Kim P. says:

    I love that the canopy is adjustable to slide up for tall children. I also like that you can unzip the canopy to make it longer if needed.

    Pinterest name Kimbobolini
    YouTube name MsKimbobolini

  250. Nicole says:

    Love the lightweight features!
    Pinterest: knicoleallen

  251. Magdalena says:

    I love canopy and it is perfect for travel! You tube mkartvelis

  252. Felicity M says:

    Lightweight strollers are great!

  253. Mushka says:

    i love the large canopy and how its so light!

  254. Heather K. says:

    I love that this stroller will work for years with the adjustable canopy!

  255. Amber Reddell says:

    I love that it is lightweight and breathable. Pinterest name Amber Reddell

  256. Heather K. says:

    Pinterest: hklintworth

  257. Beth B. says:

    I love the removable and washable seat and mesh sides.

  258. Carrie Conley says:

    I love the canopy and the seat back….

  259. Stephanie A says:

    I like the vented sides which would be great for keeping my baby cool in the hot weather we get where I live!

  260. Addison Kat says:

    I like that you can use it as a travel system! Not many umbrella strollers accept car seats!

  261. Addison Kat says:

    Pinterest username: Addison Kat (atruck)

  262. Michelle says:

    I love the tall seat back.

  263. Melanie t says:

    I adore the canopy on the ruby and love how lightweight it is. What a perfect travel stroller

  264. Amber says:

    I like the large canopy.

  265. serena adkins says:

    I love how the canopy adjust for taller kids.

  266. Chani says:

    I like the tall back – great for tall kids

  267. Yitzy Feiglin says:

    I love that it’s so lightweight!

  268. Emily Gunesch says:

    I love how the canopy can adjust with the sun and how lightweight it is.

  269. Andrea V says:

    I like the vented sides.
    pintrest aveeneman

  270. Steve V says:

    I like how lightweight it is.

  271. Roxanne C says:

    I like the canapy the best.

  272. Sara Stidd says:

    Awesome little stroller!

  273. Brandy says:

    55lb capacity is great

  274. Lolli S says:

    I love the canopy and how it adjusts for tall kids, the lightweightness of the stroller and the color is gorgeous!

  275. lesha says:

    love the carry strap!

  276. Shani says:

    I love that there is a strap to hold the stroller when folded. I live in an apartment building and that feature would be great when going up and down the stairs! I also love size of that canopy!

  277. Sliding canopy is FABULOUS!

  278. Kristina says:

    I like the mesh sides.

  279. Alexis says:

    Love how easy it folds and the weight limit.

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    I like that it’s lightweight, has a great adjustable canopy, & a high weight capacity.

  281. I love that it’s lightweight and the color doesn’t hurt :)

  282. KJeffery says:

    My favorite feature is the canopy- I love how it adjusts, zips open for more coverage, and has mesh sides.

  283. KJeffery says:

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  284. DanielleG says:

    Love the small fold! pinterest:danisuzanni

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    I like that the sun canopy can raise up as I have a tall child.

  286. Todd J says:

    I like the mesh sides- it’s hot here in DC!

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    I love the adjustable canopy and how light it is!

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    I like the shoulder strap and since it is so lightweight it would be easy to carry!

  289. Jessica H. says:

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    I love that the fabric is removable and washable, genius! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

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    the adjustable canopy is the best especially since it’s almost summer!

  293. Laura G. says:

    The washable seat is fabulous.

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  295. Kristi P says:

    I love the super tall seat back!

  296. Kristi P says:

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  297. christine jessamine says:

    my favorite is the thick harness!

  298. Hi! I love the movable canopy, vented sides, and how lightweight it is! Thanks so much for the chance!! :D

  299. steph says:

    I like its lightweight factor best!

  300. Vanessa says:

    I am in love with the canopy and the fact that it’s a lightweight umbrella stroller.

  301. Claribel Michel says:

    love that the canopy slides up, the fold and the carry shoulder strap.
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    Need a lighter weight stroller then what I have

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  306. i love that it is so lightweight for travel and on the go – and those tall handlebars are great!

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    I love the large canopy that slides and folds down.

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    I love the big basket & canapy for such a light weight stroller!
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    Love love love the canopy!

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    Height adjustable canopy…whats not to love!

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  326. Stephanie says:

    I like the washable fabric and the great canopy for an umbrella stroller.

  327. ilanit says:

    so lightweight

  328. Heather says:

    My favorite part of the stroller is that it has an expandable canopy. i also love that the height expands since my son is going to be on the tall side

  329. allyn says:

    COOL! i love how lightweight it is and the color is very nice!

  330. allyn says:

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  332. my favorite feature is the super cnaopy that folds all of the way down and that can expand

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    compact fold

  334. Crystal V says:

    I like that it is light, I’m a small mom so this feature is always a plus for me!

  335. Celina says:

    the lightweight yet fashionable umbrella stroller with a huge canopy as got to be the best features ever!

  336. Julie says:

    This would be great for my toddler! I love that it can carry a bigger child, up to 55 lbs. The flexible and breathable seat would make this nice for summer walks and I love the shoulder strap. Nice umbrella stroller.

  337. Amanda Piper says:

    Love the carry shoulder strap! Very handy! I like you on FB, I like the blog post, I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  338. Katie says:

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  339. Kamila says:

    Look safe and comfortable.

  340. Selena Malka says:

    Love how lightweight it is!
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    A lite weight stroller would be nice! Love the color and the fact it fits larger children.

  342. Rachel A says:

    I love the expandable canopy!

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  343. Beth G. says:

    love the lightweight feature and gorgeous color…for a first time grandma, it would be very fashionable!!

  344. Lindsay says:

    I love that the canopy adjusts up!
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  345. Karen T says:

    I love the shoulder carry strap, sliding super canopy, and washable fabric :)!

  346. tfennemore says:

    ultra lightweight

  347. Beth G. says:

    besides being lightweight, the canopy is great for south florida days…..

  348. Tonya vince says:

    I love the canopy And how it adjusts. I also love how u can easily wash it

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    Love how lightweight it is and love the canopy. Need an umbrella stroller bad!

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    Love the extra canopy on this stroller. Perfect for the sun coverage.
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    Love how light it is

  354. Charlotte says:

    I love that the stroller is LIGHTWEIGHT. I really dislike strollers that feel like I am pushing a schoolbus!! I also really like the canopy!!

  355. Kayli D says:
  356. missy h says:

    I like how the canopy can move up and down depending on the height of the child

  357. Charlotte says:

    Blogged about it in my blog:

    Love baby gizmo!! Y’all literally solve all of my baby gear woes!

  358. Jessi Levi says:

    It’s a nice umbrella stroller for bigger kids. Sphardilevi on YouTube and pinterest

  359. Charlotte says:

    woops! I meant: sorry for confusion!!

  360. Erika M says:

    I love the weight limit and the handle height!

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  361. I love the canopy!!

  362. I have tall kids so love that it’s good for them!
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  363. Melissa Easton says:

    I love the sliding canopy for taller kids :)

  364. I like the large hood that can drop down to protect the child from the elements.

  365. Stephanie A says:

    What a great product!

  366. Caroline Kelly says:

    Adjustable canopy!

  367. Michelle L says:

    I like the large canopy and that it is adjustable for my tall child! :)

  368. Melissa says:

    I Really like the large super canopy that adjusts!

  369. stephanie winesburg says:

    love the giveaway !

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    I love the adjustable canopy! I have tall kids:)

  372. Linda A says:

    i love the hood

  373. Eileen McLeod says:

    I actually love that it is the ‘bare bones’ stroller of the brand. Awesome looking, lightweight and simple! The canopy seems pretty awesome as well.


    Eileen McLeod
    you tube name EileenMcLeod

  374. My favorite feature is the carry strap! This is great for amusemnet parks with the kids! Thank you for the chance.

  375. I follow on pinterest

  376. Tiffany G says:

    My favorite feature of the Ruby is the adjustable height on the canopy.
    Pinterest user Tiffany Godfrey

  377. Marissa M says:

    I am in love with the canopy! this stoller is perfect for my growig child, he’ll be able to use it for along time!

  378. Marissa M says:

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  379. Love the light weight and roomy stroller

  380. Jessica says:

    I love that the canopy and harness are so adjustable. It would last till my daughter is done with strollers!

  381. Ryan Olson says:

    Great stroller, the mesh sides make it ideal for a hot day and the removable seat for a quick washing is a nice plus.

  382. Heather says:

    Love how light weight it is!

  383. Heather P says:

    I like the adjustable crotch strap. I also like the height of the stroller for an umbrella stroller.

  384. amy warren says:

    i love how the sunshade raises up for taller kids!

  385. amy warren says:

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