Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 9 – Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Congratulations to our Day 9 winner –

Entry #530 – Holly M. from Savannah, GA

It’d be fine if you won Day 9!

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Day 9

Today is day 9 and we are celebrating the brand new Baby Jogger City Mini GT. Yes, THE City Mini GT!  It is the beloved City Mini but souped up with forever-air tires, taller seat back, adjustable handlebar, new handbrake and easier access to the basket. The new tires will handle more of the all-terrain that life will throw at us.


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  1. Elizabeth D. says:

    Like the handbrake and the no rethread harness

  2. Elizabeth D. says:

    Pinterest uclaliz

  3. Katherine Scott says:

    Looks like the new wheels will make all the difference to the already excellent City Mini. Love the new hand break, as the old foot break was sticky at times. Particularly love the improved accessibility of the good-sized basket.

  4. Elizabeth D. says:

    Youtube uclaliz

  5. Robin Griffeath says:

    I love the forever air tires and compact fold! Love this stroller!

  6. Kiley Thompson says:

    I love the forever air tires and the new basket and you can’t forget the fold!

  7. Kiley Thompson says:

    You Tube name is khorbetz

  8. kristina meneses says:

    love the fold. youtube and pinterest, kmeneses1

  9. Kiley Thompson says:

    Pinterest user name is Kiley Horbetz Thompson

  10. Kristyne Kaahea says:

    LOVE The oversized canopy. <– fave feature

    YouTube Follower: @HawaiianStyleSinCity
    Pinterest Followe: @hawaiianstyle03

  11. i love the air tires and the easy fold. its great for in and out of the car!

  12. I love the new hand brake. Hope I win, i could totally use a new stroller.

  13. farvus111

  14. Michelle says:

    What a great giveaway!!!

  15. this has to be awesome giveaway !! hope im lucky !!

  16. OMGosh I love love love love this stroller! It is my absolute favorite! …. And I have seen practically every Baby Gizmo review! I pick the baby jogger city mini gt! This is THE one to win!

  17. Esther Jacob says:

    Love the new all-terrain tires and the hand-brake!
    Youtube name: multiaj2000

  18. Sam Cook says:

    Love the fold! Make it super easy holding a little one

  19. Carrie M. says:

    LOVE that large sunshade!

  20. Shandelle W. says:

    The tires! I LOVE the tires!!

  21. Jessica murray says:

    Omg! What DON’T I love about this stroller?!? The u bar, adjustable handle bar. Automatic lock and those tires! I’m drooling over here :)

    Pinterest jesskathrin
    YouTube believeoneway

  22. Love how easy it is to take off the straps and the fact that there’s a hand break!

  23. I have several friends with City Mini’s and they all RAVE about them! I can only imagine this one is as good as the rest, if not better! We need a single stroller!
    sphardilevi on Youtube and Pinterest!

  24. Carrie M. says:

    swampysugarbiscuits on youtube

  25. jessie says:

    Eeeee! What’s not to love?
    Easy fold is easily the best feature for this one. So many are cumbersome and hard to handle!

  26. Corey Simpson says:

    I have the original City Mini and I love it, but this would be perfect as I live on a dirt road and need the better tires etc!!

  27. jessie says:

    Pinterest. Jessie rodwell

  28. Follower on youtube bangelgenius27 follower on pinterest angelgenius27 and pinned

  29. Shandelle W. says:

    Pinterest is my name

    youtube is todzwife…I think LOL!

    I’ve been a subscriber forever!

  30. Rebecca K says:

    I love the easy height adjustment and the bigger seat! Also love the higher weight capacity, I have a 20 lb 9 month old and love that this stroller would last a bit longer then most! LAST THING! I love the brake! I am a flip flop wearing mom and a hand brake is awesome!
    youtube name: BeckK87
    pintrest name: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath

  31. jessie says:

    Youtube. Jdeeterwell

  32. Corey Simpson says:

    Youtube- Love2runbarrels

    Pinterest: Corey Hosler-Simpson

  33. Rivka P says:

    I like the automatic lock!
    youtube username is rivpom

  34. april arnold says:

    I LOVE THIS STROLLER! What a perfect stroller. I would love to win this so I can eliminate the 2 strollers taking up my entire trunk. Love the size, the fold, the recline, and the fact that it goes upto 65 lbs. The only stroller anyone will ever need.

  35. i love that they curved the bar in the back, now you can get into the basket with the kids in the seat. I also love the adjustable handle, I’m always kicking the back of my other stroller.

  36. My son really loves this stroller(First Child due April10) So many feature to love, Love the full recline,I love the Forever air tires . This is such a stroller Daddy’s will love ! Newborn to 65lbs My Toddler can share with his Nephew !Love the BABY JOGGER

  37. Autumn Cofer says:

    The forever tires is a great feature. But really, this stroller has everything that I love

  38. april arnold says:

    Youtube user name: popple778

  39. LauraC says:

    I love how far the seat reclines! Great for napping toddlers (or infants, as you mentioned).

  40. Alexandra Lippert says:

    pinterest: aclipps
    youtube: acpyke

    favorite feature: handbrake

  41. Lisa N says:

    I like the new AT tires.

  42. Absolutely love the huge canopy. Great coverage for the little during those sunny days.

  43. Leslie says:

    Love the huge seat on the GT.

  44. YouTube: momma1ann

  45. LauraC says:

    Pinterest username: LauraCh

  46. Allison says:

    I love the new basket design! The fold is my BFF too!

    YouTube and pinterest: PreciousKittenn

  47. Lisa N says:

    Youtube – oclln1
    Pinterest – Lisa Nuss

  48. Leslie says:

    YouTube username is lchaltraw.

  49. Vanessa says:

    This is it! My fave stroller. I love the canopy, the canopy, the basket, the new wheels, the automatic lock….I love this stroller!!!

    youtube: vmiranda.allen

  50. Leslie says:

    Pinterest username is lchaltraw.

  51. Ashley F. says:

    I really like the forever tires and the roomy seat, with an adjustable/no-thread harness!!

    Wow! What a lovely giveaway =))

  52. Kristi says:

    Testdrove it at Smartmomma this week – rides like a dream. I have my eye set on the double…

  53. Jana strong says:

    I love the new brake.

  54. Heidi M says:

    I love the hand brake and the automatic fold. The compact fold is awesome too. This would be such a great addition to our family! pinterest Heiders78, you tube is hmicolucci, and twitter is HeidiMicolucci

  55. LOVE the canopy!! Daughter likes to sleep in the dark! :-)

  56. Jacinta says:

    Love the handbrake!

  57. Karen H. says:

    Love the city mini!

  58. Leticia M says:

    Love the reclining feature! Well love everything about it!

  59. Jacinta says:

    Youtube fanghsing

  60. Jacinta says:

    Pinterest fanghsing

  61. Melissa N says:

    We love the easy fold on the city mini! And it looks great!

  62. Karen H. says:

    all terrain wheels!

  63. Absolutely loving the new tires! The possibilities are now actually endless! Very excited about it.

  64. Katie B. says:

    I love the easily adjustable harness.

  65. Saba Cossor says:

    Compact fold! Oh how nicely my groceries will fit in the trunk with this stroller :)

  66. Rachel DeHart says:

    the hand brake

  67. Katie B. says:

    Pinterest user name Katieo54

  68. Jennifer T. says:

    I love the new tires!

  69. Cheryl says:


  70. Zulma Leticia M says:

    Ohlala… I pray I win! You tube usename is Leticia Guerrero.

  71. Rachele White says:

    The Baby Jogger ‘Quick-Fold’…soooo easy!

  72. Rebecca V says:

    I love the nearly flat recline and the fact that you can use it for a newborn as well as older toddlers.

  73. Rachele White says:

    Youtube: KissieMonster

  74. i like the forever air tires. and of course the canopy and fold are great too!!

  75. Maggie says:

    I love how light weight it is!

  76. whats not to like.. i love the fold.

  77. Rebecca V says:

    My youtube account: sfbecca7
    My pinterest account:

  78. i like Baby Gizmo on Facebook.

  79. Nicky K-B says:

    I love the no re-thread harness.

  80. I definitely live the all terrain tires!

  81. Jennifer says:

    I love the new wheels! Perfection!

  82. Nicky K-B says:

    YouTube nkbalky

  83. i liked this blog post on Facebook.

  84. Nicky K-B says:

    Pinterest Nicky K-B

  85. Adjustable handle bar & forever air tiers.

  86. clarissa marshall says:

    I love the big canopy! I live in AZ and protecting our kiddos from the sun is a HUGE plus!

  87. Sarah T says:

    All terrain tires! Yes please!

  88. Jessica P. says:

    I know flip flops are horrible on the feet, but I really like the hand brake. One less ouchy there! I also love the compact fold!

    Pinterest follower: djwk

  89. Nicole Webb says:

    I love the tires, the fold, the hand brake. I have the City Elite, but if they had this out in 2010, this is what I was searching for.

  90. The tires seem awesome, and the low recline is a great feature.

  91. Youtube username Rhanai

  92. Absolutely love the City Mini, looking to get one for our first new born! The hand break and one handed fold are deal makers!

  93. Autumn says:

    This is a great stroller! It folds up so easily and is wonderful at maneuvering through crowds and such.

  94. clarissa marshall says:

    Pinterest- Clarissa0412
    YouTube- Clarissa0412
    I like on Babygizmo on FB
    I liked blog post on FB
    I tweeted about this give away!/melanysmommy/status/180160374455271425

  95. Autumn says:

    Youtube name is “idontwannasignup2″ lol

  96. I LOVE the huge canopy with the peekaboo windows! Definitely my favorite feature.

  97. Benjamin Spaulding says:

    Adjustable handlebar for the win!
    youtube: 22benjamin22

  98. Phaeryn says:

    I love the easy clips to adjust the strap height!

  99. I love this stroller! really love the compact fold and the forever air tires! Plus the bigger seat!

  100. The handbrake and the tires.
    Pinterest: Erica Solomon

  101. Youtube


  102. Pinterest tasha218

  103. Tracy D. says:

    I was going to say the ease if adjusting the straps until i saw you collapse that bad boy! wow!

  104. Tracy D. says:

    Youtube- trawhysee; Pinterest- Tracy

  105. Cindy B says:

    I love the one handed recline and the large mesh opening because it gets hot here in Florida… thanks for yet another great giveaway. :)

  106. Cindy B says:

    youtube account quantmlife

  107. Angela says:

    I love the non thread harness on the city mini! Having 3 kIds of different sizes this would be a lifesaver!!

  108. Kendra says:

    This looks like a great stroller!:)

  109. emily says:

    Love the forever air tires.

  110. Saarah says:

    Love the tires! =)

  111. Krizia Thomas says:

    Wow! Huge mesh window with hidden cover, forever air tires, handle brake, and easy pull folding system. Yes please!

  112. Krizia Thomas says:

    vkrizm subscribes to your youtube channel

  113. Krizia Thomas says:

    Krizia Martin follows you on pInterest.

  114. james e says:

    Love the wheels on the GT. We used to have the city mini and love that the tires are much better on this new model.

    youtube nandae888

  115. joy wong says:

    love how easy it is to fold the strolller!!

  116. Gabriella Carballo says:

    Love the file! YouTube: miriamcarballo

  117. Miriam Carballo says:

    Cute colors YouTube miriamcarballo

  118. Kayli D says:

    My favorite feature of this stroller is the easy fold and the wheels

  119. Kayli D says:
  120. Kayli D says:

    Pinterest Kayli Duncan

  121. Amanda G says:

    This stroller looks great! I love all of the easy-adjust features such as the push handle height, canopy windows, deep recline feature, and belts for the kids. It is really nice to have something that grows with the child. The forever air tires are also a great feature!

  122. Lydia says:

    I love the large seat, and heavy weight limit, making it great for the “bigger babies.”

  123. Juliea Choi-Jue says:

    I love the easy fold and the forever air tires.
    youtube user name: juliea1020

  124. Kaija says:

    The tires are my favorite! KMattila10 follows on you tube.

  125. Jen Evely says:

    I love the easy fold. I wish my stroller was a breeze to put away in the trunk.

  126. Jen Evely says:

    I follow you on youtube kentucky05

  127. Jen Evely says:

    I follow you on pinterest Jennifer Evely

  128. Jen Evely says:
  129. Jen Evely says:
  130. Brooke Berger says:

    I love the forever air tires and the adjustable handlebar!

    Pinteret; georgiamadison

  131. Becky says:

    Love the fold, so small!

  132. Becky says:

    YouTube: beckyb1027

  133. Lyndsey D. says:

    I love the hood.

  134. Myong says:

    SO many great things but if I had to pick one, the easy fold.

    youtube name: boozetan
    pinterest name: boozetan

  135. Shlomo Tischler says:

    I love your website and your reviews! And i would love to win the stroller as well…

  136. Shlomo Tischler says:

    I love the Better tires!!!

  137. Shlomo Tischler says:

    Pinterest user name is tishmom

  138. Elle B says:

    I’ve been using an older hand-me-down Baby Jogger…but would love to have this guy (especially the forever tires!)

  139. allyson says:

    Love the fold!
    Pinterest Allyson Marvin
    You tube: aandy3152009

  140. Lorri Clark says:

    I love the curved bar in back for easier basket access!

  141. jason marshall says:

    I think the fold is cool, also like that the handle is adjustable.

  142. jason marshall says:

    follow on youtube – mespooky1

  143. Jeannie Swanson says:

    I love the super easy fold and the easy access basket!!!

  144. Wow, this video has sold me on the this stroller. I love the adjustable shoulder clips. The peek a boo windows look great and the storage is perfect. I love that it is lightweight and easy to fold.

  145. Laura says:

    Love the 1 handed fold most.

  146. Love the adjustable handlebar and the huge canopy.

  147. Janet W. says:

    I’m a small person, so my favorite is the easy fold! I also like the adjustable handlebar!

  148. Janet W. says:

    youtube = janetnwatson

  149. Janet W. says:

    pinterest = janetwatson

  150. Erin F says:

    The new tires look awesome and easier access to the basket below the stroller is also a great feature of the GT.

    YouTube and Pinterest: erinliane01

  151. Jessica Barnhart says:

    I own the city mini, and am so excited about the GT’s higher weight limit, larger seat, beefier wheels,and adjustable handle, I think it’s now a perfect stroller!

  152. Jessica Barnhart says:

    I subscribe to your youtube channel, username DomLailamommy

  153. Hannah says:

    The fold is just awesome on this stroller. Also the ajustable handlebar. That is the one this I hated on the regular city mini. Really want this stroller. Been wanting to sell my maclaren so i can justify buying this.

  154. Rebecca Russell Spear says:

    would love to win this stroller! Not only love the typical BJ features.. i.e. lightweight, easy fold, but LOVE the new tires and easy access to the basket.

    Pintrest Name: Rebecca Spear

  155. Looks nice and slim

  156. Hannah says:

    Pretty sure my YouTube user name is hgardzina. Always signed in on my iPad so tough remembering all the different user names.

  157. Stacey Chale says:

    Love the forever air tires!

    YouTube/pinterest = staceychale

  158. Laura Thompson says:

    I love everything about this stroller! The quick fold, the tires, the new hand brake, huge canopy….

  159. Holly Martin says:

    Love the forever air tires!

  160. Rebecca Cash says:

    Love the easy fold and adjustable handlebar!!

  161. Rebecca Cash says:

    YouTube – rebeccatcash

  162. brooke t says:

    I love the forever air tires

  163. Carmell says:

    I love it!! The adjustable handle would be ideal for me since I am only 4’11″. And I love the Large canopy!

  164. Marlene R says:

    Love the one hand fold

  165. Kellie O says:

    Love how easy it folds!

  166. OH my goodness – I am registered for the 2011, but now I am in love with the new adjustable handlebar AND all terrain tires that would work wonders on our dirt road. Fingers crossed!

  167. I love the large canopy and how flat it folds. I could really use this jogging stroller. I subscribe to YouTube: HBNYGirl.

  168. Hilary Jackson says:

    I love that I can close the stroller with one hand,so easy

  169. Angela says:

    Love this stroller! The easy fold and new tires are awesome!!

  170. I like the curved bar on the underneath basket, such a smart idea. My youtube name is jan0285.

  171. Mary kate bransford says:

    I love everything about this stroller!! But it’s that easy fold that gets me everytime!! Also, the new automatic lock is genius!

  172. Easy fold hands down!

  173. An automatic lock! Yes, please!

  174. deep recline for infant!

  175. Laura K C says:

    I love the new curved bar on the back to access the storage basket.

  176. Miranda Welle says:

    I like that it has a large 10 inch seat along with an 11 inch “leg drop” so it will accommodate both infants and bigger toddlers! And it’s great that it has the deep recline!

  177. youtube: angebutterfly17

  178. Pinterest: LittleLeafLane, Emily Grant

  179. youtube: LittleLeafLane

  180. pinterest angela burdo

  181. Laura K C says:

    YouTube: lakat18

  182. Miranda Welle says:

    Miranda Welle

  183. Susie H says:

    love the canopy of this stroller!

  184. The tires!

  185. Youtube- MereB17

  186. Pinterest- Meredith Bradford

  187. tfennemore says:

    all terrain tires and large canopy :)))

  188. I love that it is more compact than most joggers. It looks like it is really easy to open and close.

  189. Lauren VanSteenvoort says:

    I LOVE the city mini! probably my favorite stroller. I love how light it is, the simple fold, and the huge canopy!
    YouTube: lelisabeth24
    Pinterest: lvansteenvoort

  190. Ariella says:

    I love how it is such a great seat yet still so compact and easy fold. my youtube name is ariellalarkin

  191. Ariella says:

    pinterest username is ariellalarkin as well

  192. Carmell says:

    My YouTube user name is Carmell Giacobbe! I am officially a subscriber to Baby Gizmo!

  193. Tamar says:

    the best feature is that it’s lightweight and the easy fold! my un is tamaroff13

  194. Cristina P. says:

    Love everything about it, but especially the tires!

  195. I love the new basket!

    Youtube- jennotterness

  196. Chrissy R says:

    I love the automatic locking feature when folded. I also love the all terrain tires.

  197. Chrissy R says:

    YouTube Crodican

  198. I love the curved bar at the bottom! Thank you for thinking of parents!

  199. pinterest: jjmagee

  200. Cristina P. says:

    youtube — Cristina Phaneuf

  201. Cristina P. says:

    pinterest — cleassan

  202. jen k says:

    Love everything about it!!

  203. Denise Beady says:

    Love the quick fold and the seat size for my big toddler.

  204. Denise Beady says:

    YouTube Chagbeady

  205. Chrissy R says:

    Pinterest user name Crodican

  206. lauren rasor says:

    I love the large canopy! Pinterest Name: laurenrasor. Youtube Name: lloraresr

  207. Mandy S says:

    Where to start? The lock is a huge deal. I also love the canopy. And colors!

  208. Kathryn Siltala says:

    I love that you don’t have to re thread the harness straps. And thats just ONE of the things I love about it :) Great stroller! youtube username MsKathryn82

  209. Lisa G. says:

    I have been wanting this stroller ever since it was introduced at the expo. Love the new tires and the comfier seats!

  210. Shannon Nelson says:

    Love the larger seat. My son is tall and is growing out of our current stroller.

  211. tanya v. says:

    I love the new tires and how light the stroller is.

  212. tanya v. says:

    youtube: ttvalverde1

  213. tanya v. says:

    pinterest: ttvalverde

  214. Laura E says:

    Love the canopy, automatic lock, easy fold, the ever air tires, 65 lb weight limit…..can you tell I love this stroller :)

  215. Laura Everett says:

    You Tube Jeverett6703

  216. Evan C says:

    Babygizmo is an outstanding source of information on baby gear! Thanks for the in-depth reviews, including this one of the City Mini GT.

  217. Terry says:

    I like the forever air wheels and that the stroller can be used from birth to 65 lbs!

  218. Evan C says:

    Forgot to mention… the forever air tires and quick fold are great!

  219. Terry says:

    you tube: mommyterry

  220. Heather H. says:

    I love the easy fold with the automatic lock.

  221. Sara S says:

    Wow! This is awesome! I have the current city mini, but the brake system and basket are so frustrating sometimes! I love that they have worked with storage and brakes on this model!

  222. Margaret Christensen says:

    The fold, the wheels, the steering, the weight/size, the canopy, where do I start?? This stroller is awesome!

  223. Sara S says:

    youtube name: princessbee923

  224. Raquel F says:

    Pinned! raquelfisher

  225. Janilyn Roberts says:

    I LOVE how easy it is to fold!! Youtube name janilyndathulia

  226. elisheva avital says:

    the easy fold is amazing!!

  227. Raquel F says:

    Considered a BJ City Mini but didn’t like some of the features. Looks like they’ve been fixed!

  228. Robin says:

    I love the easy fold of the baby jogger.

  229. Robin says:

    YouTube – Robs627

  230. Robin says:

    Pinterest – Robin Rich

  231. Chelsea says:

    I want this! I love everything. Especially the great wheels and large canopy!

  232. Natalie Spiking says:

    My favorite feature is the forever air tires!!!!!! and the same City Mini fold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT.

  233. Chelsea says:

    Youtube: cvl105

  234. Chelsea says:

    Already follow you on Pinterest. Name: Chelsea LaMarche

  235. Kellie Kluger says:

    I love the adjustable handle and the curved bar on the storage basket!

  236. Kellie Kluger says:

    subscribed on youtube keltom2c

  237. Stephanie says:

    Love those all terrain tires!

    Youtube name is stephanie.d.hunt

  238. Kellie Kluger says:

    follow in pinterest: keltom2c

  239. Kate M. says:

    I am loving the new tires on the GT!! Also the adjustable handle is great since I’m short, but my husband is very tall.

  240. Lindsay Sorensen says:

    The forever air tires

  241. Lauren Wexler says:

    whats not to love! i love the large seat and the deep recline with the mess window – would be great for beach runs this summer with either my newborn or 2 year old.

    youtube: lscheiring
    pinterest: lwexler (lauren scheiring wexler)

  242. Chani M says:

    The new tires look awesome and I love that the handle bar is adjustable!! And of course theres the epic fold from baby jogger!!!

    Youtube: itzybtzychani
    Pinterest: chanimeyer

  243. Meagen says:

    I love the forever air tires! It is so fun to push! I don’t own one but have tried it out in the store!

  244. Delver says:

    I love the quick fold and the adjustable handlebars!

  245. Meagen says:

    pinterest: megsadair

  246. Helen says:

    I love the weight limit of 65 pounds!

  247. Meagen says:

    youtube: meagenadair

  248. Suzanne says:

    I love the new tires and the adjustable handle!!

  249. Rochelle Luaders says:

    I like that the wheel lock is on the side!

  250. Meagen says:
  251. Kate M. says:

    YouTube: MrsKMiller1

  252. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I love the adjustable handle. That would be nice when jogging.

  253. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    Youtube: arobinson451

  254. Stephanie Jarrett says:

    Love the mesh window so you can see the kids when the stroller is reclined and to keep them cool!

  255. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    Pinterest: Alex Liz Robinson

  256. Kate M. says:

    Pinterest: katemiller38

  257. Stephanie Jarrett says:

    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  258. joni k says:

    forever tires and the canopy are the selling points for me!

  259. Suzanne says:

    youtube suzanne4882@yahoo

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  261. Abby Schumacher says:

    So many things! Love the automatic lock on the fold, the forever air tires and curved bar to get into the basket underneath

  262. Tiffany S says:

    Love the large canopy and the Quick fold!!!

  263. Abby Schumacher says:

    abbyschumacher following on pinterest

  264. Stephanie S. says:

    I really like the fact that the straps can be adjusted so MUCH EASIER than most. By clipping and not threading….it’s the little things right ?:)

  265. Stephanie S. says:

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  266. Stephanie S. says:

    I already follow you on Pinterest.

  267. johndorf85 says:

    I like the automatic lock feature
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  268. Randi says:

    I love the fact that it’s just a jogging stroller! I have been wanting one for so long, but I also love the quick fold feature!

  269. tom sides says:

    love the adjustable handle and the big seat for my babys big butt

  270. Ashley Partlan says:

    The forever tires are amazing

  271. Ashley Partlan says:

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  272. Jenna says:

    Love the Forever tires, follow you on youtube with and pinterest name Jenna Lamb Bennedum

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  274. I LOVE THIS STROLLER! I have been eyeing this forever!

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  275. Randi says:

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  276. Annie Sauer says:

    I like that the harness adjusts using clips.

  277. I like the wide seat and the 26″ seat back because our two year old is a big guy!

  278. Colleen B says:

    I love that the handle is adjustable. I have the previous City Mini and that is one thing I think is missing from it. I also love the quick and easy fold.

  279. YouTube username: jmlushbough

  280. Denise M says:

    I like the mesh window – living in a hot climate, it gets very sweaty in there plus then i can see her more

  281. Colleen B says:

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  284. Karie G. says:

    I’m loving the forever air tire and the higher weight limit.

  285. Kelly G says:

    Would love this stroller addition to go with my City Select!

  286. Ianina Bognanni says:

    Love the tires!

  287. sandra says:

    i like that the seat back is 21″

  288. Aviva R says:

    I LOVE the adjustable handlebar and the new forever air tires

  289. Aviva R says:

    youtube – outoftowner7

  290. this is a great stroller. id love to win this one!!

  291. Christy Sallay says:

    Love the adjustable handlebar and the forever air tires on the GT! The hand brake is pretty cool too.

  292. Rachelle P says:

    I love the new tires and the larger seat !!!

  293. Naomi Blumberg says:

    Great options for the mesh or cover-up with the reclined seat.

  294. Maria says:

    I love the new forever air tires! Awesome!

  295. Christy Sallay says:

    Already follow you on Youtube. Name Crispbug.

  296. Ianina Bognanni says:

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  297. I love the easy recline on the stroller, like you said, it’s great for a newborn! As a single mom-to-be, I could really use the nifty little things that save time and grow with my son!

  298. Maria says:

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  302. love those forever tires! i follow you on pinterest: kate_odonnell and subscribe to your youtube: leilafancypants.

  303. I love that the harness straps don’t have to be re-threaded which would save a ton of time switching between kids…also the tires and ability to cover different terrains.

  304. Pinterest username: kjdominguez

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    Love the forever air tires and automatic lock! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I am a You Tube subscriber (mandyntx1), and I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx)

  308. Love the City Mini and love the new features!

  309. I love the adjustable handle bars bc i’m a shorter mom. I also love how easy it looks to maneuver! very handy if daddys not around to help open doors etc..
    Pinterest and Twitter: EMudge

  310. Alicyn says:

    I like the mesh window so sleeping babies won’t get so sweaty.

  311. arlene e says:

    I really like how they bent the bar in the back of the stroller so that the basket can be reached easier from the back. Also like the new tires, which are different from the original city mini. I have had my eyes on this stroller now for a while. Would love it for my 5 month old! What a great early bday present for me!!!

    youtube nandae888

  312. My favorite new feature is the easier access to the basket.

  313. Molly L says:

    It’s so hard to pick my favorite feature! I guess I’ll go with the adjustable handlebar!

  314. Alicyn says:

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    I love the new wheels on this stroller!

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    i like the adjustable handle bar.

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  323. kailee cherry says:

    Love the extra room and that it accomidates taller children. :)

  324. Mandy Friedland says:

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  325. chris conanan says:

    love the fact that it has adjustable handlebar and a mesh window. what a package

  326. dasha says:

    I love the taller seat back since my kids are super tall

  327. Rachel m says:

    I love those forever air tires, the mesh when seat is reclined, big canopy!!
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  328. Megan Rock says:

    love the easy adjustable straps!!

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  330. Love the tires & straps!

  331. Keri R says:

    I love the adjustable handle and the easy access basket.

  332. margo B. says:

    all terrain tires- does it for me and the overall sleek look of the stroller
    I follow you on FB, Twitter,
    You tube: underthestarrysky05
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  333. I would love to own this one. I have always wanted one but way out of my budget!

  334. Laura Miller says:

    I LOVE the max weight!!! And the brake, and the easy fold! EVERYTHING!

  335. Love the forever air tires and the one hand push (always helpful having a free hand)!

  336. Pauline says:

    I love that the seat is bigger on this model! Of course, the huge canopy rocks!

  337. Alejandra S. says:

    Love the huge canopy.. and the color!!

  338. Alejandra S. says:

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  339. Laura Miller says:

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  340. Estee Aronow says:

    LOVE this stroller! the fold, the huge seat and especially the new tires and the adjustable handle!!!

  341. Sarah says:

    Adjustable handle bars are soo great for a short mom like me and my tall husband!

  342. Laura Miller says:

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  343. Alejandra S. says:

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  344. ilanit hersh says:

    I love the new handlebar

  345. Sarah K. says:

    I love the adjustable handle bar, the forever-air tires and the fact that this stroller can be used by an infant all the way up t0 a 65lb child. To top it all off- it folds VERY easily. We are definitely sold on this stroller!

  346. Estee Aronow says:


    pinterest: Estee Aronow

  347. Mandy Kubik says:

    I love the increased weight capacity up to 65lbs.!

  348. Kimberly Terrio says:

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    Love the new tires! Baby jogger makes a great stroller!

  349. Ashley says:

    I love so much about this stroller but I would say my favorites are the mesh window for recline and the padded harness that adjust so easily!

  350. Heidi says:

    I love this stroller so so much. Want! :D

  351. jennifer lynch says:

    I love the full mesh top that allows air flow!

  352. rachel byman says:

    i love how easy it is to fold, and the forever air tires and the canopy!

  353. Ashley says:

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    i live the easy access to the storage on bottom, the adjustable handle bars, and the awesome quick fold. This is my dream stroller!

  357. Christina Brundick says:

    adjustable handle is great!

  358. Erin D says:

    This is the stroller I’ve been wanting! Love the canopy, the size, I want it!

  359. Marsha says:

    I love the new GT model with the more accessible basket, the new tires that will go over any surface, and especially the new 65 lb. weight limit!

  360. Mfmcw says:

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  361. Pauline says:

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    The fold looks so easy. So much sleeker than the clunky stroller I use.

  363. Marsha says:

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  365. Elizabeth P. says:

    I like the higher weight limit, great for older kiddos (I could wear baby and let older dd ride if she gets tired. I also like the forever air tires and the hand brake :D

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  366. Erin D says:

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  367. Jenny V says:

    I needed a stroller a while back and wanted this but couldn’t wait.

  368. jamie fox says:

    The fold on these still get me every time! I want it!
    youtube crscofield

  369. Rizza says:

    Luv that it has more space, plus adjustable handles!

  370. Jenny V says:

    I love the deep seat, the reg City Mini from last year did not have that and that is one of the big reason why I didn’t get it last year.

  371. Celeste Parks says:

    There is so much to choose about this one…. where to begin? I love the handles, the fold, the tires…

  372. Robyn Winner says:

    I LOVE that the buckle adjusting is SO EASY!!!! Also LOVE the big canopy. And the ease of fold. And the big tires. And how stylish it is. Did I mention I would LOVE to own this stroller!!!!!
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  373. Adrienne G. says:

    The handbrake is a genius idea!

  374. Celeste Parks says:

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  375. Jessica R. says:

    I love the fold and adjustable handle:)

  376. Kim C. says:

    Love the hand brake and the adjustable handle. The easy fold is so great!

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  377. Allende says:

    This is the one we need to get back in shape.

  378. Allende says:

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  379. Alison says:

    I love everything about the city lines! Finally some mommies got involved in the production! ;)

  380. Conor says:

    great incentive for the bay and parent to get outside!

  381. Conor says:

    great incentive for the *baby* and parent to get outside!

  382. Bri B says:

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  383. Rachel P. says:

    I love how easy it would be to travel with.

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  384. Bri B says:

    My favorite new feature is the adjustable handlebars.

  385. Wonderful basket adjustment! It eliminates the struggle to get your diaper bag in and have it hanging from the handle bar. Love it. That and the adjustable handle. Great features.

  386. Bri B says:

    I like you on facebook.

  387. Kara P. says:

    Love the fold and basket!

  388. Kristin Fain says:

    I love the CM GT!!! I like that they added better wheels, a more plush seat, a hand brake and an adjustable handle. I want this stroller sooooo bad!

  389. Devorah says:

    you can never have too many strollers!

  390. Sophia L says:


  391. Iris Bentley says:

    I love the all-terrain tires and the non-threading belt system. I also love the storage pocket and basket
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  392. Kim T says:

    This stroller is so awesome! I could write a song about it! Can I say I love everything about it, but I love how it folds best!!

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    I love the tires and the easy fold!

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  395. Nakayla says:

    I would love a stroller like this but can’t afford one….would be perfect for my new little one that’s due in june!

  396. Devorah says:

    my favorite feature is the all terrain wheels! my stroller now can hardly go over cracks in the street.

  397. Those new wheels are great and love the 65 lb weight limit. I also follow you on Facebook and Pinterest – as Jessica Phelan

  398. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I love the super easy fold and lock! Also that it’s the only stroller you need from birth and up!

  399. Angie A. says:

    Love the easy fold and the canopy is huge!

  400. Joyce H says:

    I think that the better access to the backet alone wonderful. Plus I love the automatic lock.

  401. Kim T says:

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  402. Rebecca S says:

    I LOVE this stroller. I like the adjustable rubber handlebar. The all-terrain tires are also great.

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  403. Cassandra Eastman says:

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  405. Keith S says:

    Great Maneuverability. I really wanted to get this stroller, hopefully this is my chance.

  406. Sarah Hamilton says:

    The all-terrain wheels are GREAT! Love the city Mini!!

  407. Sarah Hamilton says:

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  408. Lindsey DeVylder says:

    Hooray for adjustable handles and forever air tires!

  409. LOVE the new all-terrain tires!

  410. allison says:

    the all terrain tires

  411. Julieanna Shaffner says:

    I love the new curved bar on the lower storage basket. We have the City Mini Double stroller and my only complaint is that it is difficult to use the storage compartment under the stroller. And I totally agree that the peak-a-boo windows should use magnets.

  412. Pearl says:

    Love that you will never have to fill the tires! Always ready for taking out this way!

  413. Jenna says:

    I love the recline

  414. YouTube – myhouseofboys

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    Love the recline and fold! Youtube and pinterest nat5732

  417. Elena Thomas says:

    I would love to win!! This looks like such an awesome stroller I just had twins 5 wks ago so im still looking for the perfect stroller
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  418. sarah peters says:

    The new tires are great!

  419. Lindsey DeVylder says:
  420. Barbara W says:

    I like the adjustable handle and the almost full recline seat!

  421. J Rogers says:

    the forever air tires!

  422. Katie says:

    Seat size, recline, just about everything :)

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  423. Nicole L says:

    Do I have to pick ONE feature?! Those glorious tires! The lock for the fold! The better basket! The adjustable handle! Love all of those!!

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    Love the handlebar and taller seat…love joggers in general!

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  428. WOW! I don’t think I can just pick one feature – the almost full recline for an infant or sleepy toddler. The amazing coverage of the canopy with two windows and of course the easily adjustable straps

  429. Danielle b says:

    Love the one hand fold and that it has an automatic lock!

  430. Danielle b says:

    Love the one hand fold and the Automatic lock!

  431. Cortney says:

    Well I just bought mine, but one can nvr have too many fabulous strollers… I’ve been very happy with the adjustable handlebar, handbrake, and larger basket (plus we got a GReAT deal).

  432. Love the fold and adjustable handlebar

  433. The automatic lock is fabulous!!

  434. Love the recline and fold!

  435. Katie H says:

    The quick fold is amazing! I’ve tried it in stores and it works great!

  436. Sonya Morris says:

    I love everything about it, especially the tires and canopy!
    Youtube username is sonyamorris5.

  437. Lena Naef says:

    I love the roomy seat, the adjustable handle and the forever air tires! I’d love to win this awesome stroller.

  438. Love the fold!

  439. Rachel Kon says:

    taller, more solid seat, and the adjustable handle are awesome!!

  440. Rachel Kon says:

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  441. Nothing beats the one hand fold and those amazing tires.

  442. Brianna Byman says:

    the tall seat back!

  443. Brianna Byman says:

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  444. Stephanie Gerardot says:

    Love the forever air tires!

  445. Nicole Siljander Jacobson says:

    I love the canopy and the all-terrain tires! I would be having FUN exercise with this and my tot!

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  449. I love the tires! You Tube – Molly Imming-Balanger m.imming.balangero

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  451. Kate McBride says:

    Love the huge canopy – great sun protection and the forever air tires. :)

    Pintrest – txkaters

  452. I like the hand break and the one hand lock.

  453. Rebecca Posner says:

    I loooove the way this stroller folds! Looks so easy to handle with a baby in one arm and keeping track of a preschooler at the same time.

  454. I love the quick, one handed fold!

  455. Pinterest follower – Emery Blanton

  456. I like how compact the stroller folds.
    youtube: yacovmalen

  457. nicoleb says:

    Love the compact fold with automatic lock

  458. I love the new tires that can handle all-terrain!

  459. Deborah says:

    I love the fold on the stroller!

  460. Pinterest: maryrmcpherson

  461. Deanna says:

    I LOVE the all terrain feature…. so useful for someone who runs!!!

  462. Katie S says:

    I LOVE the fold and how compact it is!

  463. Katie S says:

    pinterest-ksander26 or katie sander

  464. Rachael M. says:

    my favorite part is how easy it folds. I hate struggling with the big bulky stroller and this one seems like its a breeze to manage. Love it!

  465. I really wish the GT had the more of the coloring on it though. Overall it’s a really dark stroller.

  466. Kristen R. says:

    love the forever-air tires!

  467. Jenn Hillman says:

    The easy folding is my favorite feature. I haave a huge double stroller now and it’s a pain in the butt to fold and put into my vehicle. I now need a nice easy foding and light weight stroller for our new baby girl. My older chidlren are done in the stroller!

  468. Oh an I’m subscribed on YouTube under TheLievense.

  469. Theresa J says:

    I like the curved bar on the storage basket.

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  470. Kaela T says:

    Love this deep set seat with the large shade cover!

  471. Love the easy adjust seat recline and easy fold!

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  472. claudia Cordova says:

    My favorite thing from this stroller is how easy it folds.

  473. claudia Cordova says:

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  474. Rachael M. says:

    youtube: rrmiller87

  475. msilba says:

    I love how far the seat reclines! More than most strollers I’ve seen, would be great for naps on the go!

  476. Heather P says:

    I have several favorites about this stroller. I love the way the handle bar adjusts and how the recline can be set at upright, flat or ANYWHERE in between. I also love how easy this is to fold and how compact it is when you are done!

  477. Rachael M. says:

    pinterest: Rachael Miller

  478. msilba says:

    Pinterest name–Michelle Silba Murphy

  479. Dana H says:

    Love the adjustable handlebar. I am not very tall so this is perfect!

  480. Crystal Robinson says:

    love the fold with automatic lock.
    youtube CrystalnNathaniel

  481. There is not much that I don’t like a bout this stroller. I love the adjustable handle, the large canopy and the hand break, just to name a few.

  482. jennifer leroux says:

    This looks like a really nice stroller! I would love to win!!

  483. Brooke Scott says:

    Love the easy fold and the forever air tires. pinterest user name is pineconepillow.

  484. Youtube name : Holly Foster

  485. Kelli M says:

    Every stroller should have clip adjustments like the GT, it is so annoying to rethread those straps. Love the curved bar on the under seat storage!

  486. Pintrest name : Holly Foster

  487. Claribel Michel says:

    Love the one handled fold..and the automatic lock!!
    YouTube: Clary Michel (Clary0423)
    Following on pinterest username Clary0423

  488. Meghan says:

    Favorite feature — the adjustable handle. Strollers without them are just not even worth looking at (sorry standard City Mini). Love the Baby Jogger strollers!
    Pinterest: awes2themax

  489. Lindsay says:

    my favorite is how well the stroller folds

  490. chris calderon says:

    I love the automatic lock and the fact that this City Mini GT stroller is so easy to fold.

  491. Jane Bullion says:

    Tires, tires, tires!!!! The tires are my favorite part of the GT!

  492. KellyVeit says:

    I love how it folds! Would be so easy with my older kid running around to get the baby in/ out. Love that I can take it on any surface as we can’t stop where the side walk ends.

  493. Jane Bullion says:

    Pinterest: jebullion

  494. Lindsay says:

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    ldove – pinterest follower
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  495. I want one so bad! I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! :)

  496. Katherine P-K says:

    Love the easy fold and giant sun shade.

  497. Jane Bullion says:

    Youtube: jebullion

  498. Kristi says:

    love the forever air tires and the easy fold!!

  499. Kristi says:
  500. Kristi says:

    You tube- kristibutler1

  501. The curved bar to get into the basket is awesome! And the hand break is great, I hate using my toes and/or scraping my shoes!

  502. youtube- camwabam515

  503. debby weiss says:

    i am obsessed with this stroller!!! there are so many things to love but the way it folds and how it folds up is probably one of my favorite features. I also love the amazing sun shade and how easy it is to maneuver.

  504. Anna Street says:

    I would LOVE to win this!!!!! I have a very tall almost-year-old and the bigger seat would be perfect for her. We’ve tried a few strollers and have had issues with the height of the seats. Also love the mesh with the cover on the back on seat. The top of the seat backs can be an issue for taller kids as well. LOVE IT!!!!

  505. debby weiss says:

    i follow you on pinterest : debusf

  506. Anna Street says:

    …And my both my YouTube and Pinterest names are astreet99. Thanks for these great giveaways!!!

  507. debby weiss says:

    and youtube : debusf

  508. LIndsay says:

    I love the curved basket to stuff big diaper bags in and out.

  509. jennifer lynch says:

    youtube ID jalyn30

  510. Monika Russo says:

    I can’t decide between the new forever air tires or the adjustable handle. Both awesome upgrades. I need this stroller!

  511. jennifer lynch says:

    pinterest jalyn23

  512. Anna Street says:

    I meant to say very tall almost-two-year old!! Was typing fast because I was excited about the stroller!!!

  513. I like how it folds!

  514. erin dreyer says:

    I love an easy to fold stroller

  515. Youtube: homeemma

  516. jennifer lynch says:
  517. Monika Russo says:

    Subscribed on youtube, username hampyfew.

  518. Kristen Seguin says:

    adjustable handlebar

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  522. Stacia says:

    pinterest username AZStaish

  523. Melissa R. says:

    Love that it has forever-air, all-terrain tires.

  524. my favorite featureis the easy folding
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  525. Melissa R. says:

    YouTube: ashkai808
    Pinterest: melissararama

  526. This win would be a dream come true! Love that easy fold!

  527. Elizabeth Pyo says:

    I love the huge canopy!

    youtube – elizabethpyo

  528. Love your videos You Tube: meedebi

  529. Stacia says:

    I like the mesh back when the seat is down! Perfect for AZ!

  530. Michelle says:

    I love the forever air tires!!

  531. I love the lock feature when you collapse it!

  532. Nicole says:

    love the all-terrain tires and the touch of orange on it!
    pinterest name: knicoleallen

  533. Michelle says:

    You Tube: michelle24836

  534. I follow on YouTube: picantepina an pinterest: SarahV_MPLS/Sarah Vold

  535. Jaimee Baker says:

    Love the adjustable handle!

  536. Jaimee Baker says:

    Pinterest: jaimee830

  537. Lynn S says:

    Wow I love so many features on this one! The mesh screen when fully reclined is a nice touch.

  538. Erin Horton says:

    LOVE this stroller, especially the air filled wheels! It will be so easy to move on gravel and dirt!!

  539. Lynn S says:

    I posted the giveaway on my blog at

  540. Lynn S says:

    Youtube subscriber: LMS1030

  541. Love the fold and the tires!

  542. Lynn S says:

    Pinterest Follower: LS1030

  543. mirkas says:

    Love the new version.

  544. Brett S says:

    I like the lock by hand feature and the forever tires.

  545. Brett S says:

    Youtube subscriber: Chaoss1

  546. Bonnie Schwartz says:

    Love the massive canopy and the all terrain tires with the forever air!
    Youtube: mybabysmama723
    Pintrest: bonnie723

  547. Brett S says:

    Pinterest follower: bsvensontwo

  548. i love the adjustable handle, the tires, the sun shade, and the storage it has, what a great stroller!

  549. Brett S says:
  550. Hannah says:

    Love the no re-thread harness and the 65lb weight capacity!

  551. you tube- Sydni Moore

  552. Emily m says:

    The wheels are a great feature!

  553. fraidy says:

    like harness ,bigger seat ,handle bar

  554. Chelsey H. says:

    Love the large canopy & large weight capacity! I also love that the hand break is on the side!!!! And OH-MY, look at that awesome fold!!!! Would love to have this stroller!

  555. Ashlie Fuller says:

    I love the easy fold. I also like the new tires for the GT. youtube name is Scooter2698

  556. pintrest-sydnipgi

  557. Karina says:

    I love the deep seat and height for a big child. Love the avocado color. It looks so awesome. Love!

  558. fraidy says:

    youtube – fraidy

  559. fraidy says:

    like handle , seat size for bigger child , harness

  560. brooke says:

    Love the forever air tires! My old jogger gets flats all the time!

  561. Tasha R says:

    Love the easy one hand fold!

  562. fraidy says:

    i follow pin – fraidy

  563. Chelsey H. says:

    Blog Post:

    You Tube: Lostfanatic2342

    Pinterest: Chelsey Helman

  564. brooke says:
  565. Rebecca says:

    Love the beefy tires and huge seat!

  566. brocha says:

    my favorite feature is the big canopy

  567. Kristin says:

    Would love to have this!

  568. Kim S. says:

    Would LOVE the GT!!! The forever air tires on a city mini is the best combination!

  569. Beth H says:

    I love the 65lb weight limit.

  570. love the forever air tires!

  571. Beth H says:

    Liked on pinterest

  572. Michelle E. says:

    easy to fold

  573. Sara Wilson says:

    My favorite feature is the forever air filled tires! And the weight capacity of 65 pounds! Pinterest name Sara Wilson

  574. Nicole C. says:

    I love the weight capacity and the 8 1/2 ” all terrain tires! I love the maneuverability and how it easy it folds, too!

  575. Nicole C. says:

    I follow yo how Pinterest Nicole618

  576. Nicole C. says:

    I subscribe to youtube

  577. Steph W says:

    Love the large canopy!

  578. Favorite features easy fold and forever air tires
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    youtube karjac13
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs

  579. Zhanna says:

    I like how big and deep the seat is.

  580. Zhanna says:

    youtube zlp89

  581. Steph W says:

    I subscribe to youtube via google: steph.l.wain

  582. Heather Bowler says:

    I love this stroller! The all terrain tires are awesome! I love that the handlebar is adjustable too. This would be perfect for me and my new baby boy! I’d love to win it!

  583. Carey A says:

    Love the three different canopy settings and being all terrain.

    pinterest: andcar05
    youtube: and20car05

  584. Sharon says:

    I love the all terrain air filled tires. I bet that makes for a smooth ride :)

  585. Love the large canopy! And the all terrain!

  586. Gladys Z. says:

    I’ve always loved the easy fold of this stroller!

  587. Victoria says:

    i love the air filled tires!

  588. Gladys Z. says:

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    pinterest username: pamilya

  589. Victoria says:
  590. Victoria says:

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  591. Crystal Robinson says:

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  592. Victoria says:
  593. Lauren says:

    The adjustable harness! I hate having to take a stroller apart to get the height right.

  594. I don’t which feature I love the best the way the shoulder straps adjust, the way the stroller closes or the tires!! What an AMAZING stroller!!

  595. Jen C. says:

    I love the clipping straps that don’t need to be rethreaded!

  596. I’m a Baby Gizmo YouTube follower as ConnieGRG2

  597. Jennifer says:

    This is the first time I watch baby gizmo video I’m super impressed love how you demonstrate with the kids ADORABLE! Love the canopy on this stroller it also covers the cold wind but I think I like the easy fold even more :)

  598. I love that it can carry up to 65 lbs

  599. heather says:

    my favorite feature is the canopy and how it covers so much

  600. Noelle Lang says:

    I love the easy fold!!!

  601. Heidi says:

    Where do I start with favorite feature!? I love them all! Especially the huge canopy!!!

  602. Heidi says:

    speechieheidi on youtube!

  603. Laura C. says:

    I love the “forever air” tires. So wonderful!
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  604. Heidi says:


  605. Whitney says:

    I love that the seat has a one handed recline and can almost fully recline for my newborn!

  606. Dana H says:

    mybyronhouse on youtube

  607. Alicia G. says:

    I love how the shoulder straps adjust and the tires!
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  609. Whitney says:

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  611. My favorite feature is that it folds up so small and I can store it in small places.

  612. I love the forever air tires and adjustable handlebar!

  613. Alison R. says:

    There are so many things i love about this stroller… the easy folding.. canopy… all terrain. I’m due in August and could really use this stroller for jogging to get the baby weight off! Fingers crossed!

  614. Pazit says:

    love that the basket on the bottom is curved to allow for easy access to put large things in and take things out

  615. Brandi says:

    I love that the seat is breathable!

  616. Brittany says:

    I love how big the canopy is. Our old stroller does not cover the sun with such a huge shade.

  617. Jeremie C says:

    Love the easy one-handed fold!

    Youtube: J312M5

  618. Tian H. says:

    My favorite feature is adjustable handlebar.
    youtube username: putrikinasih
    Pinterest name: Tian Kinasih

  619. Vineetha says:

    I like the tires, adjustable handles. and the compact fold.

  620. Aliza Leifer says:

    LOVE the new air wheels. so now its still mini but pushes better!

  621. Andrea V says:

    I love the forever tires.
    you tube
    pintrest aveeneman

  622. Senta says:

    Love the giant canopy! No more sunburns!

  623. Senta says:

    youtube- pfeifferjustin

  624. Senta says:

    Pinterest- sentap

  625. Aliza Leifer says:

    pinterest- aliza leifer

  626. Roxanne C says:

    I like the adjustable handlebars.

  627. Shira Abberbock says:

    love the one hand fold and the hand brakes. pinterest: sra2131

  628. Steve V says:

    I like how much moveablity it has. I could pop a wheelie with it. :)

  629. Audra D says:

    I love the large seat!

  630. Marci says:

    I like the All Terrain Tires!

  631. Audra D says:


  632. Marci says:

    YouTube: moushkabug

  633. Audra D says:


  634. I love small and easy folds!
    Youtube: plumswith
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  635. Dawn Mallory Listner says:

    This stroller has been my dream stroller since I had my 3rd baby! I love the full-coverage canopy, the easy folding and storage, and the fluid maneuverability. Now that I have baby #4 I want this stroller more than EVER!

  636. laurie says:

    I like the compact fold and adjustable handlebar.

  637. Eugenia Nieto says:

    I love, love, love the air tires and adjustable handle bar!

  638. Jean Tass says:

    I <3 this stroller! My favorite feature is the fold.

    Pinterest: superjean
    YouTube: supereyejean

  639. Caroline Kelly says:

    Easy fold and uh…new wheels!!! LOVE em!

  640. Eugenia Nieto says:

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  641. Amber Reddell says:

    I love the mega canopy along with the adjustable handle.

  642. Amber Reddell says:

    Pinned and pinterest name Amber Reddell

  643. Esther Levitansky says:

    Favorite part of gt is big wheels cushion seat
    my youtube name is weingirls

  644. Jenny says:

    Seems unbelievable that they have made this amazing stroller even better!! I LOVE the curved bar for better access to the basket underneath. The handle bar height is perfect for me as a taller mom but the adjustable feature is terrific for the times grandma and little cousins are out with us. I’m so- impressed with the City Mini, this is really a company that listens to parents and takes real world usage into consideration. Great highlight video!

  645. Michelle Wiszowaty says:

    I love how it folds and I love that the wheels aren’t the cheap plastic ones!

  646. DanielleG says:

    The new tires are a great improvement for using with heavier kids!

  647. Michelle Wiszowaty says:

    youtube name: pitagirl77
    pinterest name: pitagirl77

  648. Nancy C. says:

    Both the canopy and easy turn all terrain wheels are great for taking baby for runs!

  649. Grace says:

    The BJCM GT has so many great features! I love the super huge canopy, the easy fold and adjustable handle.

  650. DanielleG says:


  651. DanielleG says:


  652. Jessica says:

    Love the easy fold! YouTube: jessmarkus Pinterest: Jessica Levy Markus

  653. Serena Stone says:

    I love the one handed fold and the two peekaboo windows!

  654. Grace says:

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  655. Jenny says:

    I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel! I’m so glad my friend pinned this giveaway -Baby Gizmo is a super helpful resource!

    YouTube: jh05kelly

  656. Kelly Walro Petz says:

    I love the easy fold. And I love that we just purchased the City Select in Onyx this afternoon at Elephant Ears in Ann Arbor and this City Mini would be a great additional stroller to have for running errands!
    pinterest name – kellypetz
    youtube name – kellywalro

  657. Halley Parker says:

    I love that there is the capacity for a large bag, I cant seem to leave the house with out the kitchen sink so this is perfect. I also love that they have the two peek in windows depending on how sunny it is that day.

    Youtube CaseysMix10 channel
    Pinterest HalleyParker

  658. Fallon says:

    The fold looks amazing!!!

  659. Karen T says:

    I love so many things! I love the adjustable handlebar, the forever air tires, super compact fold for an AT stroller WITH automatic lock yay!

  660. Karen T says:

    youtube username caseytee95

  661. David says:

    the one hand fold is great!

  662. Kamila says:

    Love this one!

  663. Margaret says:

    The tires and handbrake!

  664. Christina Parker says:

    I LOVE everything about this stroller it’s a dream stroller, my favorite things about it are the huge canopy, new all terain non air tires easy folding big seat and 65lbs weight capacity.

  665. Christina Parker says:

    I like this blog post!

  666. Christina Parker says:

    I like babygizmo on facebook!

  667. Stacy Sallah says:

    I love the City Mini GT. It sounds almost like the perfect stroller. The new wheels and the adjustable handlebar are truly great improvements to the existing City Mini. I would LOVE this stroller!!!

  668. Christina Parker says:

    My you tube name is Chrisp8007

  669. Daisie B says:

    My favorite is the wheels and the canopy!!

  670. Rivka Teitelbaum says:

    I love the new wheels and the new brake! Would love to have this for my little one

  671. marsha aristyl romero says:

    love love love the city mini GT…love the fact that it can accommodate a large weight capacity, it has a flexible handle bar, and love the fact that it moves easily…

  672. marsha aristyl romero says:

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  673. Love the easy lock.

  674. marsha aristyl romero says:

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  675. Maria says:

    Love the one handed fold!

  676. Maria says:

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  679. Kendra says:

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  680. Molly Bussler says:

    What’s NOT to love about this stroller…it has just about everything! I love the air tires, the 65lbs. capacity and the adjustable handles..etc. Thanks for this chance…and the best of luck to everyone.

  681. Molly Bussler says:

    Youtube – Mollydo2

  682. Molly Bussler says:

    Pinerest Follower – Molly Bussler

  683. Lisa I. says:

    I love the adjustable handle!

    YouTube – mycatnormie
    Pinterest – mycatnormie

  684. Mike Parker says:

    I love the flexible handle bar and how easy it is to fold and move this stroller around. Great stroller!

  685. I love this stroller!!! Absolutely beautiful! My favorite feature is the HUGE mesh window that allows fresh air to circulate within the stroller! Little one will be comfy and stylish in this stroller!

  686. Summer B says:

    I love that it hold a child up to 65 lbs, and the clip on the straps to adjust them instead of having to re-thread them! I would love to have a jogger, and this one is so nice!

  687. Subscribed to your youtube channel: SuperShabooka

  688. Edith says:

    I love the tires of this one. Looks easy to maneuver.

  689. Love following you on Pinterest: bandshalon

  690. Summer B says:

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    Pinterest name – Summer Simnacher Broome

  692. Sabrina Radke says:

    I love the huge weight limit and adjustable handles!
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    Pinterest follower-Eco Baby Mama Drama

  693. Mike Parker says:

    I like babygizmo on facebook

  694. Amanda Miller says:

    I love that you don’t have to rethread the harness straps!

  695. jjcassidy11 says:

    I LOVE the esy fold and the air-filled tires!

    Pinterest – Janine Bonanno Cassidy
    YouTube – JJCassidy11

  696. I love the forever air tires! And the adjustable handle bar. Plus- the adjustment to the storage basket is really nice! Way to go Baby Jogger!

  697. Mike Parker says:

    I like htis blog post!

  698. pinterest: djacobs610

  699. Vanessa says:

    Love the forever air tires!

  700. Justin says:

    The City Mini GT looks so beast!

  701. Justin says:

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  702. Vanessa says:

    youtube: vannyshinbara

  703. teressa oliver says:

    Loved your youtube video. I liked all the features and explanations of how versatile it is as the child grows and all the weather protection with the canopies. The forever tires are great too

  704. teressa oliver says:

    My youtube name is teressa oliver

  705. Rachel says:

    My favorite feature is the wheels. I wish my stroller had those!

  706. Susan says:

    Love love the forever air tires. Please pick me!!

  707. I love the GT! Love the all terrain tires, huge canopy and the high weight limit. Liked on FB and follow you on Pinterst!

  708. amy warren says:

    love how easy it folds!!

  709. I love the GT! Love the tires, huge canopy and the high weight limit. Liked on FB and follow you on Pinterst!

  710. amy warren says:

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  712. LOVE the adjustable handle bar! Also the mesh window on the larger size seat!

  713. Michelle D. says:

    This stroller is AMAZING! Baby G and I would use it every day!

  714. Krista says:

    I follow you on Pinterest, and liked your facebook, and blog!! This stroller is awesome!!!

  715. Love the adjustable handlbars!!

  716. Margaret says:

    Love the self lock when you close it! It’s a great stroller!!

  717. Youtube username: dragonmonkey719

  718. looking for a reliable jogger. have heard good things about this model. thanks for the review.

  719. already like you on facebook :)

  720. Kelly L says:

    My favorite is the mesh peekaboo window and also the large extra storage pocket

  721. Kelly L says:

    Already follow on Pinterest. User name is Kelly Lorandos

  722. Jeanine says:

    I love all the extra room in this stroller! How ‘cool’ is the mesh back?! Great!!

  723. Logan Carl-Snyder says:

    Love the handlebars!!! Logan Carl-Snyder on pinterest and utube!!

  724. Michelle D. says:

    The forever air tires are incredible!

  725. Jailene forstie says:

    I love the new tires on the city mini GT! I hope I win!

  726. Jailene forstie says:

    youtube: jailand09 pintrest: jailene

  727. Tara Jacobs says:

    Love this stroller! We have the city mini currently but HATE the basket

  728. Kyle Morell says:

    I like the large canopy

  729. Suzanne says:

    I love the mesh back.
    youtube: suzchsh
    pinterest: suzchsh

  730. Katie J says:

    I love everything about this stroller… my favorite feature of all City Mini stollers is the one-hand fold, but the adjustable handlebar on the GT is what makes it perfect for me!

  731. christine jessamine says:

    my favorite feature is the adjustable handle! i love this stroller. thanks for the giveaway

  732. Alycia says:

    I love the one-hand fold. So convenient!

    Youtube: 48n9cartwrig

    Repinned via Pinterest: alyciacmorell

  733. I love the giant canopy and the super-easy fold with auto-lock. I also love a super smooth one-handed push so I can push the stroller and hold my four year olds hand while we walk. Almost forgot….the larger seat is great because I have tall kids!

  734. Katie J says:

    I subscribed to the Baby Gizmo You Tube channel with the username: kakate3855

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  736. Megan says:

    I love the one hand adjustable seat so nice and easy.

  737. Megan says:

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  739. whitney says:

    Love the forever air tires! I need this thing! :) :)

  740. shannon mills says:

    Reeeeeeealy want to win this stroller. Really! Liked you on Facebook, liked the Facebook post, following you on pinterest (shannonrmills), subscribed to you on youtube (shannonrmills). C’mon big money! Let’s win this thing!!!

  741. paula says:

    Definitely the larger seat! My son is huge for his age so this is my fav feature.

  742. paula says:

    yt username: ninamarley

  743. Love the 65 lb weight capacity and that you can also put a newborn in it because of the deep recline.
    Youtube: sugarsprinkle02
    Pinterest: Julie Fletcher Fisher

  744. Kate A says:

    Love the compact fold to fit in my small car trunk, and it’s not much heavier than the original City Mini!

  745. Gabriella Carballo says:

    I love these wheels! youtube gcar2568 pinterest gcc1987

  746. Deanna Camacho says:

    I’m loving the automatic lock and the basket access!

  747. Deanna Camacho says:

    you tube: deannacam213

  748. LedysCarol says:

    Love the one handed fold
    Youtube: mizzdevilicious
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  749. Deanna Camacho says:

    pinterest: deanna_camacho

  750. Laurel says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller!!! It would be great as I could just use it and not need a compact and an all terrain stroller!

  751. melissa p says:

    Seriously i love how easy it is to fold in seconds!!!

  752. melissa p says:

    Pinterest: Melissa Porras

  753. Katie J says:

    Following on Pinterest! username: Katie Jeffery

  754. melissa p says:

    You Tube: Melissa Porras

  755. min h says:

    love this stroller!

  756. Portability /ForeverAir tires that can go over the bumps and curbs.

  757. LAllen says:

    Pinterest name LesleyTA, YouTube name ltallen123 What’s not to love? The one handed fold. The adjustable handle. The large seat. The forever air tires. The multi level recline. The window for air circulation in our hot D.C. weather. Baby Heaven!

  758. Leslie Guenther says:

    I love how much this stroller reclines. I also can not believe how small this stroller folds.
    My Youtube name is Leslie Guenther

  759. I like the large mesh at the top of the seat. It gets hot here in the summer, and I often worry about overheating.

    My friend has the previous model of this and it seems so handy, I want this. :)

  760. Youtube ID fishsoup5

  761. Katy Hawalka says:

    The easy & compact fold is what makes City Mini perfect!

  762. Katy Hawalka says:

    YouTube name- 2002tak

  763. Katy Hawalka says:

    My pinterest name is Katy Hawalka

  764. carly pakenham says:

    this stroller is so easy to fold and has such a large canopy to protect the little one!! plus i really like the curve bar they put in the basket area!!! great thinking

  765. Pamela h says:

    I love the 65lb weight limit and how easy and compact it folds!!
    Pinterest- Pamela Schut horton

  766. allyn says:

    it’s so easy to fold. love it!

  767. christa says:

    I love how it folds.

  768. allyn says:

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  769. allyn says:

    pinterest: aeltanal

  770. Kristin says:

    I love how easy this stroller is to fold!

  771. kelley says:

    My favorite new feature is the forever air tires.

  772. Melissa says:

    I already love the regular city mini, but I’m really excited that the gt will have an easier to access basket

  773. Keri M says:

    I love that it has a high weight limit, and the one-handed fold looks super easy!

  774. Mary Withrow says:

    I really like this stroller. I love how wide and comfortable it looks. I like the canopy and the easy brake. With these wheels it appears it would also be more comfortable to ride in!

  775. aliza says:

    the one hand fold is great!

  776. Katie B says:

    My favorite features are the 65 pound weight limit and the forever air tires.

  777. aliza says:

    youtube: alizaptalis

  778. i like how easily it folds up!

  779. Katie B says:

    Katie Callahan Brennan on facebook
    thecaitbrennan on youtube on pinterest

  780. Melissa says:

    My YouTube name is orangecurls1

  781. Melissa says:

    I also love the hand break, no more ruining the top of my shoes!

  782. Jessica H. says:

    I really like the forever air tires, but the automatic locking system is really awesome. Looks so easy to fold and unfold.

  783. Jessica H. says:

    I also follow you on pinterest – jadedainjel

  784. my fav feature are those killer tires.

  785. My fave feature is the brake up top
    youtube as votepetrelli at yahoo dot com
    pintrest as lbandj

  786. Magdalena says:

    I love air tires and one hand fold! You tube mkartvelis

  787. I wanted the BJ mini until I saw this… I really want this now.

  788. Todd J says:

    I like the huge canopy and bigger seat

  789. Stacey says:

    Love the adjustable handle for this tall momma!

  790. Emily says:

    I love how easy it is to fold and my husband is obsessed with the handbrake

  791. Stacey says:

    Youtube: pumkin2179

  792. i love the recline on this and the big basket!

  793. Todd J says:

    I subscribed to. The YouTube channel, username is Todd Jeffery/

  794. Stacey says:

    Pin Name: ssdavis09

  795. Jillian Volk says:

    I love the forever air tires!!!

    My youtube name is Jillian Volk.
    My Pinterest name is Jillian Volk.

  796. Erica S says:

    I love the storage!

  797. Amy D. says:

    My favorite feature would have to be the easy fold with the automatic lock. So cool!

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  800. Amy D. says:

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  804. Naomi says:

    I love the compact fold. Also love the forever air tires! Youtube= TheNmski. Follow you on pinterest= nmski.

  805. Oh wow I love how easy it is to fold it….and in ONE hand – lol

  806. youtube – mimidavid1907

  807. Pinterest – mimidavid2

  808. Carly says:

    My favorite feature is the easy and compact fold!

  809. Carly says:

    Following on Pinterest – cdbrown19

  810. Beth B says:

    This form isn’t long enough for me to post all the things I love about the BJCM GT. It’s seriously one of the perfect strollers made even better. I love love the forever tires. And the adjustable handlebar. And the canopy. I’m swooning!

    Youtube and Pinetrest name = Bgailr312

  811. Brooke M says:

    I LOVE the super large sun shade

    Youtube- GandBsmommie
    Pinterest- Brooke Mukai

  812. Danielle says:

    I love so much about this stroller! The mesh back to the seat, the clips on the seat instead of rethreading. The curved bar so you can get into the basket is genius. This seems like a really great stroller.

    Seriously love the large canopy also!


  813. I love the humongous canopy and the mesh for seat ventilation!

  814. I follow on Pinterest as Anastasia Borisyuk

  815. I subscribe on youtube as ecobabyz

  816. Carolyn says:

    I have babysat for so many years and have found so many strollers to be very cumbersome and difficult to figure out. I loveee how this stroller has so many easy features. I love the adjustable handle bars and how roomy the seat is. It really seems to fit everything I am looking for in a stroller and would be beyond excited to have this for my first kid!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  817. Tonya King says:

    love the 65 lb weight limit, how far it reclines, and the 2 windows to view the baby.

  818. Youtube name:

  819. Shterna says:

    Love how compact it is

  820. Aubrie G. says:

    I like how far it reclines and how easy it is to use!

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  821. Tonya King says:

    subscribed to youtube channel: tonyaking123
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  822. Darcy Piteg says:

    I loved the 65 lb weight limit, since my 2.5 year old is currently 37lbs. – but then you did the cool one handed fold and the automatic click- and it was amazing! I want to win this super bad!

  823. Hannalore Kirkaldy says:

    I LOVE that you dont have to re thread the straps! Such a hassle. Just unclip and re clip! Amazing!

  824. Darcy Piteg says:

    Pinterest: Darcy Piteg

  825. Darcy Piteg says:

    You Tube Username: Darcy Piteg

  826. Katie says:

    So much to love! I think my favorites are the canopy, the deep recline, and the hand brake.

  827. Mindy says:

    My favorite feature is a toss-up between the awesome canopy and the super fast fold!

  828. Mindy says:

    youtube and pinterest username: whavens2w2

  829. Hannalore Kirkaldy says:

    Youtube: Hannalore.Goulette
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  830. Erin T. says:

    This stroller ROCKS! LOVE the large basket and HUGE canopy…our little man is due in 26 days, he’d look amazing in it :-)

  831. Christina f says:

    I love the city mini and the gt is awesome because of it’s wheels. I can go over rougher terrain! I also love the hand brake!
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  832. Erin T. says:

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  833. Katie says:

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  835. Kim P. says:

    My favorite feature is the forever air tires.
    Following you on Pinterest, name Kimbobolini.

  836. Maureen Modic says:

    **I love how large the canopy is! A must have for me! Also the great hand lock!!!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  837. JLin Mei says:

    I like the adjustable handlebar.

  838. Darcy Piteg says:

    Blogged about it:

  839. Wei Qi Luo says:

    I like the forever tires

  840. Katie says:

    I love the fold!

  841. Wei Qi Luo says:

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  842. Kate Hebert says:

    So mange great features. I love the fold!

  843. Sarah Richardson says:

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  844. I borrowed this stroller from my sister and now I HAVE to have it, I LOVE everything about it!

  845. Kate Hebert says:

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  846. Sarah Richardson says:

    Pinterest email

  847. Chanie says:

    I love the adjustable handlebar and the new brake!

  848. Kate Hebert says:

    Pinterest. Kate.h.hebert

  849. Chanie says:

    youtube: chanie617

  850. Ellen Moore says:

    Oh man, I really, really hope I win. I love the features of the new City Mini GT. My favorite feature is the forever tires, my husband’s would be the adjustable handle bar.

  851. Randi says:

    I love absolutely everything about this stroller – twice over! We have the double but I’m dying to get the single version now that our oldest wants to walk during outings! It’d be such a blessing to win this! Fingers crossed! Super tightly!

  852. Randi says:

    PS – the folding is my favorite if I have to choose ;)

  853. Ellen Moore says:

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    Youtube name: cajundiver1

  854. Randi says:

    Pinterest – Randi Wall

  855. I like the adjustable handlebar.
    You tube superindecisivegirl
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  856. rachel says:

    the one hand fold is for sure the best thing ever!

  857. adina says:

    favorite stroller ever- perfect combo of mini and elite!!!

  858. Addison Kat says:

    Gotta love the forever air tires!! No flats!

  859. Addison Kat says:

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    Pinterest: Addison Kat

  861. Michelle D. says:

    Subscribed to your youtube channel…name mhdeller.

  862. Tiffany Stanley says:

    Love the new foam filled rubber tires.

  863. Leslie says:

    The canopy is my favorite! It’s so big!

  864. Tiffany Stanley says:

    You Tube: Stanleytwinsanity

  865. Christina C says:

    Love the basket space and how they curved the bar, so it’s easier for bags to get in.

  866. The 65 pound weight limit plus the ease of use. Perfect!

  867. love the quick adjust shoulder harness, great for my 3 year old and 5 year old

  868. The curved bar on the bottom to fit larger items is great!

  869. Love the 65pounds capacity limit. Youtube: Mrslingling168 Pinterest: Ling H

  870. Tiffany Stanley says:

    Pinterest: Stanleytwins

  871. Laura Godi says:

    I would love to win this stroller! I love the color :)

  872. Leslie says:

    YouTube Username: ourlittlebranch
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    I blogged about the giveaway here:

  873. Beth D says:

    I love everything about this stroller and would love to own one. If I had to pick one thing it would be the forever tires.

  874. Sara Roth says:

    Gotta love no flats, easy brake and reclining seat. Seems like an awesome stroller.

  875. Marie says:

    I like clipable straps neat idea. the weight limit is great as well becasue well my 2.5 years old needs a stroller that can handle her size

  876. pinterest: mari/graciethebeagle

  877. Beth D says:

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  878. Sarah grogan says:

    Love the new seat back!

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  880. sherri says:

    I would love this stroller.

  881. Marie says:

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  882. Sarah grogan says:
  883. Kirstie Haataja says:

    Would love to win this for my 1 year old! Would fit nicely in the back of my van!

  884. israel y says:

    i like the one hand fold

  885. Sara Roth says:

    pinterest follower sara_alice

  886. Goldie sabel says:

    love the adjustable handlebar

  887. Colleen says:

    My favorite feature is that the stroller has adjustable handlebars!

  888. sherri says:

    I like the adjustable handlebar. My husband would love a stroller with that feature.

  889. whitney says:

    one hand fold

  890. Katherine says:

    The fold, I LOVE that BJ fold! But really whats not to love!

  891. Leeanna H. says:

    I love the forever tires and easy to access basket!

  892. Kirstie Haataja says:

    Suscribed to youtube

  893. Leeanna H. says:

    youtube: leeannamarie5

  894. Sachi Webb says:

    Would love to have the adjustable handlebar!

  895. Stephanie Unks says:

    Love the improved wheels!!!

  896. Mariel Bustamante says:

    I have been wanting a jogger for a while now, but it just hasn’t been in the budget! Good luck to all the entries and thank you baby gizmo for hosting these amazing giveaways!

  897. emily g says:

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  898. michelle says:

    OMG the City Mini GT is THE stroller to have!!

  899. Sachi Webb says:

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  900. Caroline K says:

    pinterest follower: carokk

  901. Sarah says:

    My FAVORITE new feature is the forever air tires! What a great change!

  902. Tasha says:

    I love the new wheels and the weight capacity, and the one hand fold can’t be beat.

  903. Jaime says:

    I love the lock on the side, so much nicer than having it on the bottom and having to do it with your foot!

  904. Caroline K says:

    i really like the fold

  905. CC Moore says:

    Love the new handbreak. I have the 2010 version and really wouldn’t mind not having to look down for the break.

  906. Sarah says:

    Youtube is @Aurezalia

  907. Sarah Bruce says:

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  908. Tasha says:

    youtube subscriber @ whateverdude1997

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  911. Sarah says:

    Love the easy strap adjustment and the recline adjustment.

    My YouTube and pinterest name are sarobinsonvc.

  912. Jaime says:

    Pinterest: Jaime F (

  913. Katherine says:

    pintrest bbeth16

  914. Candace says:

    I love the fold and the forever tires!

  915. Leah C says:

    I love the bigger, better tires and the slightly larger seat. They made a wonderful stroller just that much better! Yay!

  916. Jessica says:

    I LOVE the new tires – and still LOVE the same fold! It’s a really spectacular stroller!

  917. Heather N says:

    I live the new tires!

  918. Heather N says:

    I live the new tires! And the sunshade is great!

  919. Jewell says:

    I love the weight capacity. A stroller for a newborn and an older child seems to be so hard to find. I also love the adjustable handle.

  920. Leah C says:

    Pintrest: tilliestudio

  921. Danae says:

    Love the huge canopy, high weight limit, and forever tires. youtube ddvpsu

  922. adina says:

    the canopy/hood!

  923. Heather D says:

    I would love to win this! My favorite features would be the adjustable handle (my husband is a full foot taller than me!) and the size….. we have tall kids! My youtube name is Pianca77.

  924. S.Mark says:

    oh boy! where should I start? I love the adjustable handle! It’s a great change! The break and automatic lock when folding is genius!!!! and did I forget to mention the tires…. air filled, but don’t have to be refilled! Unbelievable!!!

  925. rivka says:

    youtube username – garlimay.. subscribed to your channel! i LOVE all your videos.. makes adjusting to parenthood and baby gear SO much easier! thanks Holly!

  926. Val H says:

    Would love to win this!!

  927. Angie H says:

    Love the taller seatback

  928. Meghan OConnell says:

    This is awesome!

  929. Rachel Marshall says:

    I love the hand brake!

  930. Traci M says:

    I love that it’s seat is wider and the adjustable handle!

  931. Jomarie says:

    Love it

  932. I love the adjustable handles! nothing worse than having to bend over to push baby. I follow on pinterest as becky, I follow on youtube as outofthoughts1 or outofthoughts 2. I also blogged

  933. Carolyn Addison says:

    I am in love with the hand brake on this stroller! I have never seen one before and I do like my flip flops in the summer.

    Pinterest – bnnsplit2

  934. I LOVE the wheels!!!

  935. No rethreading the straps is my favorite feature! awesome! I want!!!!

  936. Colleen Maurina says:

    Wow, this stroller has so many features that I love! I like that it has a capacity of 65 lbs. and the all terrain tires would be great on our 5 acres.

  937. riki K says:

    Amazing stroller, all in one!!

  938. Colleen Maurina says:

    YouTube subscriber – ColleenMaurina

  939. Debra says:

    The flat fold.

  940. Jennifer Estep says:

    I love the adjustable handle!

  941. Jess parrish says:

    I really like the adjustable handle, that the seat reclines approx 150 degrees and the mesh, that the seat is bigger, and the large canopy.

  942. Daphne says:

    I love the extra big canopy. Excellent for the oncoming summer!

  943. Jamie Geoghegan says:

    The giant canopy is wonderful and I love how tiny it folds up!

    Youtube keepkickin
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  944. Debra says:

    YouTube debrA.wunder

  945. youtube @amgss4

  946. Angie H says:

    youtube username: snowwhite0178

  947. Katie K says:

    The handbreak is awesome but I also love the adjustable handlebar

  948. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE the new forever air tires!

  949. Alexis Robertson says:

    Love the tires and love the fold!

  950. Katie K says:

    Pinterest- Katie McCullion Kabala

  951. So many favorites…the tires, the fold, the weight limit definitely!

  952. Katie K says:

    Youtube- CarolinaKate02

  953. JenJ100 on Pinterest

  954. Kimberly L says:

    I really like the fold and the forever-air tires.

  955. 100JenJ YouTube

  956. AKrafty says:

    Looking for a jogger!

  957. Katie Rogers says:

    Favorite thing by far is the one handed fold!!!

    Youtube and pinterest: dollfingal22

  958. Maggie M says:

    Air tires…makes the stroller perfect.

  959. Elizabeth N. says:

    Sooo much that I love! But love the sidebar brake,the weight limit, and huge canopy.

  960. Stephanie says:

    Love the fold…so easy!!

  961. Kimberly L says:

    Pinterest Kimberly Heim Long

  962. Nicki says:

    14″ wide seat for my big boy!!! I love it :)

  963. Elizabeth N. says:

    I’m a follower on YouTube eliz337

  964. Lindsay rubalCaba says:

    The tires!

  965. Carina T says:

    This Stroller is awesome!!! I love all the new features Auto fold lock is my favorite! I hate when my stroller opens up when I’m trying to put it in or out of the car!

  966. Tursa Faulkner says:

    The auto lock is awesome!!! I also love the brake and fold.
    youtube name tursawf

  967. Julie says:

    I like the adjustable handlebar but my favorite is how easy and quickly it folds up. you made it look so easy! Im trying to get back in shape and have been looking on CL for a jogger. this would be awesome!

  968. Brookann says:

    Love the large, DEEP seat, the huge canopy and the mesh on the seat back when it’s fully reclined.

  969. Tursa Faulkner says:

    youtube name tursawf

  970. Julie says:

    youtube jbouz76

  971. airless air filled tires! My sister will be so excited!

  972. Erica Fox says:

    I like the adjustable handle. Also, the tires seem like a nice feature as well.

  973. adrienne says:

    I love the flat fold, the brake and how easy it is to use. Awesome stroller!

  974. Charlene says:

    I love the break and the fold! Would be so cool to have!!

    Pinterest username Charlene Kegg

  975. Andrea Havens says:

    Great stroller. The curved bar for easier storage access is super!

  976. I love the adjustable handlebar and of course the fold!

  977. DIANE PALUMBO says:

    I really liked how easy it was to fold and unfold the baby jogger city mini gt stroller. I also loved that the brake was on the body of the stroller versus at your feet near the wheels.

    YouTube = oshimbo
    Pinterest = mrsoshimbo

  978. Love the all terrain tires!

  979. Eric Fox says:

    I just like how easy the stroller folds.

  980. Stephanie says:

    Youtube user name is stephanie.edgar

  981. Shana says:

    Love that big sun shade!

  982. Subscribed on YouTube as spunkycata2

  983. Carina Torres says:

    my youtube name is makeuplover0208

  984. Following on pinterest as windmillcat

  985. Alene says:

    So much to love about this stroller! My favorite features are the air filled tires, the large sun canopy, the easy adjust harness & the height adjustable handle bar! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for another great give-a-way!

  986. love the air filled tires

  987. pinterest is tforstie, youtube is

  988. Laurabeth36 says:

    I would forever love this stroller! ! !

  989. Rochel S says:

    I LOVE the HUGE canopy! Plus I like how deep the seat is!

  990. Love my CityMini! Would love this to give to a friend due in July!

  991. Stephanie says:

    I love the forever air tires and all terrain wheels!

  992. Rochel S says:

    youtube: rufful

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    pinterest: rufful

  994. christina says:

    The adjustable handlebar!!

  995. Megan Dittemore says:

    I love the tires :)

  996. Stephanie says:

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  997. Megan Dittemore says:

    Youtube – megandittemore
    Pinterest – megandittemore

  998. Sari P. says:

    Being that I’m only 5′ tall I love that they added the adjustable handle and the larger sun canopy.

  999. Charline Botelho-Levine says:

    Love the lightweight style and new forever filled air tires.

  1000. Shelly A. says:

    I love the easy fold and lock, and the mega canopy!!!

  1001. leslie kaiser says:

    love this jogger! would love to replace my outdated purple babyjogger with this awesome new one.

  1002. Charline Botelho-Levine says:

    Youtube subscriber – emeraldeyedimp

  1003. I love the Extra large sunshade and air tires!!

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    pinterest aclendenin07

  1004. I’m a subscriber of your channel..ivyjill2478

  1005. Sari P. says:

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    Pinterest follower – Charline Botelho-Levine

  1007. Erika M says:

    The the weight limit and that fold!

  1008. Erika M says:

    Pintrest eekie83

  1009. christina says:

    Youtube-Christina Marie

  1010. Love the air foam tires and the adjustable handle!

  1011. Kristi Peshke says:

    I love the tires. It is what the City mini needed!

  1012. Bethany C. says:

    I subscribe to your channel on youtube, Bethanychinn

  1013. debnmike moretti says:

    The air foam tires are awesome!

    youtube is boyzruleinmyhouse

  1014. Kristi Peshke says:

    youtube – kpeshke

  1015. 65lbs weight limit! That is awesome! My 50lb son would fit perfect. I really need something for spring because he just can’t keep up! :)

  1016. Kristi Peshke says:

    Pinterest – Kristi peshke

  1017. Athena says:

    The adjustable handlebars is my fave feature. I am short and this would be awesOme!

  1018. Youtube kathenna

    Pinterest kathenna

  1019. Melondy B says:

    I absolutely love the 3 panel canopy with the 2 peek – a – boo windows. The all terrain tires are great also.

  1020. Julia M. says:

    I love the large sunshade and the easy fold!

  1021. Julia M. says:

    youtube username is jbutter2 and pinterest name is Julia Morris.

  1022. Melissa Easton says:

    I love the tall and deep seat, not to mention the non-rethreading shoulder straps! :)

  1023. Brookann says:

    You tube name: brooknjason; Pinterest name: Brookann

  1024. Amber Delgado says:

    Baby Gizmo giveaways are awesome! The reviews are fantastic …love Baby Jogger Strollers!

  1025. Bethany C. says:

    I like that the straps are adjustable by clips, instead of re-threading them! Also liking the air filled tires

  1026. I love the “ginormous” canopy! Perfect for a stroll in the park! :) And the hand brake!

  1027. youtube subscriber courtneyssweets

  1028. Carrie says:

    As always, love that fold! The tires & canopy look awesome too.

  1029. following on pinterest courtney’s sweets

  1030. Jasmine W says:

    I like the mesh part of the seat that allows air to circulate

  1031. Amber Delgado says:

    Love the tires and tilt handle on the GT model. Amber Delgado

  1032. Gloria H says:

    i love the curved bar on the under basket and also the huge canopy !

  1033. It’s time for a dad to win something. May as well be the new GT!

  1034. Janel y says:

    I am a long lover of baby jogger strollers! I especially drool over the easy access basket, forever air tires and easy fold. Thanks for having this opportunity!

  1035. Carrie says:

    YouTube & Pinterest: carrielogic

  1036. Gloria H says:

    Pinterest name : Gloria Hall

  1037. Heather says:

    I love the air filled tires!

  1038. Tiffany says:

    Love the ventilated back that you can cover if you don’t want the air to flow through. The handbrake was a close second favorite feature.

  1039. Tiffany says:

    Pinterest name is Tiffany Godfrey

  1040. Jasmine W says:

    YouTube name = mrsjweg

  1041. Kathryn V says:

    Love the easy fold option!

  1042. Rachael says:

    I love that you don’t have to rethread the straps. It’s so easy to adjust them!

  1043. love this stroller.have the micro. compact one hand fold is the best feafure. i also subscribe to ytube channel as hbaileyecu

  1044. Rachael says:

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  1045. Angie martinez says:

    I like the air tires and how spacious the stroller is.

  1046. Bethany C. says:

    Im a follower on pinterest Bcann

  1047. Nicole says:

    I love the adjustable handle bar. I’m really short and my husband is really tall. We need a new stroller so bad! This stroller would be a dream come true.

  1048. Rachael says:

    pinterest user name rachspiegel

  1049. Bethany C. says:
  1050. Angie martinez says:

    My you tube user name is NgelicaMtz

  1051. Mindy K. says:

    Love baby gizmo reviews and would love to win!!

  1052. Love this stroller and its huge capabilities!!!!

  1053. shani s says:

    i wana win!!!!!

  1054. Kathryn V says:

    Youtube ID ~ ktvanryn83

  1055. The no re-threading of the harness is a HUGE plus.

  1056. Christie Lasch says:

    I love the curved bar for basket access!

  1057. Nancy F says:

    I love that they finally put an adjustable handlebar on there (for short moms like me)! I also love the new locking feature and the curved bar by the basket. In my old City Elite it was a pain to access the basket! I also like the new hand brake, very cool!

  1058. Mushka g says:

    I love the improvements of this one! The easy access to the basket is a real bonus for me as the old one is really annoying!

  1059. Debbie W says:

    Love the mesh storage pocket along with the basket. Need a lot of space to carry everything!

  1060. Christie Lasch says:

    youtube subscriber – mrsgo4

  1061. Bethany says:

    Love the easier access to storage spot!

  1062. Julia F says:

    The air tires!!!

  1063. Nancy F says:

    Youtube name: findnancy1

  1064. Mindy K. says:

    Really want to win this! Just had my first baby and am looking for a great stroller!

  1065. Briana Ronde says:

    Love the taller seat back for my taller toddler!

  1066. Nicole Koenig says:

    Love the new adjustable handlebar and all terrain tires!!

  1067. Nancy F says:

    Pinterest username: findnancy

  1068. I know for a fact this is one of the best strollers out there and more than anything I want to be able to give that to my new one coming in the next month. I posted on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogger, this blog, I liked it on Facebook, and everything else I can possibly do.

    I’m a city girl so my favorite thing about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is that it’s functional to my lifestyle. I love that I have some say in the handlebars and that the seat is wider so I can ensure my little one is enjoying the ride as much as I am. Safety is key and that’s what this stroller provides.

    Hope to win but either way thanks to Baby Gizmo Blog a child somewhere will be comfortable, safe, and happy and Mom too! Thanks for all you do.

  1069. Jennifer says:

    I love the automatic lock!

  1070. pinterest name is hbaileyecu

  1071. Jennifer says:

    Already a YouTube subscriber, username: jam224.

  1072. Julia Braga says:

    So glad baby jogger fixed that basket issue! Would love to win!

  1073. Jennifer Wardle White says:

    Pinned it!

    I love the new wheels! Would be sooo grateful to win!

  1074. Pinterest NickiRP

  1075. Forgot to leave my information…

    Twitter: saraallent

    Help me win!

  1076. Emily holt says:

    I really need a jogging stroller!

  1077. dahlia topolosky says:

    Love the adjustable bars! Feeling the positive energy and hoping to win!

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