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Day 11

Today we are celebrating the fabulous, easy-to-install Cybex Aton infant car seat. The Aton has so many great features! Not only does it have a 4-32lb (30″) weight capacity, but it also is one of the lightest infant seats on the market weighing in at 8.5 lbs. The unique Belt Tensioning plate also makes it the easiest infant car seat to install hands down. To find out more, watch our in-depth video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) One lucky person will win the Cybex Aton infant car seat.


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  1. Brooke Berger says:

    I love how lightweight it is.
    YouTube: weinsteinb
    Interest: georgiamadison

  2. jennifer lynch says:

    I love how easily the base is installed!

  3. jennifer lynch says:

    youtube id is jalyn30

  4. Debra Getsinger says:

    I love how the straps have a covering to protect baby.

  5. jennifer lynch says:

    pinterest is jalyn23

  6. Kamila says:

    seems like a good choice for a car seat.

  7. Jessica H says:

    I like how easy it is to put in the car, and how lightweight it is!

  8. Jessica H says:

    I also follow on pinterest – jadedainjel

  9. jennifer lynch says:
  10. johanny says:

    love how easy is to install and how light weight it is!!! ( a bit over 8 lbs:))

  11. Kristin Fain says:

    I love that it’s lightweight and looks very user friendly.

  12. margo B. says:

    wow there are so many good things about this car seat. Love how light weight it is, also this belt tension plate is a smart invention
    I already follow you on FB and Twitter

  13. Susie H says:

    Love the look and that its light weight.

  14. Jennifer Sandoval says:

    Its great that is lightweight we all know how heavy carseats get when baby is in it also love how fancy it looks

  15. Jeannie Swanson says:

    I love how light weight it is!!!!

  16. margo B. says:

    Pinterest name: starrysky05
    You tube:

  17. Jewell says:

    Following on Youtube and Pinterest as tejewellmixon. I loved this carseat before I saw your video a few weeks ago, one of the few true reviews of this seat on the web. Once I saw the video I have to have it. The German engineering, the seatbelt locking mechanism, the weight, the hideaway cover.

  18. Kristyne Kaahea says:

    I like that the base is adjustable so that it works for all types of seats. This is important because my car has bucket seats and my snugride base does not fit well at all. Love how it securely installs super easily without having to sit on it.

    YouTube: HawaiianStyleSinCity

    Pinterest Follower: @hawaiianstyle03

  19. demanda says:

    I love how easy it seems to be to install!

  20. Lisa N says:

    I like the easy install.

  21. Alejandra S. says:

    I love that it is lightweight, and of course the easy installation!!

  22. Lisa N says:

    Youtube username – oclln1
    Pinterest name – Lisa Nuss

  23. demanda says:

    Following on Pinterest: missdemanda
    Subscribed on Youtube: demanda28

  24. Tonya King says:

    love how light weight it is and & the base seems that it makes for a really easy (and secure) install.

  25. Love love love the modern design. Love how easy it is to apply tension to the LATCH. Also really like that I could take it to someones car and use it “European style” if we didn’t have a base.

  26. Love the idea of the belt tension plate and that it is lightweight:) TY for the chance

  27. Alejandra S. says:

    youtube – alesalflo
    pinterest – alesalflo

  28. Tiffany H. says:

    Favorite feature: I absolutely LOVE the tensioning plate on the base– looks so easy to install– whoa hoo. I LOVE that the carseat itself only weighs 8 lbs!!!!! Plus, it’s totally GORGEOUS ;-)

  29. Tiffany H. says:

    Follow you on Pinterest: CoreyandTiffany Holtzinger (cbhvr6)

  30. After past experience of lugging a 20 pound baby in a bucket seat, I greatly appreciate a company coming up with a more lightweight carseat.
    Youtube: Mrslingling168
    Pinterest: Ling H

  31. Krizia Thomas says:

    Of course the tensioning plate is awsome but finally a carseat where you dont have to put rolled towels underneath the base to level it in the car!

  32. Angel S. says:

    Love how lightweight the carseat is! Like the European method of securing the car seat.

  33. I absolutely love that it’s lightweight and easy to install!

  34. Cindy B says:

    I love that it is easy to install (brilliant tensioning plate design) and that it is fairly lightweight. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  35. YouTube as danswifey81 or newlycrunchymamaof3

  36. Cindy B says:

    Youtube id quantmlife

  37. Angel S. says:

    YouTube usernam

  38. Krizia Thomas says:

    Krizia Thomas tweeted about this giveaway!/KriziaThomas/status/181613128625307648

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    vkrizm is a subscriber to your youtube channel

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    Krizia Martin follows you on pinterest

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    Krizia Martin pinned this giveaway!!

  42. Angel S. says:


  43. Louella Michelle Laureola says:

    8 pound car seat! How great is that!

  44. Louella Michelle Laureola says:

    You tube user name: lakersbabydoll

  45. Kimberlie T says:

    My favorite feature is the belt tension plate to make the base extra secure!
    YouTube follower – JLJMommy

  46. Louella Michelle Laureola says:

    Pinterest user name: othello32

  47. Aliza Leifer says:

    love that it’s lightweight!

  48. Kimberlie T says:
  49. Aliza Leifer says:

    pinterest- aliza leifer

  50. So many things to love about this seat… I think my favorite feature is that it has enhanced side impact protection.

  51. Pinterest name is jmessali.

  52. Tasha Elam says:

    My favorite feature is the latch guides that come with the car seat! That is the greatest invention ever, every car seat needs those!

  53. Kerry says:

    Love the easy install!

  54. Jill H says:

    Light weight, easy install, and nice looking!

  55. I love this so much!

  56. I love that the base is adjustable to fit a slanted car seat!

  57. Megan S says:

    I love the infant head piece which fits babies 4-11 pounds. Our son was only 5 pounds and boy was it hard to get the car seat to fit his little body.

  58. Megan S says:

    Pinterest name is Megan Saiko

  59. Megan S says:

    You tube name is Matt Saiko

  60. tfennemore says:


  61. Nechamy Rabin says:

    Love the lightweight aspect!

  62. lightweight is so important!! people forget how heavy baby things can get

  63. youtube: angebutterfly17

  64. pinterest: angela burdo

  65. Miranda Welle says:

    I like so much! But especially that it is easy to install!

  66. Miranda Welle says:

    YouTube Subscriber!

    Miranda Welle

    Twitter: 4649miranda

  67. Kara P. says:

    Love the ease of installation

  68. Kara P. says:

    Follow on YouTube- username karap19
    Follow on pinterest- username pixiegoose

  69. Jill Careri says:

    So because of this video I registered for this car seat!! The fact that it is so light was what won me over! And it fits on bumbleindie twin !!!

  70. Sonya Morris says:

    I love that it is light weight.
    YouTube username is sonyamorris5.

  71. Jill Careri says:

    Bensmommy23 is my YouTube name and we subscribe! Your info is the best!!!!

  72. sandra says:

    i like that it can accomodate a 4-32 lb baby

  73. JLin Mei says:

    I like how easy to install.

  74. Suzanne Lafreniere says:

    My favorite feature: ease of installation

    youtube: suzchsh
    pinterest: suzchsh

  75. Sarah says:

    Love how light weight it is!

    YouTube and pinterest usernames: sarobinsonvc

  76. amy pugmire says:

    i Would have to say how lightweight it is.

  77. jessie says:

    The easy install is my fave!

  78. jessie says:

    Jdeeterwell – YouTube

  79. jessie says:

    Jessie rodwell on pinterest

  80. Chelsea says:

    Being lightweight is key!

  81. Chelsea says:

    youtube: cvl105

  82. Chelsea says:

    pinterest name: Chelsea LaMarche

  83. amy pugmire says:

    1amypugmire is username on you tube

  84. Susan Ostrand says:

    Love the fact that it comes with latch guides! Where was this feature with my 2 other kids? I definitely need to get this carseat.

    Susan at sparrowsusan20 at hotmail dot com

  85. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I like the infant insert and and the shock absorbing shell.

  86. fraidy says:

    the number one thing for me that its easy to handle ,latch guides

  87. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    youtube: arobinson451

  88. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    Pinterest: Alex Liz Robinson

  89. fraidy says:

    follow pinterst -# fraidy

  90. Rochelle Luaders says:

    I like the belt tightening plate!

  91. I love that it’s so lightweight…can’t beat that when you are carrying it around.

  92. youtube user name infamis602

  93. pinterest aaa602
    Amanda Daye

  94. Tamar says:

    love how easy it is to install and how lightweight it is! un-tamaroff13

  95. I like how light the car seat is at only 8lb and that it can fit a baby anywhere from 4lb to 32lb. youtube – jan0285

  96. Bayla Lax-Blumstein says:

    Love the tension plate on the base!

  97. Debra says:

    Love the lightweight style – and the easy installation demonstrated in the video – NICE!

  98. Sarah L says:

    I love how lightweight the carseat is – 8 lbs!!!

  99. Sarah L says:

    youtube – sarahlapsley151

  100. Sarah L says:

    Pinterest – sarahlapsley

  101. Kate H says:

    I love the fact that it is really light, but still safe.

  102. Kate H says:


  103. Kate H says:

    Pinterest kate.h.hebert

  104. nancy rutherford says:

    Love how lightweight it is

  105. Bayla Lax-Blumstein says:

    YouTube name bblumstein
    Pinterest name Bayla Lax-Blumstein

  106. brocha says:

    my favorite feature is that it is very easy to install

  107. Melissa says:

    I just reviewed all the specs on this car seat the other day, it is AMAZING! ;) especially when it’s FREE!! lol

  108. The suspense is going to kill me!!!! ;)

  109. Pearl says:

    i love the fact that it weighs so little!

  110. light and easy to install. perfect!

  111. Conor says:

    Im would love to win a car seat given its one of the few items that shouldnt be bought used.

  112. Kate McBride says:

    My favorite feature is how lightweight the car seat is.

    Pintrest: txkaters

  113. Johndorf85 says:

    I love the tension plate.
    Youtube: 85Johndorf

  114. Laura says:

    My arms would love this lightweight carrier!

  115. Lynn Yin says:

    I love the lightweight! Thanks again for a chance to win for Canadian moms!!
    Youtube: toromiso
    Pinterest: misoowdy

  116. tom sides says:

    love the fact thats its easy to carry

  117. Kellie O says:

    I love how lightweight it is!!!

  118. Holly says:

    I love how easy it is to install.

  119. Lena Naef says:

    I like that it’s easy to install and lightweight!

  120. Holley says:

    love that it’s so lightweight, and really love the easy install!

  121. Chanie says:

    I love that it’s so light!

  122. Holly says:

    Youtube name: Holly Foster

  123. Kellie O says:

    IrelandLundyn – Youtube

  124. Chanie says:


  125. Lena Naef says:

    YouTube: jasonnaef

  126. Michelle Muretisch says:

    oh my goodness, I would LOVE this carseat – my arms get so tired carrying my heavy one now! So the fact that it’s lightweight would be fantastic!

  127. Holly says:

    Pinterest name: Holly Foster

  128. Michelle Muretisch says:

    you tube: ismile4jc

  129. Kellie O says:

    Kellie O’Shields = pinterest

  130. Shanna says:

    I love how lightweight it is, makes for much easier carrying!

  131. Ellen Moore says:

    Hands down, the weight is my favorite feature. This would be awesome for #2 coming in July!

    Youtube: cajundiver1

    Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  132. Menucha S says:

    I love how easy it is to install!

  133. Would love to win this. DS #3 is due in July.

  134. Nicole Martens says:

    I love the ease of installment and also the detachable infant headrest, its hard to add one to a carseat so I like that fact that it comes with one!

  135. dasha says:

    I actually like the canopy bc it looks cool!

  136. I love how light it is and how easy to install!

  137. Perfect to take my premie home in and it’s lightweight

  138. Love light gear!

  139. estie says:

    Love that it’s so lightweight and easy to install!

  140. Cher Larsson says:

    Pinterest username = chero

  141. Cher Larsson says:

    youtube username: thelarssonfamily13

  142. aliza says:

    I like the easy installation. youtube name:alizaptalis

  143. mfmcw says:

    That easy to install base makes this a winner for me! Who wants to wrestle with it – especially when I travel and move it into another car!

  144. Jenny V says:

    I like the latch guides. I hate putting in a car seat and then removing them.

  145. mfmcw says:

    Pintrest: Maureen McWilliams

  146. Stephanie Jarrett says:

    Love that this carseat is so lightweight and easy to install! Would be great for bringing home my new bundle in May :)

  147. Stephanie Jarrett says:

    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  148. Jenny V says:

    pinterest username: nijntje

  149. connie hart says:

    wow! 8 lbs??!!!!! u cant be serious! would luuuv luv luv to win this for my baby girl (shes just over a week old!)

  150. Tony S. says:

    Love the look of it and how much my arms would love the lightweight :)

  151. Allende says:

    German engineering…that says it all.

  152. An 8.5 infant car seat is GREAT! They end up getting so heavy as baby grows. Love that base and the easy installation!

  153. Jenna says:

    Love how lightweight it is

  154. Allende says:

    youtube: allendehl

  155. i love how lightweight it is!!

  156. kelly macdonald miller says:

    love the easy tension to ensure the base is secure, i never felt like my last baby’s car seat was wobble proof!

  157. Brianna G says:

    it looks so lightweight and easy to use!

  158. jeannine s says:

    I like the shock asboring foam

  159. chris conanan says:

    like the tension plate

  160. jeannine s says:

    irishmellanhead on youtube

  161. Heather Slater says:

    I love the light weight! Who can carry a 32 pounder in the traditional heavier carseats? :)

  162. Heather Slater says:

    YouTube: nurseheather1978

  163. Heather Slater says:

    Pinterest: Mom2EvanAndDrew

  164. I love how easy it is to install

  165. Kristine says:

    Light weight and easy to install? Perfect!!

  166. Adrienne says:

    I love how light it is, and how it goes up to 32 pounds, which is more than the car seat someone wanted to get us, but only like half a pound heavier. this would be great for my lil guy that’s coming! It also seems super easy to install!

  167. Rachel DeHart says:

    i like that it’s light weight

  168. Rachel DeHart says:

    youtube name tallperson13 or tall_person13

  169. My favorite feature is the level indicator on the base.

  170. Stefanie Mayer says:

    I love how easy this seat is to install with both latch and the seat belt! That belt tightening plate is an awesome feature that will make installation a breeze for parents. Really impressive!

  171. allison says:

    i like the light weight feature

  172. Elizabeth P. says:

    The belt tensioning feature has got to be my favorite…no more messing with putting all your weight down to get the base in…and I like the fact that there are special places to put the seat-belt in case you don’t have the base.

  173. Adrienne G. says:

    I love that it’s so light weight!

  174. Elizabeth P. says:

    youtube name: ejsp22

  175. Elizabeth P. says:

    pinterest: ejsp522

  176. Jessica P. says:

    Been searching for an infant car seat, really appreciate the 8.5 lbs!

  177. Erica Martin says:

    What a neat car seat!

  178. Stefanie Mayer says:

    Pinterest user name floridamomma (Stefanie Mayer).

  179. Jessica P. says:

    Pinterest follower: DJWK.

  180. Felicity M says:

    Love the level indicator on the base!

  181. Felicity M says:

    Youtube: flissplumeria

  182. Love the locking plate and overall easy install. This seat should give the Keyfit 30 a little competition in the easiest to install infant seat reviews.

  183. Kim Bagby says:

    This would be great to win. We will be adopting soon and would get great use with this carseat.

  184. christine jessamine says:

    my favorite feature is how light it is/8 lb

  185. priscilla guina says:


  186. priscilla guina says:

    my old car seat is sooo heavy this would be heaven sent!!!

  187. My favorite feature is how lightweight it is!

  188. Following on Pinterest – cdbrown19

  189. Amber C. says:

    I love that it is light weight and really easy to install (the base has a level indicator)! This looks like an great car seat!

  190. Kristin says:

    I love how easy this car seat is to carry…and install! The tension adjustment also makes sure the seat is stable in the car.

  191. nicoleb says:

    I love that it is only 8lbs! Thats amazing

  192. I love that it’s light weight and how easy it is to install!

    Youtube loganmom4211

  193. I love the tension plate. Pinterest name = DarcPihl Youtube name= darcycreehan3

  194. I love that it is lightweight and I love the tightening feature!

  195. Love the tension adjustment on the base!! I always sit or stand on the cars seats to get them supper tight.
    Follow fb, blog, you tube, pin

    Tube. Jacobsks1
    Pin jacobsks77

  196. Lindsay Sorensen says:

    I like how light it is

  197. debby weiss says:

    can’t believe how much it weighs, this is my favorite feature!

  198. debby weiss says:

    youtube: debusf

  199. debby weiss says:

    pintrest: debusf

  200. Sophia L says:

    Heard this is awesome:)

  201. Marci L. says:

    Love the belt tensioning…I have the Chicco key fit which is super easy but this looks even better!

  202. Sabrina Radke says:

    I love how easy to install it is! I do wish the canopy was bigger like you said :)

  203. Sabrina Radke says:

    You Tube subscriber-sradke1024

  204. Sabrina Radke says:

    Pinterest follower-Eco Baby Mama Drama

  205. Marci L. says:

    Pinterest…Marci Lundberg-asmus

  206. Christina Parker says:

    I love that it’s light weight and the fabirc and color options.

  207. Christina Parker says:

    I like babygizmo on facebook FB – christina galea parker

  208. Christina Parker says:

    I like this blog post FB- christina galea parker

  209. Christina Parker says:

    You tube name: chrisp8007

  210. Mike Parker says:

    I like how lightweight it is,

  211. Mike Parker says:

    I like babygizmo on facebook!

  212. Like that it goes up to 32 pounds and 30″!

  213. YouTube: moushkabug

  214. Erica S says:

    I like the fact that its lightweight. Also, the easy installation.

  215. deidre says:

    Love how lightweight it is over the clunker i have now! Pinterest: piqued, pinned it.

  216. Erica S says:

    youtube: sandiegoncsy
    pinterest: chavatziporah

  217. Nicki Pierce says:

    Lightweight & easy to install… Love it!

  218. Love how lightweight it is!

  219. Sam Cook says:

    I LOVE the ease to install, the weight limits and all the cute color options on their website.

  220. Nicki Pierce says:

    NickiRP on pinterest

  221. Lisa G. says:

    Love the seat and how lightweight it is!

    Pinterest: lmg1980

  222. Allyson says:

    I like the latch guide!
    youtube aandy31509
    pinterest allyson marvin

  223. Steph W says:

    Love the size!

  224. Steph W says:

    Pinterest: Steph Wain

  225. Steph W says:

    YouTube: Steph.l.Wain

  226. Whitney says:

    I love that it is only 8lbs! Wow!

  227. Whitney says:

    Pinterest: RambleSAHM
    Youtube: Samwhit28

  228. Whitney says:
  229. Lynn S says:

    I like how lightweight the car seat is…must be easy to carry!
    Youtube subscriber: LMS1030
    Pinterest follower: LS1030
    I blogged about the giveaway at:

  230. Brandi says:

    I love that you can install it without a base. I want those latch guides now!

  231. Carey A says:

    LOVE that its so lightweight!

    pinterest: andcar05
    youtube: and20car05

  232. Brett S says:

    I like the adjustable base for different seat angles.
    Youtube subscriber: chaoss1
    Pinterest follower: bsvensontwo
    I blogged about the giveaway at:

  233. Addison Kat says:

    I love how lightweight the car seat is!! Also a fan of the included infant insert.

  234. Addison Kat says:

    YouTube username: AddieTruck

  235. erin dreyer says:


  236. Addison Kat says:

    Pinterest username: Addison Kat (atruck)

  237. heather says:

    i love the infant insert and i think it looks so comfy!

  238. Michelle E. says:

    Lightweight and infant insert!

  239. claudia cordova says:

    i love the look and how lightweight it is

  240. Nicole says:

    Love the easy install and front adjust!

  241. claudia cordova says:

    youtube name

  242. the easy installing of the base with the tension plate. (and that it is light and looks more comfy than the ridiculous one we have that my baby burns up in!)

  243. Rachel m says:

    I love how it installs and how lightweight it is!!
    YouTube: gbidrugchemist

  244. Elizabeth Pyo says:

    I love that it is lightweight so I won’t be struggling to carry it :)

  245. youtube name-jucojaco

  246. Elizabeth Pyo says:

    youtube – elizabethpyo

  247. Melissa V says:

    Love the seat! Can’t believe how lightweight it is!

    Pinterest: m_velasco

  248. Lindsey says:

    This would be perfect for us! I am due in 5 weeks!

  249. Tiffany G says:

    Pinterest nameisTiffany Godfrey
    I love thatthis is only 8 pounds and that it can accommodate very small babies to start.

  250. israel y says:

    I love that it’s light weight

  251. Estee Aronow says:

    love that it is so light weight!

    youtube: esteeac

    pinterest:Estee Aronow

  252. Kathryn V says:

    Looks easy to install and best of all…LIGHT WEIGHT!! :)

  253. Kathryn V says:


  254. Kathryn V says:

    Pinterest username:


  255. Magdalena says:

    I like how it’s look and how light it is only 8lbs! You tube mkartvelis

  256. pinterest and youtube username: whavens2w2

    My favorite feature is the super light weight!

  257. Halley Parker says:

    I love the ease of tightening the belts/LATCH system, I have very weak hand strength and this looks perfect for allowing me to get everything tight for the car seat.
    The European method for buckling with out a base is an amazing idea.

    Youtube Casey’sMix10
    Pinterest HalleyParker

  258. I would LOVE this car seat! The reviews are fabulous!

  259. Pamela g says:

    Very nice giveaway, nice car seat.

  260. Rachel Guess says:

    I love the weight range for this car seat!!

    youtube: persephone2004
    pin: persephone518

  261. Amanda Piper says:

    I like how it removes from the base..I hate struggling with the normal latch that you have to pull up on while trying to heave-ho the seat out of the base! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I subscribe on You Tube (mandyntx1), I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  262. Celeste Parks says:

    I love the tension plate and the weight of the carseat!

  263. Kelly L says:

    I love the tension bar. This looks like a great seat

  264. Kelly L says:

    Already follow on pinterest. User name is Kelly Lorandos

  265. Denise M says:

    i love that it goes up to 30lbs

  266. Evan C says:

    i like the low weight of the seat! thanks!

  267. Denise M says:

    youtube – denise morse

  268. Leah C says:

    Love the ease and weight of this seat…especially because I have huge kids;-). We outgrew our last one at 4 mos!!

  269. Hanan A. says:

    I love this car seat!! I am due in June and I really need one. I love the weight range for this car seat.

  270. Erin F says:

    Love how it is so light weight and the belt tensioning plate looks so helpful – its always so stressful making sure the infant seats are installed perfectly!

    YouTube and Pinterest: erinlaine01

  271. Amy Martin says:

    I love that belt tensioner. I hope more seats catch on to this idea. I’m a CPST and at checks we see over 80% of seats installed wrong or used incorrectly. Something like that that makes it SO Much easier to install is wonderful!

  272. Amy Martin says:

    YouTube: littleangelfire81

  273. Alicyn says:

    I love that it is so light! And it comes in purple!

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  276. Heather K says:

    I love how easy it is to install!

  277. Kristie Betts says:

    I love that it’s light and the latch in the front my littlle ones always seem to get out

  278. Michelle says:

    I love that it is so light weight.

  279. Heather K says:

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  280. Michelle says:

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  282. I love the latch guide and how light weight it is

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  283. Kristi Peshke says:

    I love that it is one of the lightest infant seats on the market.

  284. Kristi Peshke says:

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    My interest user is Kristi Peshke and I follow.

  286. jaime says:

    i love that its so light weight

  287. JessicaG says:

    I like the tension plate and how lightweight it is!!!!

  288. Jennifer S. says:

    Youtube: jsandbox910

    Love the fact that it isn’t as heavy as your typical carseats

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    It looks so easy to use, cute and lightweight.

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    I like the modern look of the Cybex and the light weight!

  291. Sarah Bruce says:

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  292. Gloria H says:

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  294. Amber Reddell says:

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  295. Amber says:

    Love the ease of tightening the base to the seat. Wow!!!

  296. I love how easy it is to install (latch guides), and the ability to install it without the base would be great in emergency situations where the base is in another car.

  297. youtube: SuperShabooka

    pinterest: bandshalon

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    I love the tension plate and the fact that it is lightweight!!!

  299. amy warren says:

    i love how easily it installs!

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  305. Jen Carlson says:

    I love how secure it looked after you used the belt tightening guide… It’s also super cute and very light! I’d love this!

  306. Jen Carlson says:

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  307. Jenn Hillman says:

    Love that is light weight and so easy to install!

  308. Celeste Parks says:

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  309. Chani M says:

    Honestly, my favorite thing is the look!!!

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  310. Rishi says:

    I like that its light weight!

  311. allyn says:

    it looks very light! sooo cute.

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    Love that it is lightweight and easy to install!

  316. I love that the Aton is compatible with the iCandy strollers and other Maxi Cosi compatible strollers!

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  318. Becca says:

    Umm yeah lightweight never hurts! Also, I didn’tknow latch guides existed!

    Pinterest: lifeat1521

  319. Holly Martin says:

    Love that it’s lightweight!

  320. I like that it is lightweight while still being extremely safe.

  321. Natalie Spiking says:

    I love the feature on the base that allows you to install it without having to put all your weight on it, because let’s just say most infant car seat bases are a pregnant mamma’s nightmare for installation.

  322. I love that it’s lightweight, will save your back when carrying the baby in it!

  323. Molly Bussler says:

    I love the Belt Tensioning plate, it makes it easy and so tight and sturdy!

  324. Molly Bussler says:

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    I love its lightweight and the easy installation.

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  333. Brianna says:

    I love the latch guides, that is so clever!

  334. Brooke T says:

    Love that is light weight

  335. Taryn Handlon says:

    The weight is nice, but I also like the stylish look of it.
    Pinterest: Taryn Handlon

  336. Laurel says:

    I love the look, weight and easy to install features!

  337. Tonya King says:

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    Love how light weight this is!!! Pinterest and utube- Logan Carl-Snyder! Fingers crossed!!

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    I love that its lightweight, I also now need to run out and get those car seat latch guides. What a great idea!
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    Love that it’s easy to install and lightweight!
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  341. Karen W says:

    I like the light weight!

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    I love that it’s so lightweight.

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  345. Alicia G. says:

    I like how high the weight limit is while it is still so light!
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    youtube: alicimez

  346. Heather Bowler says:

    I love the look of this car seat and that it comes with latch guides for easy installation. I’d love to win this!

  347. Tiffany Stanley says:

    LOVE the tightening system.

  348. Karen Gonyea says:

    I love that it is light weight !!

  349. Tiffany Stanley says:

    You Tube: Stanleytwinsanity

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    Pinterest: Stanleytwins

  351. I really like that it accomodates the littlest people from 4lbs with an infant insert and the seat itself is really lightweight. From your video it also looks like the release is pretty easy and I really like that it utilizes the european method of installation without the base. I never felt my carseats to be safely installed with just the waist belt

  352. Nechamy Rabin says:

    Love the lightweight!

  353. Leslie says:

    Love how lightwieght it is!

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  356. rivka says:

    LOVE the easy installation and the part that tightens without having to lean down on it!

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    Blogged here:

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  359. Wei Qi Luo says:

    I like the easy installation.

  360. Rebecca says:

    Love the install and wonder if it is narrow enough to fit a 3-across config?

  361. Wei Qi Luo says:

    Pinterest Username: Wei Luo

  362. Kristina says:

    Love the lightweight and German engineering! YouTube and pinterest usernames, kmeneses1

  363. Melana says:

    i like the double unlock feature to get the car seat out! Seems safer to me. Also like how easy it is to install. I maybe wouldn’t have to make my husband do it! :)

  364. Erin F. says:

    I love how lightweight it is~
    Pinterest- ErinF4

  365. Ashley says:

    Lightweight and holds up to 32lbs!

  366. Love the easy install.

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  367. Kim P. says:

    My favorite feature is the Tensioning plate. Looks so easy to install.
    Following you on Pinterest, name Kimbobolini. Following you on Youtube, name MsKimbobolini.

  368. love that it’s lightweight, with my twins it would have been nice to have this carseat.

  369. I’ve been doing a lot of research recently and the Cybex Aton is at the top of my list. Of course it’s safe and easy to use but It’s weight sets it apart from others. Would be amazing to win it here!! Yes, please! Thanks for all that you do.

    YouTube: sallen21t
    Pinterest: sallen21t

  370. Melissa R. says:

    Love that it’s lightweight.

  371. Melissa R. says:

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  373. James D says:

    Lightweight and the way you can tighten it with sitting on it.

  374. Linda A says:

    my favorite feature is the infant insert

  375. Linda A says:

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  376. love the cool looking canopy and ergonomic design.

  377. Anneke says:

    love that its super light! follow on you tube:formalityoffrugality@gmail

  378. This seat would have been nice when I had my twins, carrying two babies gets heavy. Love that this seat is lightweight and slim. Like the handle too.

  379. Mindy Klugmann says:

    I would love to win this carseat! The installation seems so easy, but most of all I love that it’s lightweight. I can bearly carry my graco snug ride with my son in it and he is only 14 lbs!

  380. Jessica says:

    Love that it’s the lightest infant seat! YouTube: jessmarkus pinterest: Jessica levy markus

  381. Mindy Klugmann says:

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  382. Stephen Klugmann says:

    I would love to win this for my wife! She is constantly complaining about how heavy it is to carry around our son in the carseat. The lightweight of this seat would be perfect for her.

  383. Shirley M. says:

    I would love to win this for my grandson! It is safe, easy to install and lightweight. I am always picking him up from daycare and this would make things much easier being that it is lightweight, safe, and easy to use!

  384. Katie B. says:

    Love the side impact protection!!

    Pinterest Katieo54

  385. Chaya Krin. says:

    love the lightweight!

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  387. Rachele White says:

    The light weight…so important when you only seem to birth 8+ lb’ers.

  388. ilanit hersh says:

    I love it’s sooo light

  389. Light weight & easy to use!! :)

  390. Rachele White says:

    Youtube: KissieMonster

  391. I love that it’s lightweight….i used to have a car seat (Eddie Bauer) and it was soooo heavy and it was without the baby, so imagine with the baby in it… back was hurting so bad

  392. Nice and light!

    Pinterest: DanielleSilva

    YouTube: DanielleRios24

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    pinterest – mimidavid2

  394. Alison M. says:

    I love those latch guides & tension plate! That would make me feel like I was getting a really secure install!

  395. Bisma Ansari says:

    Love that it is light!

  396. Hannah says:

    Love how its light weight and easy to install!

  397. Sara Carr says:

    I love the easy installation.

  398. Bisma Ansari says:

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  399. light weight infant carriers are genius!

  400. i love how easily it is installed!

  401. Alison M. says:

    Youtube: Alisonamendez


  402. Elle B says:

    Giving our friend our Britax (which I loved) but it was SO heavy…only 8 lbs sounds awesome!

  403. Tian H. says:

    My favorite feature is it’s easy to install.
    youtube username: putrikinasih
    pinterest name: Tian Kinasih

  404. Caroline Kelly says:

    Love the tightening system!

  405. Jennifer Wardle White says:

    Love how light weight this is! Would love a Cybex!

  406. Oh my! I love the latch tightener. That is the coolest! I am one of those moms who puts all their weight on the base to get a very snug fit.

  407. Rebecca Rendon says:

    love the lightweight

  408. Kathryn Siltala says:

    I love how lightweight it is!

  409. Kathryn Siltala says:

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  410. Andrea V says:

    Easy to install.
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  411. Yehudis Davidson says:

    It looks so easy to instal and its lightweight! Carrying a graco with a 17 pound baby in it is hard work!

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    yehudisd on pintrest

  412. Roxanne C says:

    How easy it is to install.

  413. Steve V says:

    I like the tightening system

  414. I love that it is the easiest to install and it is only 8 pounds and fits some strollers !

  415. Rochel S says:

    Love that it is so lightweight and its easy to install!

  416. Rochel S says:

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  418. Maureen Modic says:

    **I love how lightweight it is!

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  419. I love the tension plate and the fact it is lightweight.

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  422. p wang says:

    Love the look of it, the light weight, and plus I have a Maxi-cosi compatible stroller that can be readily used with this carseat!

  423. Stephanie Gerardot says:

    Love that it is easy to install!

  424. My favorite features are the weight! and the ease of installation.

  425. Stephanie Gerardot says:

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  426. I subscribe on youtube: picantepina and I follow on pinterest: Sarah Vold/ SarahV_MPLS

  427. Natalie S says:

    I love that is is super lightweight and easy to install! Youtube and pinterest nat5732

  428. Saba Cossor says:

    I love how lightweight it is. It is really getting hard to lift my 6 mo old in her carseat!

  429. Vanessa says:

    Love that it’s so lightweight!
    Youtube: Vanessa Miranda

  430. Iris Bentley says:

    I love that it’s so light and how it is safe! I also love the latch guard and the belt tensioning plate.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  431. Debbie W says:

    I have wrist problems so the 8 lb light carseat is great for me!

  432. Love how light it is!

  433. Christy Long says:

    I like the way you can wrap the seat belt behind the car seat for more security.

    youtube name: christy.burris

  434. Shaindy B says:

    The ease to install the carseat/base is an amazing feature!

  435. Shaindy B says:

    The installation of the carseat/base is an amazing feature!

  436. Kayli D says:

    I love the base and weight

  437. Kayli D says:
  438. Shaindy B says:

    You Tube name ZviBas

    p.s my comment about my favorite feature went twicwe, it kept telling me not valid so i tried again and I see it did it twice. SORRY!

  439. Kayli D says:
  440. Kirstie Haataja says:

    Would love to win! My favorite feature is how easy it is to install!

  441. Heather says:

    I love that it is light weight

  442. I like the tensioning plate and the fact that it is lightweight.

  443. Love that it is easy to install, and it looks futuristic!

  444. I love how lightweight it is. For someone smaller – this is a lifesaver!

  445. Aubrie g. says:

    I love how lightweight and easy to install it is.

    YouTube grossthings. Pinterest Aubrie gee

  446. Youtube & Pinerest – questrok

  447. Libertad Wright says:

    I love my cyber stroller. Great quality products

  448. Carrie m. says:

    That tensioning plate looks awesome. I love an easy install!

  449. Carrie m. says:

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  450. Kristi says:

    lightweight = awesome. Looks so modern!

  451. I like the low and high weight limits and how light weight it is.
    Erica Solomon on Pinterest and Facebook.

  452. Karen Rennirt says:

    I love the way the way the base is attached and the base guides are the coolest thing I’ve seen, I always have a problem getting to my latches in the seat.

  453. kelli says:

    This would be so awesome to win and help put alot with new baby and having a toddler!!!

  454. Steven Park says:

    The car seat looks great. Thanks for the demo and hosting this giveaway!

  455. Mina Kim says:

    Would love one of these stylish and easy to install gizmos!

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