Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Stokke Tripp Trapp is giving away a Stokke Tripp Trapp in their Giant Weekly Giveaway this week!

All you have to do is log in at to be entered to win! Winner will be chosen at random from all the people that log in and/or leave a comment!    Giveaway ends on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 11:59pm CST.

*Congratulations to Mercedi H.  for winning last weeks giveaway!  She will soon be the proud new owner of a Kelty 3.0 TC Child Carrier.


*Plus, you will receive extra entries into the giveaway if you:

1)  Leave a comment below and tell us why you should win this fabulous chair!

2) Comment on Baby Gizmo’s Facebook Page!

3)  Twitter about the contest!  (You need to leave a comment here and let us know you Tweeted it.  That’s 2 extra entries if you do though!  One for the Tweet and one for the comment here!

About Hollie Schultz

Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in Chicago. She loves the city but hates the cold!


  1. Chelsey says:

    I really want to start having more family dinners, and this would help with that. And it would last forever!

  2. Pamela Michno says:

    With a new baby on the way and two tripp trapps already at our table, we’d love to add another one for the new baby!!

  3. Gina B says:

    my son is just getting the hang of sitting in a chair. it would be wonderful if he could share family diners with us.

  4. Lindsey says:

    It looks nifty! Hope I win!

  5. Pamela Michno says:
  6. Danielle says:

    I would LOVE this for #3. Chairs are expensive and I love how this one will last forever!

  7. Just had #2 and would love to have my 3 y/o in this so I could free up the old one for the new baby :)

  8. After reading your review of the Tripp Trapp, I want one!

  9. Addison K.A.T. says:

    love this! would love to win it!

  10. Anna Seo says:

    I’ve always wanted a tripp trapp but couldn’t justify buying one when we received a high chair as a hand me down from a friend. I would love to win this one for my son!!

  11. This high chair would be the perfect addition to my dining room! I would love for my son to be able to join us at the table. I would love to win the Stokke Tripp Trapp!!

  12. Ashley S. says:

    This chair is amazing! If I won this I would have a chair for my toddler to use so she could sit/fit at the dinner table!! These chairs have such a great design and can pretty much be used by our entire household! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!

  13. Margaret says:

    Would love to win for #1 on the way. Can’t afford to purchase new.

  14. Alana Hernandez says:

    The Stokke Tripp Trapp would be a great piece to have in the house for our baby. Even though the Newborn Set is not yet available, we will be sure to look for it when it get here to US.

  15. Delia Ruffner says:

    I LOVE this seat…and it would both look great and hopefully help my son sit at the table to eat…

  16. We have 3 Stokke’s, one for each of my older children. They’re all different models- one european with the child bar, one kinderzeat and one tripp trapp. Now I really need one for my 8 month old with the new babyset. I love the colors, each one has one to suit their style or to match the furniture in the room. My children love being able to eat at the table with the adults and I love being able to use the chairs for myself as well. They’re sturdy, comfortable, beautiful and the most practical highchairs on the market. I couldn’t be a bigger fan!

  17. jamie says:

    I have one of these for my first baby and cannot say how happy I am with it and how happy he is to be able to climb up into his own seat at the table at 17 months! As soon as a say dinners ready he comes running! Now with a second on the way I can’t imagine living without two!

  18. susan says:

    This would be wonderful to have so our little one can comfortably and safely join us at the dinner table. Plus it looks so great!

  19. susan says:

    I commented on Baby Gizmo’s Facebook Page.

  20. susan says:
  21. As a nutritionist mom, I think these chairs are awesome. We have a knockoff for our older son and I would love a Stokke for our 1 year old!

  22. Debbie K says:

    I commented on Baby Gizmo’s Facebook page!

  23. Debbie K says:

    I commented on Facebook.

  24. Debbie K says:

    I have 9 month old twins and I LOVE this chair – it would give me an excuse to buy one – to have a matching set!!

  25. Jillian says:

    Love our first Tripp Trapp. I can not imagine a better experience than including your child at the Dinner table from the beginning. The other High Chairs are very impersonal and leave the child out of the family experience.

  26. I love these for traveling since they come apart so easily and are so flat when packed in the car. We live 30 hours from both our families (gotta love that military life!) and with one more baby on the way, we’d definitely love to have one more Tripp Trapp! We also really love how versatile it is. My 7-year-old loves the Tripp Trapp at least as much as her 22-month-old brother, and uses it more often. It’s a sturdy, wonderful, totally useful piece of furniture that we love!

  27. I love this chair! This would be great for our 2nd, because my son will still need his high chair.

  28. We have a similar one for our son and with another baby on the way we would love to have another one.

  29. ally soros says:

    I’d really like a chair like this, something that can grow with my son through the years– and be stylish at the same time!

  30. I tweeted on twitter

  31. Kiley says:

    Looks much more stylish than my current high chair, would love to win!

  32. Shannon F. says:

    I’d love this chair because it grows with your child!

  33. Shannon F. says:
  34. Amanda says:

    I would love to win this chair! It would not take up a lot of space and would look great!

  35. Bonnie says:

    We just had a second and could really use that chair!

  36. HappyMomC says:

    It looks great! Hope I win!

  37. HappyMomC says:

    commented on Facebook

  38. HappyMomC says:


  39. HappyMomC says:
  40. Would really love that chair for my son. He has to pass down his current highchair to either his baby sister or brother (twins!)

  41. Clarissa says:

    it would be perfect for my toddler and look fantastic in my dining room

  42. Maryann says:

    This highchair looks great! Plus, no messy , awkward tray to take care of scrubbing!!!

  43. Megan says:

    With baby boy #1 on the way – winning a highchair would be awesome! Plus one expense to mark off the list! =)

  44. Amy C. says:

    We got rid of baby’s plastic high chair because it was bulky and pretty unattractive. But this chair is gorgeous! We’d love to have it! :)

  45. Mercedi Hale says:

    They say lightening never strikes the same place twice…i hope that isn’t true for winning giveaways! I’ve won once but would LOVE this high chair. My friend has one and I’ve been envious of it for a long time.

  46. Jennifer says:

    I would love this! Perfect and so classy looking!

  47. dasha says:

    i would love to win—it is BEAUTIFUL! :)

  48. dasha says:
  49. dasha says:

    i left a comment on the facebook page!

  50. Connie says:

    After your review, I want one!

  51. it would be nice to have the baby at the table with us

  52. cynthia segura says:

    i never had a high chair know iam on my second daughter and it will be nice to have her sit in a high chair than her car seat

  53. huiting_wang says:

    This high chair will let my baby eating with us and being happier.

  54. amy h says:

    I’d love to win because I love the modern look of this highchair. I need a highchair at my house for my baby niece/nephew when the come over to visit. Thanks for the chance.

  55. Kelly says:

    There are so many things I like about this chair, but my favorite is the idea of having something that can be used through adulthood. Like a family heirloom! Since they’ve been around forever, it can be passed down to the next generation. Plus the add-ons are great!

  56. Kelly says:

    And I tweeted about it!

  57. Mercedi Hale says:

    I tweeted and commentd on facebook. Thanks for the giveaways!

  58. Kasey Fairless says:

    I love the looks of this highchair and would really like to win this.

  59. Kasey Fairless says:

    This chair grows with your child and has adjustable seats and footrests. I love the cushion that you can add. Perfect for my 16 mo. and the other one due in April.

  60. Heather says:

    I really love the look of this highchair! I would love to win because this would make a great gift for one of my friends who is expecting a new little one soon!

  61. Lani B says:

    Because we are expecting our first!

  62. It is a very nice looking highchair. One that should pass the test of time in durability and in style. It would be great for our little one!

  63. Worth tweeting about…so I did!

  64. Alexis says:

    oh this looks great!! would fit better at the table with us than the one she has now.

  65. Jessica says:

    That high chair looks amazing!!

  66. I love this chair! So much nicer looking than the plastic one we have AND I also love that it grows with the child.

  67. fraidy says:

    its a great high chair . i can use one now

  68. Great High Chair! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  69. Sarah Grogan says:

    Love it, too bad it is not for two! If I win one I will buy one too!

  70. Allyson C. says:

    Would love a Tripp Trapp! Great chair!

  71. Stacy says:

    I’d love this chair! This was our first choice high chair, although we couldn’t afford it.

  72. Stacy says:

    Forgot to mention, I tweeted about this too!!/xiabelle/status/29332780355

  73. ashley says:

    We really need this for our baby due in april. i know it’s still a ways away but after i found out i was pregnant i had to move across country from my whole support system. my husband and i are both active duty military and my orders moved me from virginia where we were both stationed to whidbey island washington. this is my first pregnancy and so it is taking a lot of strength to keep it together for us and for our beautiful baby to be.

    we’d really appreciate this as our first baby gift.

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