Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Fall Outing in Style with Baby

This Fall a lucky Baby Gizmo reader will take baby out in style with a great prize package from three fabulous brands, pediped, kokopax and Mutsy.

From pediped, the winner will receive two pairs of footwear from any collection in the pediped footwear system. Yep, the winner picks the shoes! To see the complete pediped collection visit or stop by their Facebook page here.

From kokopax, the baby carrier where high fashion meets high performance, the winner will receive a kokopax classic carrier™. 

The kokopax classic carrier offers a fresh take on the traditional framed carrier. Designed as the go-to gear for the cheers and chores of daily life, the fashionable, lightweight and easy-to-use carrier offers a safe and comfortable ride for baby. Made with 100 percent cotton canvas on an anodized aluminum frame, the carrier provides an ideal fit for mom and dad alike with its comfortable shoulder straps and adjustable frame. Other features include a padded waist support, a handy storage pocket with button pocket closure, kickstand for easy loading and a 5-point safety harness. Weighs approximately 3 lbs. and is great for traveling as it fits in airline overhead bins.  Here is our full review of the kokopax classic carrier.

To see the kokopax collection of baby carriers, diaper totes and baby sun hats visit or stop by their Facebook page here.

And from one of our favorite stroller companies, Mutsy, the winner will receive the new lightweight Easyrider stroller. The Mutsy Easyrider, at just 14 lbs., is a stylish, easy to use basic stroller perfect for travelling and everyday use. Visit to see the complete Mutsy Collection of strollers, high chairs and booster seats or stop by their Facebook page here.

Total value of package is approx. $400.

All you have to do is log in at to be entered to win! Winner will be chosen at random from all the people that log in and/or leave a comment!    Giveaway ends on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 11:59pm CST.


*Plus, you will receive extra entries into the giveaway if you:

1)  Leave a comment below and tell us why you should win this Fall Outing in Style with Baby Giveaway!

2) Comment on Baby Gizmo’s Facebook Page!

3)  Twitter about the contest!  (You need to leave a comment here and let us know you Tweeted it.  That’s 2 extra entries if you do though!  One for the Tweet and one for the comment here!

About Hollie Schultz

Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in Chicago. She loves the city but hates the cold!


  1. I should win because I always try to be stylish with baby!

  2. Shannon F. says:

    I seriously need a new stroller!

  3. Amanda says:

    We would put many a mile on both the carrier and stroller keeping up with big brother and sister’s football, cheering, snowboarding, & track antics!

  4. Rebecca Huss says:

    I would love to win this because I really need a baby carrier!!

  5. Megan L. says:

    Would like to get out more this fall with my son this would be a perfect prize.

  6. Kristymayer says:

    Wow so many cute and convienent new products since I had my first baby in 2000. I am due with baby number five in a few weeks and these new items are just so perfect!

  7. Teresa says:

    I’d love to win because fall is here and we need some stylin’ new boots in this house. I have two little ones and how better to get around than with one in a carrier and one in a spiffy new stroller. Bring on the beautiful fall leaves we’d be ready to stroll.

  8. alison s says:

    what great products!

  9. We could really use a new light weight stroller with a new baby on the way. That would be so great!

  10. Autumn B. (auddy) says:

    Oh, I really need this! My stroller is broken, and we like to go for walks around the neighborhood. It is something that we do as a family, and would be so much better if it were easier. Also, my daughter has flat feet, and I woud love for her to have some Pediped shoes to walk in.

  11. Stacy Hancock says:

    I would love to win this pacakage! We could use a little encouragement to get outside and enjoy what remains of great weather before the snow starts.

  12. Jennifer W. says:

    I would like to win this because I have been wanting a Kolopax carrier for years!

  13. Jennifer W. says:

    I commented on Baby Gizmo’s FB page.

  14. Jennifer W. says:
  15. Meghan O'Connell says:

    Such cute stuff! I love it.

  16. This is such a greaaaat giveaway.

  17. I would actually like to win this as a gift for a friend. Well the stroller and carrier atleast. I will keep the pedipeds!! :)
    What a great prize and site!! Thanks for the chance!

  18. Lots of cool stuff and we are always out and about enjoying the fall weather!

  19. I left a comment on FB page.
    Dana J Valle

  20. I should win because I am in sore need of a new umbrella stroller!

  21. Commented on Baby Gizmo’s FB page.

    Katie E.

  22. Kimberlie T. says:

    I’d like to win becuase baby #3 shouldn’t have to use only hand-me-downs!

  23. Melissa says:

    Would love to win because we just started our family and could use it for years and years :)

  24. & I commented on the FB Page (:

  25. Kimberlie T. says:

    Tweeted: Cool #giveaway going on at… Stroller, Pedipeds, baby carrier.

  26. Stephanie R. says:

    I’d love to win because I do not have a carrier yet and this one looks awesome!

  27. Stephanie R. says:
  28. ileana says:

    I’m a really big fannn of all your reviews!!!! and i will love to win all these amazing giveaways!! i live in WA so it’s starting to get cold up here!=)

  29. ileana says:

    I commented on Baby Gizmo’s FB page.

  30. Stephanie R. says:

    & I commented on Baby Gizmo’s FB page :)

  31. Chrriss says:

    I have recently beacome a granny and my son has adopted his soon to be step son, I am thrilled my grandchildren have give back meaning to my life.
    I would like to give to them from this wonderful site.
    Thank you

  32. dasha says:

    I could use all of these for my little one :-D. thanks for the chance!!

  33. kelly says:

    I should win because I just had my second baby. Life is great with two but busy! I would love new shoes for my two year old and a carrier would be very handy!!

  34. Angie Ayling says:

    I would love to win this because I have 2 little ones. One could ride in the stroller and I could have the other one in the carrier. It would be great for walks this fall to look at all the beautiful leaves changing color and just to get out of the house.

  35. dasha says:

    i retweeted about this awesome giveaway

  36. Molly Martin says:

    We walk big sister to school each day. We love adventuring out rain or shine….more rain here:) great selection of goodies!

  37. I want to win!!!! My baby could really use any of these!

  38. Erica says:

    I love Pedipeds and I am a serious stroller junkie!

  39. Because I have a 12 month old and another on the way

  40. Tensley Roberts says:

    I would love to win this so much! Good luck to everyone!

  41. Danielle says:

    This is baby # 3 and she seriously needs some new stuff. Some things that are not handed down!

  42. Sarah J says:

    I love your website and could really use a lightweight stroller! We have outgrown our snap-n-go!

  43. I would love some new Pedipeds for both DS and DD! And…you can never have too many strollers! Thank you for the opportunity!

  44. Nicole says:

    I love this prize! My daughter needs shoes for fall and winter, plus I love the baby carrier!

  45. April J says:

    I would love to win because I need a new stroller!!

  46. April J says:

    Commented on Baby Gizmo’s FB page. (April Jacobson)

  47. April J says:
  48. April J says:

    Tweeted entry 2 (for the comment!):

  49. Aditi says:

    I absolutely need a lightweight stroller and a baby carrier to keep up with our busy lifestyle!! I do hope I win!

  50. Alexis says:

    love the shoes and I could use the carrier and stroller :)

  51. fraidy says:

    love to get out more with my baby.using the car more in fall time .i can use a light stroller

  52. Gretchen says:

    I need a new stroller and I want a carrier. and of course baby always needs a new pair of shoes!

  53. Lydia says:

    My little guy needs some boots for the winter . . . the pedipeds would be perfect! And in fact, with two pairs of pedipeds, we might be able to get a matching pair in one size larger for my nephew. Two little blond boys in matching shoes on a fall outing. Too cute! :)

  54. Vidya says:

    awesome giveaway..

  55. Regina says:

    My 6 1/2 month old little boy is growing like a weed as are his feet…so baby needs new shoes. :) And we need a little more support to carry him…like a new carrier. Oh, and of course, a lightweight would be great when he gets tired of squirming in our arms or in our new (maybe) ;) carrier. Thanks!

  56. Clancy C says:

    Would love to win this fantastic giveaway. My toddler needs new shoes for school and a new stroller for pushing my newborn would be great. :-)

  57. what an awesome 3-pack giveaway! I am actually most excited about the Pedipeds – would get some dress shoes and maybe some winter boots!

  58. susan says:

    We’d love to win this prize pack because this would be so handy to have with two little ones. Plus, they are just awesome prizes!

  59. susan says:

    I commented on Baby Gizmo’s Facebook Page.

  60. susan says:
  61. What a great giveaway! We could use an umbrella stroller.

  62. alyssa says:

    My little guy just out grew his shoes would love some new pedipeds for him!

  63. Patricia Moore says:

    Wow what an awesome giveaway as always!! You guys are great I always come here to look for reviews on baby products! My Daughter would love the shoes, and the stroller would be wonderful for me new little one on the way!!

  64. nechamy says:

    Count me in!!

  65. nechamy says:
  66. Heidi says:

    What wonderful stuff! We live in a cold climate and LOVE to spend time outside so this would be perfect for our first child that is on the way.

  67. My son could really use some new shoes! And I could always use an extra stroller!

  68. Julie says:

    Would love the carrier for my kiddos!

  69. Anita T. says:

    Would totally love these products for getting out and about with my toddler!

  70. My huge, bulky travel system stroller has got to go! Its so broke down and tired! Would absolutely love to win this and not have to deal with my old behemoth anymore. I also have never had a carrier and would love to try one. I am already a devout Pediped user and tell everyone how fabulous they are. What a great prize!

  71. Kiley says:

    The prizes just get better every week. I would love to win this one!

  72. ivanny says:

    i really need a light weight strooler! i am so tired carrying 22 lbs of stroller in one hand and 17 lbs baby in carrier and 12 lbs of baby bags and my bags at the same time in a subway!!!!!! . and for the kokopax is great for my husband ! hahaha and the shoes good for angela in this year winter in new york!!!
    can you tell i am desperate to win LOL *wink*

  73. ivanny says:

    i twitter this already ! ^^

  74. Mary G says:

    My three boys could get a lot of use out of this give-away!

  75. I would like to win because I am always looking for new and different baby carriers. Oh, and the shows. I love pediped shoes.

  76. Kristina says:

    Awesome giveaway! Would love to win this!!!! =D

  77. Samantha says:

    My twins love pediped shoes!!!

  78. Francesca says:

    We could really use a baby carrier for hikes with our little one! Would love to have a light weight stroller.

  79. Andrea says:

    I totally Tweeted about this contest. I know tons of ppl who will be interested. :)

  80. Rosemary says:

    Just had a new baby and this would be the PERFECT way to celebrate!

  81. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity :)
    I should win because I am a trendy- Mom- on- a- budget! I love them all and would get a lot of use out of them!

  82. Claudia says:

    I’d love to win the Fall Outing in Style Triple giveaway!

    Also tweeted:

  83. Fantastic gear, love to have it!

  84. Claire Sciulara says:

    I should win this Fall Outing in Style with Baby Giveaway since i would love new baby products to try out w my new baby boy w my busy lifestyle. I need a new stroller and baby carrier.

  85. Phoenisa says:

    love the shoes and I could use the carrier and stroller

  86. Maryann E. says:

    Great giveaway! The winner will be one stylin baby!!!

  87. cecilia says:

    I commented on the FB page. I would love a lightweight stroller and a cool carrier, not to mention Pediped shoes!!

  88. Melissa says:

    I hope I could keep up with my own stylin’ baby!

  89. Starla says:

    OMG! Love all three of the items and gotta have ‘em! Winning this would make me and my baby soooo happy!

  90. as a mom to 5 soon to be 6, I need things that make on the go times easier!

  91. tweet

  92. allicia says:

    Really need a new single stroller

  93. Sarah L. says:

    I’d like to win primarily for the stroller, but the whole package is terrific! I love this site!

  94. Milana G. says:

    I would totaly love to win this great giveaway!

  95. Margot L says:

    I so would love to win this giveaway!!!! We really need a lightweight stroller. My stroller right now is so heavy and very difficult to get in and out of my car, especially for quick little trips. I really would love to have a baby carrier too ;) Thanks for the opportunity for all the great giveaways!

  96. S Olson says:

    My little one is growing out of shoes faster than I can buy them. The fall shoes would be awesome for our new walker!

  97. I need to win! Our current stroller is on it’s way out and we just cannot afford another one. I also only have a wrap style carrier, which is good for my 6 month old, but not the best when it comes to our 2 year old who weighs just over 30lbs.

  98. Commented on FB (Karine Capobianco Traverse)

  99. emily holt says:

    I need those cute little boots for new baby boy!!!

  100. My 3 year old daughter already has a shoe addiction much like her mother and grandmother. She would absolutely love the trendy boots!

  101. We could always use more shoes for our little walker, and some new ways to get around! :)

  102. HappyMomC says:

    This is such a great giveaway! Our stroller is so heavy, we could definetly use this one! I love baby wearing so the carrier would just be perfect! Shoes, we always need more shoes!

  103. HappyMomC says:


  104. HappyMomC says:
    logged in
    commented on facebook!

  105. HappyMomC says:

    commented on facebook!

  106. Bobbie says:

    I have a 15 month girl who is due for new shoes. I LOVE these brands and would LOVE for her to wear them and could definitely use a light weight stroller

  107. Bobbie says:

    I commented on facebook Baby Gizmo

  108. Bobbie says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  109. Bertha says:

    I wish we could win for my new princess arriving in november and I have a 5 year old whom loves pediped! Tough year for us…this would be a blessing from up above :)

  110. Bobbie says:

    I tweeted at MBCC4ever

  111. Amanda says:

    Awesome prize! Would LOVE to win!

  112. Amanda says:

    Tweeted :)

  113. Whitney Stone says:

    These are awesome prizes.. would love to have them!

  114. Lauren says:

    Baby #2 is on the way so I’d love to win some new stuff!

  115. jamesie morningstar says:

    i’d love to win this mostly for the kokopax carrier. it would be wonderful to have a carrier that daddy would gladly use while out & about with our little guy.

  116. Suzanne says:

    I would love to explore different brands than those available at my local stores. We are trying for baby #2 and it would be great to have some new stuff for when this to-be baby comes :-)

  117. Chelsey says:

    I would love to win this because I think my husband and I would be more apt to take the kids out if it were easier to get them around. Our youngest is out growing her sling carrier, our stroller isn’t very sturdy, and who couldn’t use new shoes? Awesome giveaway!

  118. Chelsey says:

    I commented on your facebook page. :)

    Chelsey V.

  119. Chelsey says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  120. I have entered so many giviaways in the past, since I can’t afford what I want for my babies… NEVER won any :( I hope this will be my first winning one.

  121. Bobbie says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway, my tweet name is MBCC4ever

  122. Jacob W says:

    I have 3 kids under 4 I need this bad! :) Hope I win! ;)
    Committed on Facebook and Twetted!

    Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways! Maybe someday I will win

  123. Rachel K. says:
  124. stephanie says:

    Love this! I have plenty of need for this giveaway! so excited just had a new baby making our family a 5 member household all my kiddos are under 4 would love to have this it would help tons! ;)

  125. Addison says:

    Would love this!

  126. Sheryl says:

    How fun you guys are so amazing! we are lucky that you do these awesome giveaways! thanks! Hope I win for all my children! they would love to be able to use these!

  127. Logan W. says:

    hope we win! my wife would love this!

  128. Jennifer A. says:

    OMG! Glad i heard about this one! hope I win!
    I have two twin girls! and a little guy would love to win this one!

  129. Alexis says:

    hope i win!

  130. Nikki says:

    I would love this one!! We are due with baby number two and shoes definitely help!! The stroller and carrier would be an amazing bonus! One less thing to worry about while the hubby is away.

  131. Aviva R says:

    I could totally use all of these things! My girl needs shoes, my husband would love the frame carrier, and we could keep the stroller in the car.

  132. Sarah S. says:

    I would love to win this giveaway and could really use it for my little girl! :)

  133. veronica says:

    would love to have this

  134. Kristin D. says:

    I would ♥ to win this giveaway!!!

  135. Kristin D. says:

    I’ve tweeted!!!!

  136. DSquared says:

    Wish I could get this for my niece. *Fingers crossed

  137. Becky Zuithoff says:

    I should win because we would use all these items basically daily!

  138. Rebecca Rumble says:

    Love it! Great Prize!

  139. Charlie Rumble says:

    My wife would love this for our girls!

  140. Bonnie says:

    Me please!

  141. Lisa Cerri says:

    Love this website! The reviews are awesome!

  142. Shannon Mansker says:

    I don’t have a reason for why I deserve it, I don’t deserve it :) I just think it would be neat to win :)

  143. Crystal C. says:

    First of all, thanks for doing this giveaway! I think I should win because the stroller would really come in handy right now, ours broke. I also love to babywear and my son really needs a new pair of shoes for this coming winter.

  144. Crystal C. says:

    Left a comment on the facebook page.

  145. Crystal C. says:

    Tweeter about the giveaway.
    Twitter username: ixadorexpink

  146. fraidy says:

    best giveaways

  147. Theresa says:

    I just had a new baby and have a wondeful little toddler.I don’t think i will win but if if i did i would do 100- cartwheels.This would help out our family greatly .My fingers are crossed :)

  148. Tania Clasen says:

    Would love to win and use these wonderful products in the fall AND winter here in SW Florida!!! They’d be sure to get A LOT of use!!!!

  149. Anna Seo says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this giveaway!!! I’m a big fan of all these products!!

  150. Mariella says:

    The Mutsy looks like a great, easy-to-maneuver light weight stroller. Great giveaways!

  151. Mariella says:

    Great giveaways!

  152. Kayley says:

    I am expecting a new baby and could really make use of this fabulous stroller :) FINGERS CROSSED.

  153. Debbie W-F says:

    I also have a toddler and is expecting a child in 6 weeks. Pediped has fabulous shoes for babies and toddlers. I have also been on bedrest and doing all my shopping online. Out of my research on strollers Mutsy came out as my top choice. The review of the stroller on BabyGizmo just solidified my choice. It would be great if I am able to win this giveaway!

  154. Bia Klein says:

    Grandmothers need stuff too! With 3 young grandbabies and another on the way soon, my kids have taken all my stuff and I need new stuff so they can all come and not have to schlep everything those long distances!

  155. kelsey harvey says:

    i’m expecting in march, 9, 2011
    my first child, im excited :)

  156. Gretchen says:

    I am crossing my fingers that this fabulous prize is mine:)

  157. Bobbie says:

    Did they name the winner yet, I cant seem to find if they did?

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